App to open files

App to open files

In this guide dedicated to applications to open files I want to first give you some advice on which file manager applications to download: I'm sure you can find valuable help in this app to locate the downloaded files in the internal memory of your device.

ES File Manager (Android)

App to open files

The first application that I want to advise you to use to open files allows you to open files in the internal memory of your device. The application I'm talking about is called ES File Manager and it's a great tool for exploring the various folders of Android devices. The app is also free, localized in cittàn language and presents only suggestions for the installation of sponsored applications as economic return for development and support.

After you have downloaded it from the Android PlayStore by pressing the button Install and then on the button Accept, start it by pressing the button apri and follow the instructions I'm about to show you to understand in detail how it works.

From the home screen, swipe right to see and / or skip the introductory tutorial and then press the button let's begin (You will also accept the privacy policy and terms of service of the app).

As you can see from the main screen, the application displays a list of hotkeys to allow you to quickly access files such as App (application apk file), Images (multimedia files), Music (music files) e Video (file video).

Below, instead, in correspondence with the wording Recent File, you will be able to see a preview of the files in the memory of your device. To search for files to open you can use the app's internal search engine (symbol of magnifying glass), or, to search for a specific file, after tapping the magnifying glass symbol, tap the three dots symbol (...).

By doing this, a drop-down menu will open and you can choose between the items search in pictures, search in videos, search in apps e search in documents. The search will be filtered by file type.

To find other files, tap on the item Internal Memory from the main screen: you will have access to all the folders and sub-folders of your Android device.

As I mentioned earlier, the ES File Manager application is free; however, it is possible to purchase the ES File Manager Pro to get other additional features. The ES File Manager application, in its paid version, costs 3,19 euros.

File (iOS)

App to open files

To open the files in the internal memory of iOS devices, things are quite different from the moment when the operating system of Apple mobile devices is a closed system and it is not possible to easily explore all the folders and subfolders, acting in a completely similar way to Android

However, on iPhone devices with the iOS 11 version, the latest version of the Apple operating system, the default application is present Fillet which allows you to easily locate all files imported to iCloud Drive. The application is already present and installed in the memory of your device but if you do not find it, go to the App Store and type Fillet in the search engine (it has the symbol of a blue folder). Once downloaded, to use it, just tap on it.

In the recent screen you will find i recently opened files, while tapping on the section Shop by Department you can easily tap on the item iCoud Drive to view all the files contained within the Apple cloud.

If, on the other hand, you feel the need to use a more advanced File Manager application, I suggest you download the applications File App o File Manager both very valid for the ability to explore some folders hidden by default from iOS. The first app is free: you can download it by tapping on this link from your smartphone, you will be sent back to the App Store. File App is also available in one version For at a cost of 5,99 euros. The File Manager application is available only for free: you can download it by tapping on this link that refers to the App Store.

App to open RAR files

Have they sent you a file contained in a folder with the .rar extension and you can't in any way open it to view the documents contained in it? Don't panic: try to install the applications I recommend below.

RAR (Android)

App to open files

The application that I would like to advise you to use to open RAR files on Android is called RAR and is very well able to perform this function to open files with this particular extension. The application is characterized by its very streamlined user interface, localized in cittàn. There are no particularly invasive advertising banners and those present are removable at a cost of 2,44 euros.

Then download the RAR application from the Google PlayStore without hesitation: locate it from the search engine and tap the button Install and then on the button Accept to download it.

Once you have finished downloading the application, click on the button apri. I'll explain in detail how to use it to open RAR files. To open such a file you will obviously have to start the application in question and have already downloaded the RAR file you want to open.

The main screen of the RAR application will show you the list of all the folders of your Android device: if you have downloaded the RAR file from the Internet this should be in the folder Download. Then tap the button with the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) and from the drop-down menu, tap on the item Withdrawals / Downloads to make sure you are in the Android downloads folder.

Then locate the RAR file to open and tap on it. The archive will then be automatically opened and you will be able to see the file contained within it.

If instead of opening it you wish to unpack the contents of the RAR archive in another folder, tap on the RAR file to put the check mark on it and press the button with the up arrow symbol. Then choose where to unpack the file using the menu Extraction options and confirm by pressing the button Ok.

iZip (iOS)

App to open files

To open a RAR file on iOS I suggest you use the iZip application that allows you to open a file with this extension in a short time, giving you the possibility to take advantage of the integrated support for different cloud services. I choose to tell you about this application for this very reason: the ability to import and then open a RAR file uploaded from several popular cloud services (such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox) is in my opinion a very useful feature.

That said, to open a RAR file with this application, first start the app in question and then tap on the cloud service you want to use to import the RAR file (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive o One Drive).

If you want to simply use iCloud instead, tap on the item Document Browser: the application will open Fillet iOS (I told you about it in the previous lines) and you can easily find the file to import by tapping on it.

A notification will notify you of the import adventure: so now tap on the item Files, on the folder Imports and then on the RAR archive to open. Then answer on OK notice Would you like to extract all files? (Would you like to extract all the files?), Or tap on Cancel to manually choose which files to extract. Et voilà, you will have unpacked the RAR archive and viewed the files contained within it, all from your Apple smartphone.

The iZip application is free but to take advantage of other additional features you can purchase the paid version. The latter, called iZip Pro, costs 5,49 euros.

Other applications to open files

Today you may need an application to open RAR files, tomorrow you may still need my help and need to open other types of files. In an effort to help you solve the most frequent technological problems in opening files, I want to point out below other applications that may be useful to you in the future.

  • App to open doc files: if you have a file that has a .doc know that you are facing the simplest file of all. It is a text document written with word processing software such as Microsoft Word or other popular software such as OpenOffice. To open it, I recommend that you download the application Microsoft Word, equivalent for Android and iOS of the well-known Microsoft program.
  • App to open xls files: if they shared a file with you at work .xls it means that you will have in your hands a spreadsheet probably created with the Microsoft Excel program. Consequently, download the Microsoft Excel app for Android and iOS and you will see that you will not have any problems.
  • App to open apk files: if you need to open a apk it means that you have to install an application not present in the Google PlayStore. In this case the procedure requires a detailed explanation; I refer you to my guide completely dedicated to the subject.
App to open files

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