Online piano lessons, free and interactive to learn how to play

    Online piano lessons, free and interactive to learn how to play For some reason, every time you search for something for free on the internet, you find yourself in a lot of weird sites, full of advertising and, sometimes, created purely for the collection of email addresses or for the sale of a product. . This is especially true when it comes to sites on the Internet that offer free lessons to learn how to do or to study something. For example, searching for free websites to learn how to play the piano, they are almost all bad, with at most a couple of free lessons. Unfortunately, in some languages there are very few online resources and practically there are only old sites without any maintenance and practical interactivity.

    Given that learning to play the piano certainly takes lessons taken by an expert teacher, I want to suggest very useful online tools to get started, so, before you understand if you like it or not and become good, you could start to learn piano with free interactive internet lessons.

    The sites are in English and are interactive, that is, for each theoretical lesson, there is also one flash animation, application or video showing the practice and that you can follow with the piano in front. The selection of the sites was made taking into account the fact that the author of the site does not want to sell something to the user but simply teaches how to play the piano using his own experience and expertise.

    The best sites to learn how to play the piano I'm:

    1) Flowkey is a very innovative web app that allows anyone, even those who have never studied music and musical notes, to learn to play the piano. Designed for beginners and also for experienced pianists, it offers interactive tutorials and lessons to follow at your own pace, very visual and also to be faced as if it were a game.

    2) Musicca is a free site where you can take lessons and find guides to learn music theory, with an interactive piano that can be played online, complete with chords and notes.

    3) Plan is a truly original site that allows you to learn to play the piano in a simple and fun way. Pianu has two great features: first of all, there is a list of songs to play, which are listed by difficulty, from beginner to expert. The songs work a bit like in the Rockband game, and you have to press the keys to press that are seen coming down from the top of the screen, as they fall on the key, holding it down until the next note. In more advanced songs, you have to manage, in addition to the keys, also the times. The second great feature is the Pianu Academy, a paid service with interactive piano lessons all online, very targeted, for beginners and experts. The Academy also teaches how to read sheet music, how to play chords and more. The first lesson is free, while the full package costs only $ 35.

    4) Skoove is a site with an interactive app that allows you to follow the notes to be played on the screen and know if you are pressing the right keys. The site requires free registration to be used and you can also use it as an iPhone app. You can then follow piano lessons at different levels of difficulty (therefore for those who begin, but also for those who are already experts).

    5) OnlinePianist is a free web application that allows you to learn how to play the piano online by following tutorials and interactive lessons. Basically, you can see the keys pressed and the chords, while some famous songs are played so that you can follow and replicate them. Lesson playback can be slowed down if needed. There are three difficulty levels, with different songs to play on the piano. For each music there are all the scores, the lyrics and the necessary information, with explanations.

    6) PianoLessons is a free resource with online tutorials led by instructional YouTube videos made by professional teachers. pity it's all in English, but the tutorials aimed at beginners also include elements of music theory.

    7) Zebra Keys, Full of lessons to follow for free. Each of the lessons is written in a clear and simple way even if you are not an expert in English. The exceptional thing, however, is the presence of one interactive piano keyboard, integrated directly into the articles, very useful for putting into practice what you are learning. The keys of the online piano are marked with the letter that corresponds to the note so you don't have to know how to read a score already because you just have to follow the letters. After you have progressed through a few lessons and want to play directly from your computer, there are, by scrolling down the lessons page, Virtual Piano Chords Chart, a virtual keyboard showing all notes and chords and Virtual Piano Keyboard a real one pianola online to play with mouse or keyboard from the computer. In this way it becomes easier to play music because you don't have to kill yourself to remember the notes.
    Among the online tools on this excellent site, the most useful and effective are the trainers (Note Trainer and KeyBoard Trainer) which, interactively, allow you to learn to recognize notes on sheet music, how they are played and how they are written. There are also other very useful online tools integrated with gods video, to recognize notes by ear and to associate the piano keys to a sound.

    8) On the PerfectPitch site there is a little game where it should be guess, heard a piano sound, which note was played.

    9) PianoNanny is one of the best sites for online piano learning.
    In this case the lessons are absolutely detailed and written by experts. The lessons are divided for students starting the first time, for intermediates and for experienced musicians for a total of 34. Each article is very discursive so maybe you will need to use a translation tool, however it is, there are several accompanying images and, by pressing the key "Show 12 Notes" that there are, you can open, in a window, the piano with which to play what is explained and practice on the PC.

    10 ) Piano solo and the most important site in which to talk about Piano, with interviews with the best artists, reviews and then also lessons, tutorials and free scores.

    11 ) Plern Piano is a 'web application who acts as a virtual piano teacher. With Plern Piano you can, in a fun way, compose a music from scratch or import the midi file to learn how to play it. Plern Piano, through a graphic representation, indicates precisely each key to be pressed and the duration of the note. At the end, playing becomes almost like playing tetris.

    12 ) BerkleeShares is a site that contains free piano lessons from Berklee College of Music. Beginning in 2003, Berklee College of Music began offering free online music lessons for guitar, brass, bass and even DJs.
    When you click on the Keyboards section you will find a list of lessons both in YouTube video format and as a PDF document. Videos last about two minutes while PDF documents are complemented by music clips. They are clearly very short and can only be used to supplement other resources, not to learn the piano from scratch.

    13 ) Musictheory is another free web portal that can teach piano playing with 37 interactive lessons, 10 web applications and 3 music utilities. The practice web applications are similar to those of Zebra Keys, but there are many more. The lessons are very in-depth and always offer an online keyboard to test and try the techniques learned.

    14 ) Solo per i Mac, you can always use Apple's excellent GarageBand with interactive piano and guitar lessons, with videos and instruments to play on the computer.

    Finally, I remember that, in other articles, you will find: the program to learn to play with guides and exercises, how to write music on the PC, the best online keyboards with pianola and the game to play the piano in Guitar Hero style.

    Online piano lessons, free and interactive to learn how to play

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