The best Telegram channels for watching anime

The best Telegram channels for watching anime

Since its launch in 2013, the Telegram platform platform has not stopped growing. Few had their hopes pinned on a new instant messaging application that could compete with WhatsApp, which was eating up the entire market and is still the most widely used in our country. However, Telegram has turned out to be much more than a chat room.

If you use this application often, you will have already realized that there are Telegram channels to watch seriesseries, movies and a number of different different topics in which users share content of interest. A whole universe for entertainment.

Anime fans can also find many resources on this platform, or did not you know that there are also channels specialized in watching anime? The truth is that yes, there are, and in this article we are going to show you the most interesting ones.

List of the best Telegram channels to watch anime

The best Telegram channels for watching anime

The anime industry has a large presence around the world, and it is that this style of animation style of Japanese origin has conquered many countries. From the mentioned genre you can find series, movies, novels... All kinds of entertainment for the use and enjoyment of the most dedicated users.

In these canals of Telegram to watch anime have gathered a multitude of users with the same interest, and share a variety of material related to this genre that causes a sensation. Take note of them and join the ones that interest you the most, let's start!

  • Anime Channel. This channel has a good list of anime series and is updated every day, so you can constantly find new content.

  • Anime HD series Index. Anime HD Series is one of the best channels you will find on the platform, since it allows you to download the series you like the most in this genre. Search its extensive list and click on the title to view all the episodes of each season.

  • Anime in Spanish. To find all the anime audiovisual resources in Spanish and some more surprises in the same language, go to this well-known Telegram channel. It is in both Latin Spanish and Spanish.

  • Naruto Anime. Naruto alludes to a benchmark in the world of anime and has become one of the best-known channels specialized in this genre in Telegram. If you are a fan, you can't miss it.

The best Telegram channels for watching anime

  • Anime Library. This Telegram channel to watch anime is a directory for fans. It has movies and series so you can watch what interests you, but, in addition, it works as a guide. It does so by showing the information of each audiovisual product, the year of creation, the style, the type of audience... you will know everything you need at the moment.

  • Movies Series Anime Manga. In this case we show you a very broad channel focused on the world of anime and manga. In it you will find both series and movies that are subtitled in Spanish.

  • Anime Kawais. For the nostalgic or those who have missed some titles there is this specialized Telegram channel. There are all the series that are no longer on the air with lots of information about them.

  • Anime Time. We finish with another gem that is designed by and for the Hispanic community. They upload anime series and movies subtitled in Spanish of other languages to enjoy what does not reach our eyes through the usual distribution channels.

In the mentioned channels you will have the opportunity to watch a lot of anime audiovisual content, so you will have your entertainment quota well covered. If you also want to keep up to date with the latest news in the sector in general, you can also access Anime Newsthe Telegram channel in which current events are the main focus and which will tell you all the important events around your favorite genre.

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