illimity: what it is and how it works

What is illimity

Before going into the tutorial and explaining how to open your account, I would like to give you some more information on unlimited and the many opportunities it offers.

unlimited is an in your languagen bank that was born with the aim of unlocking the potential of individuals, families and small / medium-sized enterprises by looking beyond the concept of traditional banking. It is made up of over 300 people who come from more than 100 different companies, 10 business sectors and 10 different countries and its CEO is Corrado Passera, banker and former Minister of Economic Development.

illimity allows you to open an account in a few clicks and manage it in an extremely simple and fast way, directly from the app or via the Web. To put it in even simpler words, it is a direct bank that makes the most of the potential of new technologies but without giving up all the typical services of traditional banks (current accounts, deposit accounts, cards, payments, insurance, mortgages, loans, etc.), or the human relationship with the customer, through the his support team which has its physical headquarters in Milan and can be contacted at any time through green number, e-mail e chat.

The main services offered by illimity include: the 0 expense account to be opened in a few clicks and managed via app or web (more info here); a MasterCard debit card to pay both in the city and abroad with support for Google Pay and Apple Pay (more info here) and deposit accounts, with the ability to set the amount to invest and choose the solution that best suits your needs among the many automatically proposed by illimity.

To underline, then, the possibility of making transfers, transfers, making P2P payments (to send and receive sums of money instantly), pay bills, MAV / RAV and F24, home utilities and top up the mobile phones of all the main in your languagen operators; the presence of advanced analysis, to find out your spending habits and limit your monthly outgoings, and the ability to set spending projects, to save the money needed to achieve your goals (e.g. a vacation, the purchase of a new smartphone, etc.) with a 0,50% help from illimity (more info here).

Finally, the possibility of manage multiple accounts at the same time, also from other banks, from illimity's home banking (more info here) and to request one credit card (to be used all over the world and to be customized both in appearance and in operation, choosing how much and where to spend) or one prepaid card (available in five different styles).

Interesting, right? I bet you are now even more curious to find out how illimity works. Did I guess? Then read on: you can find all the information you need right below!

More information about the illimity account More information about the illimity deposit account

How to open an illimity account

Now that you know illimity, you are ready for to open an account: an operation that takes only a few minutes and that can be performed in an extremely simple way both from a smartphone and from a computer.

In the first case, just download theillimity app for Android or iPhone and follow the instructions on the screen; in the second case, however, just open any browser that supports the use of the webcam (I recommend Chrome) and connect to the website, then click on the account opening button and follow the instructions provided on the screen. For the rest, the steps to be taken are almost identical regardless of the device used.

To write this tutorial, I preferred to act as a mobile. If you also want to do the same, open the store of your device (Play Store, if you use a device Androidthe App Store, if you use one iOS), near “Unlimited” inside the latter and tap onicona dell'app present in the search results.

On the page that opens, click on the button Installa / Ottieni and wait for the automatic app download and installation procedure to complete. If you are using iPhone, you may be asked to verify your identity using Face ID, touch ID o Password dell'ID Apple.

Now, if you are going to proceed via the app, start the application of unlimited that you have downloaded on your smartphone, you agree to receive notifications and press pulsating Open your account, in order to start the account opening procedure. If, on the other hand, you prefer to act as a PC, connect to the site and click on the button Open account. The next steps, as already mentioned, are practically the same on all devices.

Then type yours email address, check the box relating toPrivacy Policy and press pulsating Continue. On the next screen, choose if joint account you are about to open (by checking the appropriate box) and press the button Continue, to start the account opening unlimited More.

Now, fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the relevant fields, name, last name e cellphone number; then press on Continue and verify the number by typing the code of 6 code that is delivered to you via SMS in the appropriate text field.

Once the number has been verified, enter yours fiscal Code (or tap on the item We calculate it, to have it calculated automatically to illimity), press again on Continue and, after verifying the correctness of all yours personal data, press the button once again Continue.

At this point, follow the advice of illimity and have a identity card and health insurance card, which you will need to complete the account opening process.

Premium, though, your pulse Continue, choose the document through which you want to verify your identity between electronic identity card (fastest method), Paper identity card + health card, electronic driving license + health card o Passport + health card and press again Continue per due turn consecutive.

The next step is the photograph first the front and then the back of the document (or documents) for identity verification. Therefore, follow the instructions on the screen and make sure, before confirming, that the photos allow you to clearly read all the information on the photographed documents.

Once you have taken the photos, press the button Continue, check that the information relating to the document has been reported correctly (otherwise correct it by pressing on the fields on the screen) and press again on Continue, to move forward.

Once this is done, fill in the new form that is submitted to you with the data relating to yours place of residence, award-winning Continue and preparations a record a video in which you will have to perform an action described on the screen (e.g. blink or say a word): when you are ready, press the button Start, make your video recording and, once you have verified the quality of the movie obtained, press the button Continue, to continue (otherwise press on Repeat and make a new registration).

Now, tap on the item View PIN, to display the Device PIN which will allow you to log into your account and confirm the various operations supported by illimity, pin it in a safe place e premi sui pulsnti Continue e Yes, I have saved my PIN, to go to the next step.

The next step is to choose where to receive the Debit Card: Is home or at yours home. Once you have made your choice, click on the button Continue twice in a row and fill out the form Help us get to know you better, in which to specify the type of the use you will make of the illimity products (Management of recurring family needs, Savings, Various services, etc.), indicate yours profession / activity and where it takes place; finally, you have to say if entertain working / commercial relationships with companies in foreign countries, to specify net annual income bracket e heritage and communicate if you are one politically exposed person.

Fill in all the fields of the form, click on the button Continue, provide i consents necessary to use the services provided by illimity (by checking the relevant boxes) and press the button Continue, to go to digital signature the documents required to open the account.

Then place the check mark next to the item relating to digital signature, go ahead, enter the 6-digit confirmation code that is sent to you via SMS, press the button Open and read the procedural documentation to proceed, read the documentation and check all the boxes relating to the acceptance of the conditions of security and privacy.

Once this is done, press the buttons Continue e Company, to sign all documentation; type yours email address in the screen that is proposed to you, click on the button Verifica and verify your e-mail address by typing the code of 6 code that you receive from the latter.

Then set a Password for the bill (following the instructions on the screen), press the button Continue and choose the theme (so the color and graphics you want to use for your account).

Mission accomplished! Now you just have to wait for the account opening (which will be notified to you via SMS) and you can start using illimity. In the meantime, I recommend that you press the button Discover illimity and to view all information about the service.

Please note: the account is free for the first 12 months. Subsequently, it is possible to keep it free by crediting the salary or pension, keeping at least two domiciliations active or making at least 300 euros of expenses per month (more info here).

How to use illimity

Once you have received the activation SMS, you can start using the illimity app to manage your account and perform all the operations supported by the service, such as wire transfers, opening deposit accounts, purchasing telephone top-ups, etc. .

Then start the illimity application on your Android phone or iPhone, press the button LOGIN located in the center of the screen and log in using the combination of e-mail e Password that you chose when registering.

Then click on the button Continue, insertion il 6-digit verification code that was sent to you via SMS and enter yours Device PIN (obtained during the account opening procedure). Finally, if your smartphone is equipped with fingerprint sensor and / or face recognition, choose whether to configure one of these tools as the access method to illimity or whether enter your bank immediatelyby pressing one of the appropriate keys on the screen.

Once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the illimity app home page, which contains the current balance and, immediately below, the button for feed the bill, the one to open a deposit account and carte available.

Scrolling the page, you can find the list of yours movements, yours showcase with news and useful tips for using illimity and a series of boxes to perform various operations, such as discovering your IBAN, display theanalysis of your expenses, choose the colore of the theme, view tips on using illimity and running phone cards.

At the top right, however, there is the icon of comic, which allows you to receive assistance via chat, while at the bottom of the screen there is a customizable menu with various buttons: Home, to return to the home page of the app; capacitor positive (+) lead, to add new quick access icons to the above menu, and ☰ Menu, to access the complete list of application functions.

Among the quick links that you can add to the menu located at the bottom of the screen (by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead), there are those related to city ​​transfer, transfer to other countries, transfer, cell phone charging, P2P, blank bulletins, prepared bulletins, domiciliations, MAV, analysis e projects.

Do you want to top up your illimity account? In this case, know that you have two options at your disposal: make a transfer to the IBAN of the account or withdraw money from one of your cards. To proceed, return to the Home of illimity, press the button (+) Top up your account and choose whether to add funds to your account using À la Carte o Bank.

In the first case, you have to select one of the carte configured in the app and fill in the forms that are proposed to you; in the second, however, you simply have to make a note IBAN e BIC / SWIFT of the bill (which you can also to copy o share directly from the app, by pressing the appropriate buttons) and make a transfer to the latter. Credit times are instantaneous by card, while by bank transfer they can take one or two working days).

To manage your paper, press on its graphic representation on the Home screen of the app: you will be redirected to a page with the list of the last movements made, the showcase with advice on use of the illimity cards and a box to access theanalysis of the expenses made, divided by category.

By pressing the button instead Manage card, can view the PIN of the latter, choose in which countries to allow the payments abroad, adjust i usage channels of the same, i ceilings, to enable 3D Secure, SMS alert e suspend o block the letter.

As for the analysis of movements carried out, I would like to point out that with illimity you can view the movements of all your accounts (even those of other banks) in one place, and you can do it in a very simple way, that is by pressing the button Chronology relative to the box Your movementsIn section Home.

This will open a screen with all the movements of the accounts configured in the app, to be displayed in the form of list or groups (i.e. type of movement), by pressing the appropriate buttons at the top right.

By pressing, instead, onfunnel icon (at the top of the screen, on the right) you can filter the transactions to be displayed based on date, type, amount and other parameters. Furthermore, through the search bar placed at the top, you can directly search for the movements of your interest.

One of the highlights of illimity is, then, the section Analysis (accessible by pressing on the appropriate box present in Home or via the menu ☰> Analysis), within which you can analyze all your income and expenses, even in the form of a graph. Pressing on the item Learn MoreInstead, you can analyze your income and expenses on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly basis or on a custom basis.

Also, by pressing the button Categories, you can view the categories of expenses that you make most frequently (in order to understand how to best manage your money), while pressing the button Spending limits you can set spending limits globally, or by category, so as not to exceed your monthly budget.

The section should also be underlined Expected expenses (at the bottom), which allows you to have an overview of all expected expenses (eg recurring transfers, domiciled utilities, subscriptions and so on).

Would you like to open a deposit account to make the money in your illimity account pay off? Nothing easier: access the section Deposit of the app (by pressing on the appropriate item in the section Home or in the menu ☰) and choose the item Fixed deposit - Create line from the screen that opens.

Choose, therefore, the amount to be deposited, using the appropriate graphic displayed in the center of the screen, and press the button View solutions, to view the list of available deposit accounts. To filter solutions based on duration, To type of constraint or the type of interest payments, press on the appropriate buttons.

Once you have chosen the deposit account of your interest (clearly, the longer the bond time, the higher the rate obtained), select it, carefully analyze all its conditions and, if you are willing to continue, click on the button NEXT, in order to confirm.

Are you planning a vacation or buying a new smartphone? Then you definitely have to try the feature Projects of illimity, which allows you to accumulate savings for your projects quickly and easily, obtaining a 0,50% help from illimity.

To create a new project in illimity, click on the button ☰ Menu, then on the item Projects present in the screen that opens and, finally, on the button Create a project.

Choose, therefore, the category of the project you want to create by choosing one of those available (eg. Shopping o Travel and transport), or choose the item Other. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with the title of the project (eg "trip to Japan"), theamount you wish to achieve (eg 2.000 euros), the date within which to accumulate savings and the tale on which to do it. Finally, click on the button Crea and you will confirm the creation of your project.

Subsequently, in the project management page, you can choose whether to make a recurring payment, for an manual payment, for an rounding of expenses or ask a friend to finance you. By pressing, instead, on the item Manage project you can change the characteristics of the project or move the amount accumulated in it.

As regards the payments, such as bank transfers or telephone top-ups, you can make them in a very simple way, by going to the illimity ☰ menu, by pressing the button Operations and selecting one of the available items in the box that opens: wire transfers and transfers, cell phone charging, prepaid top-up, money transfer (to exchange money with other illimity users), newsletters e MAV / RAV e other payments (domiciliation).

I don't think there is any need to explain the rest: you just have to fill in the module that is proposed to you with the data relating to the operation you want to carry out (e.g. the data of the recipient of a bank transfer) and confirmation. Most of the operations are at no cost.

How do you say? Would you like to use illimity from your computer too? No problem: open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Chrome), connect to illimity home banking and log in with the combination of e-mail e Password you registered with.

You will then be redirected to a page with information relating to your account (or your accounts, if you have set up several) and, on the left, a menu to access all sections of the service.

For the rest, the functioning of illimity on a PC is almost identical to what I explained to you previously in relation to the smartphone app. Convenient, right?

For more information

If you want more information on how illimity works, I invite you to visit the official website of the service and scroll down the page: you will then be able to view a detailed description of all the functions offered by the latter.

Furthermore, by clicking on the ☰ button, located at the top right, and selecting one of the items available in the menu that opens, you can view the illimity information pages dedicated to accounts, carte, deposit accounts etc.

If, on the other hand, you want support from an operator, open the illimity app on your smartphone, press thefumetto icon located at the top right and select the topic for which you want to receive assistance between accounts, carte, transactions and payments etc. You will then be able to start a chat with illimity's Smart Care and receive assistance in real time.

In alternative, puoi premere sul pulsating ☰ Menu, select the item Support from the menu that opens and browse all the articles of the illimity official guide, having the possibility to search for the topics of your interest through the search bar placed at the top.

If you prefer to work as a PC, you can access your illimity account from your browser and click on thefumetto icon (bottom right), to chat with an operator, or on voice Support (top right), to view the articles of the official guide.

Finally, I would like to point out that you can contact illimity support by phone, by calling toll free number 800.89.44.77 or by booking a call using the appropriate button in the section Support app or website. The service is available every day from 09.00 to 20.00.

illimity: what it is and how it works

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