Best horror games with zombies and thrills of fear

    Just like horror movies, one of the most popular and most successful genres in the field of video games is the one where it leads to monsters, with horror phases and creepy atmospheres.
    Among the best we can certainly include the very famous Silent Hill and Resident Evil where the poor man had to defeat many zombies and monstrous creatures in an apocalyptic atmosphere.
    The problem of violent games like those of the GTA saga where people are killed as if they were ants, has always been the fact that they are forbidden to children under 18 but, unlike the films, they are also played a lot by children and adolescents.

    Without entering into this debate, let us make a review of the best horror games, free download or flash, to be played directly on the internet via browser, without downloads and installations on the computer.
    Some of these games are very bloody, sometimes violent but always fun and to be taken with a smile, without fear of conditioning given their simplicity.
    Without a doubt the scariest horror creature is the zombie and it is therefore not surprising that there are so many games that confront the player to fight and escape from the undead.
    Torture is also quite popular in the wake of films like Hostel or Saw The Riddler.

    Anyone who likes fear is a must to play a game of Slender and other similar horror and pure fear games.

    You can also download 3 free scary games such as:

    1) Zombpocalypse, a beautiful free game to download and install on Windows PCs. The situation is quite simple and there is not much to think about: the world has been invaded by a zombie virus and someone will have to take care of all the sick. The game is played by guiding a survivor who still has a functioning brain and who, armed to the teeth, must clean up the city and save the world from the lethal virus. Zombpocalypse has great graphics, fluent gameplay and excellent gameplay where it counts to have quick reflexes and a cool head. The settings are thrilling and fun is guaranteed.

    2) Zombiepox is a game to download with very spartan graphics and a top view. It takes place in a beautiful cemetery full of living dead who eat the brains of humans. The aim is to help infected people eat brains to return to normal and heal.

    3) Cube Escape: Paradox is a free download game for PC on Steam of the Escape The Room genre, with a very tense story, a creepy room and sinister atmospheres.

    Di Online Horror games to play on the web instead there are many and I tried to select some of the best.

    1) FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, in HTML5, is a scary restaurant survival game, set at night, with terrifying characters and the goal of surviving for five nights to win the game.

    2) Dead Frontier is a completely free and really fun game even if not suitable for everyone. Lovers of the American series The Walking Dead will immediately rush to subscribe to Dead Frontier, a horror game where you have to spare the Zombies.
    This Horror MMO has a story similar to that of Resident Evil, where a virus has infected the population making the infected become zombies. The player takes on the role of a survivor who must fight for survival against the undead. The thing that makes it different and worth playing for is its really great graphics thanks to the Unity browser plugin that you have to download to play. There is no client to download and you can play directly from Firefox or Chrome.
    The game is all about action, with graphics from the top in perspective, where you move with mouse and darts shooting all the zombies and walking around the destroyed city. As you move, you meet other real players who you can collaborate with to achieve game objectives that include finishing missions, research and equipment purchase. The player must choose the character to be played among different types: engineer, doctor, soldier, etc., each with different bonuses. Dead Frontier is free, unrestricted and absolutely playable competitively even without spending money to buy the expansion.

    4) Exmortis 2 is a terrifying game, playable over and over again, incredibly horror masterpiece to be played with the lights out and headphones. The game is set in a midwestern nightmare place that is assaulted by the undead. What remains of the human race battles the zombies to ensure the survival of the species. To do this, you have to complete puzzles and explore the rural ruins.

    5) Hostel part 2 The killing floor is a flash game inspired by the movie Hostel where you guide the girl who escaped to her torture chamber, in the middle of the dungeon where many people are massacred. The view is subjective, he uses a bloody wrench and the goal is to save as many victims as possible and escape.

    6) Nightmare house 2 instead, old Freddy Krueger is the monster to escape from. The game is scary, it is a point and click with very simple graphics, very addicting.

    7) 13 Days in Hell is a flash shooter to play directly on the browser, very cute and scary. You move with the mouse and the keys and shoot with the weapons available to take down all the zombies and not get eaten.

    8) Trapped and the Saw 4 the Riddler game, always point and click with the mouse but much scarier with a creepy atmosphere and puzzles to solve.

    9) TortureGame 3 it is a game on the verge of decency, for those who want to let off steam without mercy. Basically it's about tearing up and torturing a man, trying not to let him die too soon. Truly crude and violent in its simplicity, it has a certain realism in the movements of the body to be tortured on which you can use a chainsaw, a knife, freece, rope and other weapons of death. Not recommended for those who can't stand the sight of blood.

    10 ) Living Hell is a (very small) download game of terror between demons and monstrous creatures. This time the graphics are in 3D and the player moves in a real video game scenario, nothing stylized or static then. The game is easy but fun and is a great bloody pastime where you fight zombies, worms and monsters.

    11 ) Dark Cut 3 is a game where you play the role of an emergency doctor in the midst of a violent war. The brave surgeon will then have to treat the wounded soldiers with quartered hands and missing fingers amidst an extremely bloody scenario. There are so many war scenarios, each mission is a different period in history and a different battle site and there is also a sort of logical story that changes depending on how the wounded soldier is treated. The war atmosphere is perfectly rendered and, during the dressings on terrible wounds, nearby bombs will explode which will not facilitate the mission. The game is not very difficult because the computer guides the player during the operations on the pulped body parts of course, but you must be very careful to be gentle on the patient ... never forget anesthesia!

    12 ) Destroy All Zombies 3 is an overhead flash game that is played directly from the browser without downloading anything. The little man is moved with the ASDW keys and then with the mouse to direct the shot and shoot. As you progress, stronger and stronger monsters come into play.

    13 ) Infectonator is a very simple game to play with the mouse, where you have to infect people and turn them into zombies!

    14 ) ZOMGies it is not a horror game because the graphics are nice but I mention it anyway because it is Zombies. Without downloading anything, but directly with the browser, they play the role of a man in a dressing gown who runs and runs away chased by zombies who want to eat him. As he escapes, he fires the pistol to kill his pursuers and not get caught.

    15 ) Zombie Panic is a free shooting game to download as a mod of Half Life on Steam.

    Very scary and engaging is also the Zombie OutBreak interactive movie game reviewed on another page.

    If you have other scary and bloody ones to report, we are here for this; meanwhile, remember that it is also possible to make a photomontage of halloween turning her into zombies.

    Best horror games with zombies and thrills of fear

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