Enhance Chrome's Home Tab with 20 Extensions

    Enhance Chrome's Home Tab with 20 Extensions It is useless in Chrome to put the Google site as your home page when you can start a search from the address bar. For this, in its continuous improvement, last year the function of the initial tab on Google Chrome was added. The Chrome start page, the one that opens when you press the + at the top to open a new tab, shows i most visited sites and installed applications.
    It is very useful for starting browsing and opening your favorite sites with a click on the thumbnail. With extensions it is You can improve the Chrome home tab and customize it in different ways.

    1) Start! is the name for a new starter tab extension on Chrome that focuses on showing your favorite sites all on one page so you can open them easily and quickly. It is also possible to set a wallpaper taken from Flickr to personalize it. The list of applications is accessible from the link below while, as an additional and special function, there is also the possibility to see the latest news from a website or an online newspaper by setting the RSS feed.

    2) The extension of Google Arts & Culture to Chrome replaces the new tab with an artistic image taken from the collection of photos of artwork from the Cultural Institute of Google Art. The extension displays great works of art from collections of museums and galleries around the world.

    3) Similarly, the extension Earth View Google license plate for its Chrome browser then allows you to see, every time you open a new tab, a photo taken from Google Earth. The extension replaces the new tab page and with a stunning satellite image of the Earth, taken from Google Earth, extracted from a selection of 500 and more photographs. The images appear full screen and can be downloaded to your computer or even shared on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. The sharing options are at the top right. At the bottom right instead there is written the place of the photo and the globe, which if clicked leads us to see the place from which the displayed photo was taken.

    4) Momentum It's a different way to use Chrome's home tab, with a nice background image, a different quote every day, live local weather information, the weather, and a to-do list.

    5) Incredible Start Page divides the screen into 4 sections: one where the favorites, the most visited and the installed applications are listed, one where you can set some favorite links, one with the latest closed sites and a notepad in which to take notes. You can change the background color, choose the graphic design and other design elements.

    6) Random Wikipedia Tab shows a random Wikipedia article every time you open a new Chrome tab, so you can learn something new every day.

    7) Speed ​​Dial 2 is another option to customize the Google Chrome home tab with a grid of bookmarks. From the tab on the right you can browse the applications, bookmarks and recently closed tabs. speed Dial 2 is the closest to Chrome's default home tab, you can change the background, and it also provides a lot of browsing statistics in graphical form.

    8) Bookolio it is the one I am currently using, the most useful if you have a lot of bookmarks in your bookmarks. From the buttons at the top you can see the lists of applications, favorites and recently closed. At the top there are the links to enter the most used sites in the world, the search box and the most visited sites.

    9) Unsplash Instant is a simple Chrome extension that adds a different full screen image every day.

    10 ) bright is the white tab, for those who don't want to see anything on the new Chrome tab at all.

    11) In another article other extensions are also reported for one Start tab for Chrome with time, weather, bookmarks and Google Now including Fruumo, New Tab Page and OneFeed.

    12 ) Tabby Cat is one of the funniest and cutest starter tabs for Chrome, with an interactive kitten like puppy to get attached to.

    13 ) Toby is a very useful application that replaces the Chrome home tab with a site organizer, so you can sort them according to the work to be done.

    14 ) R show a beautiful full-screen photo every day.

    15 ) Currently is an extension to view temperature and weather forecast on the Chrome home tab

    Finally, I remember that, in another article, there are others 10 extensions to customize Chrome and navigation

    Enhance Chrome's Home Tab with 20 Extensions

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