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How to download Snapchat on Android

Would you like to download Snapchat on your Android device but don't know how to do it? Don't worry, I will immediately show you all the steps you will need to perform. To download the application on your device you need to use the Google PlayStore, the virtual store through which applications are downloaded on Android devices.

Then open the PlayStore (symbol of a colored flag) and then, once started, type Snapchat in the search engine you find at the top. Then press the button Submit from the keyboard of your device to confirm the search results.

As soon as you see the search results, you will need to locate the Snapchat icon. The application is shaped like a white ghost on a yellow background and is developed by Snapchat Inc.

Found it? Very well! Tap on its name to preview the application. At this point, all you have to do is press the button Install and then on the button Accept to start downloading the application on your Android device. Once the download is complete, start the application by pressing the button apri. That's all; nothing so complicated, don't you agree?

How to download Snapchat on iOS

Do you own an iPhone and would like to start using Snapchat? Okay: in the following lines I will explain in detail the procedure that will allow you to download Snapchat on your Apple smartphone.

To download the application, open theapp Store iOS: the virtual store through which applications are downloaded has a blue icon with the letter A in the center.

Now you have to search for the application in the virtual store; doing it is very simple. Tap the button Search (icon in the shape of magnifying glass) and then type Snapchat in the search engine that you will find at the top. Confirm the search by pressing the button Search present in the keyboard of your device.

Now wait for the search results to appear and locate the Snapchat application among those listed. If in doubt, keep in mind that the Snapchat icon is in the shape of a white ghost on a yellow background and is developed by Snap Inc.

To download it, once you have identified it, just tap the button Ottieni / Installa. Now wait for the download to finish and, once it has finished, press the button apri. Did you see how easy it was?

How to sign up for Snapchat (Android / iOS)

Once you have installed the Snapchat application and started it, following my steps, before explaining how to use it, you need to talk about how to register a free account with the service.

On the main screen of the app, press the button Subscribe and, subsequently, indicates all the data relating to the registration (name e last name). Continue by pressing the button Register & Accept. Then indicate the date of your birthday and press the button Continue.

The next step involves indicating yours username: type it in the appropriate text field or choose from those available that will be suggested to you. Continue by pressing the button Continue.

You are almost there: enter a password of at least 8 characters to complete the registration for the service and then press the button Continue.

At this point you will need to indicate the email address to be used for creating your account, in addition to your mobile number, to be used for identity verification. In particular, this procedure will require verification and typing of the confirmation code that you will receive via SMS.

At this point you will only have to allow Snapchat access to the address book to find your friends: then press the buttons Continue.

The contacts that will be displayed in the list can be added by tapping the button (+) Add.

How to use Snapchat on Android and iOS

Once you have registered your free Snapchat account, we can move on to the next step: in the following lines I will explain in detail how the application works.

The initial screen of the app is the one related to your username on Snapchat (the one you indicated during registration) and yours Snapcode (a sort of QR code that, when scanned, refers to your account), to the users who have added you (button They added me), the ability to add new friends (button Add friends) and the list of your friends in the application (button My friends). Using this screen, you can manually add contacts by their username, by scanning their snapcode or by adding nearby friends.

To explore Snapchat's other main features, swipe down from this main app screen to access the Chat, section where you can exchange messages with your friends registered to the application. To send a private message to someone, tap their username.

From the chat, swipe to the right to start your device's camera: by tapping on circle shaped symbol present in the center you can take a selfie or take a photo of the surrounding environment, just as if you were using the traditional camera of your device.

However, by swiping your finger on the screen you will see a series of filters appear in real time. These are one of the most appreciated and used features by Snapchat users, as they allow you to add special animated effects to photos and videos taken.

Snapchat filters are decidedly bizarre and particular: there are some traditional Instagram-style ones, but many others are real special effects. To see them all, swipe right after viewing the first one. Snapchat's special effects and filters change often - if you like this feature, I recommend viewing the filter list at least once a day.

To use Snapchat, therefore, all you have to do is create content such as photos and videos to add to your story. Multimedia content created on Snapchat is called snap and they are nothing more than sequences of photos and videos created by you and which will be used to tell your days.

If instead of taking a photo you want to make a video, press and hold the central round button: you will be able to tell your days in video lasting up to 10 seconds and the real-time filters you have added will remain visible for the entire duration of the video.

The photos taken or recorded videos can be further customized, before being posted to your photo and video library, called My story. To do this, you have several tools that I want to tell you about in detail in the following lines:

  • T symbol: allows you to add a custom caption anywhere in the photo or video;
  • Pencil symbol: allows you to draw on the photo or video, or to add predefined stickers;
  • Post-it symbol: allows you to further customize the multimedia contents, adding a very large series of stickers;
  • Scissor symbol: allows you to use the tools integrated in the application for editing or cropping the photo taken or some elements present in it;
  • Paper clip symbol: allows you to add a link to the snap made;
  • Timer symbol: allows you to customize the maximum time to display the snap within the section Your Story;
  • Down arrow symbol (button Save): allows you to privately save the multimedia content within the application, in a sort of multimedia gallery visible only to you.
  • Symbol of a square (button Story): allows you to add the recorded photo or video to the section Your Story. It will then be publicly visible to all your friends present in the application, for a period of 24 hours. After this time period, the snap will be canceled.

For a multiple sending of the snap made, press the icon with the arrow symbol located at the bottom right. You can send the multimedia content created to your friends and, at the same time, publish it in the section Your Story.

How to view friends' Stories

If you want to use Snapchat to interact with other users, tap the button Stories. You can access it via the application's camera by tapping the three dots symbol, or directly from the home screen of the app (where your Snapcode is), with a swipe down and two swipes to the right.

In this screen you will find the section Featured: it is a sort of virtual magazine in which famous international brands offer interactive articles composed of snapshots with photos and videos.

Below you will find the section All Stories where you will find all the Snaps made by the contacts added within the application. To view them, tap on a person's username. To fast forward and backward a snap, tap on the screen; instead, swipe back or forward to quickly browse through the stories of all your friends.

How to use Snapchat

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