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What is 18app

Before going into the details of this guide and explain yourself how to use 18app, it will be useful to know what is 18app, who can benefit from the Culture Bonus and what are the deadlines to request it.

The Culture Bonus is an initiative by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers which provides 500 euros to be spent on cultural products and services, such as the purchase of books and music CDs , cinema tickets, museums, exhibitions, concerts and much more. It is also supported by online stores such as Amazon, the Feltrinelli, IBS e Libraccio and from online services such as Spotify (for streaming music) eTicketOne (for concerts): in a while I will give you more information and I will link you some insights about it.

The initiative is aimed at all boys and girls residing in the national territory who have completed or are about to turn 18 in the current year. Those who have these requirements can register on 18app, the site hosting the initiative, by 30 June of the following year and spend the 500 euros of the Culture Bonus by 31 December (always in the year following that of the eighteenth birthday).

Log in to 18app

log in to 18app no registration is required but you must have your own SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System), a combination of username and password that can be requested by businesses and by all citizens who have reached the age of majority and with which it is possible to access all the online services of the Public Administration.

If you do not yet have your digital identity and you want to benefit from the Culture Bonus, you must first request your SPID credentials by contacting one of the Identity Provider recognized (TIMAruba, Sign Up, InfoCertCity post officeSielteUnderstandingNamirial).

The registration procedure is almost identical for all the services listed and all you have to do is fill out a registration form with your personal data, enter the data of your identity document and identify yourself by digital signature or one of the available identification methods, such as recognition via webcam CNS card (National Service Charter), the electronic identity card or via SMS on certified telephone number. For the detailed procedure, you can read my guide on how to get the SPID.

After requesting and obtaining your digital identity, connected to the 18app website, click on the button Sign in with SPID present at the top right and select the Identity Provider on which you obtained the SPID from the menu that appears. In the newly opened page, enter your login credentials in the fields Username (in the case of TIM it is user ID) is Password e pulsing sul pulsating Sign in with SPID. If, on the other hand, your Identity Provider is Sielte, you will have to enter VAT tax code e Password. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to register on 18app.

Create an 18app voucher

After logging into the Bonus Cultura site with your SPID credentials, you are ready for create a 18app voucher to be spent, subsequently, in the physical and online stores participating in the initiative.

On the main page of your account, you can view the 18app wallet with the total amount available to you (500 euros if you have not yet created vouchers), the total amount of vouchers created and still to be spent and the amount already spent on your purchases. Also, in the section Your coupons present at the bottom, you can view the items Already spent with the total number of vouchers created and the option To spend with vouchers created and not yet used.

To create a new 18app voucher, click on the option Create coupon visible in the circle on the left (the one in which the amount still to be spent is shown) and, in the new open page, select the type of voucher you want to create: click on the item Physical if you want to create an 18app voucher to spend in person in a physical store (for example in a bookstore, cinema, theater etc.) or on the option Online to make a purchase on an online shopping site (Amazon, Spotify, TicketOne etc.).

Whatever your choice, in the section For which product category?, specify the category of the product you wish to purchase with the 18app voucher you are generating by clicking on one of the options available between Cinemaconcerts, Cultural events, Books, Museums, monuments and natural parks and archaeological areas, Theater and dance, Training e Recorded music.

Depending on the category chosen, also specify the sub-category of your interest: for example, if you have selected the category Books, specify if you intend to buy a Audiobook, an eBook or Book; if you have selected Recorded music, click on one of the items between CD, DVD o Vinyl, while in the case of Cinema, concerts, Cultural events, Theater and danceMuseums, monuments and natural parks and archaeological areas indicate if you want to create a voucher for a Subscription / Card or a single Entrance ticket.

Now, enter the amount of the voucher to be created in the field Amount of the voucher, presses the button Create coupon and click on the buttons Confirmation e Close to generate your 18app voucher. On the newly opened page, you can see a 8-digit alphanumeric code, the QR code and Barcode that identify the voucher created. Also, you can view the options Save as image e Save as PDF to save the voucher on your computer.

You must know that 18app is not available in the form of an application for smartphones and tablets. However, you can also create coupons from your mobile device using the browser you usually use to browse the Internet and following the directions provided above for computers. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to create good 18apps.

Spend an 18app voucher

Good in hand, you just have to go in person to the physical store of your interest or connect to the website of the service or online shopping store on which you intend spend the 18app voucher.

For example, the largest In your lenguagen bookshop that has been selling millions of books and cultural leisure products since 1998, allows you to easily purchase books and ebooks (including university and English texts), but also audiobooks, films, CDs and vinyls using 18app. And on IBS the Culture Bonus is worth even more thanks to the offers dedicated to film and music purchases made with this payment method. Until May 16, 2021 you can get up to € 15 in discount vouchers to spend on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD and vinyl.

To make a purchase with 18app on IBS, all you have to do is connect to the official website of the service or start its app for Android or iOS / iPadOS, locate books, ebooks, audiobooks, films, CDs or vinyls of your interest and add them to the cart (making sure that, in its description sheet, there is the indication Article purchasable with 18App and Teacher's Card).

You can find a selection of books, DVD and Blu-Ray, CDs and vinyls, eBook e books in english purchasable with the Culture bonus, including the rankings of the most purchased ones, by connecting to this IBS page. At the bottom of the same page you will also find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the initiative.

Once you have selected the products of your interest, access the cart, awarded his Go to the checkout and log in with your account; if you don't have one yet, press the buttons related to Facebook o Google, to authenticate through your online accounts, or press on the item Subscribe and fill out the form that is proposed to you, to register with your email address.

Finally, enter the data for . e heading, Choose 18app as a payment method, enter yours code 18app in the appropriate editable field and press the button Buy it now. More info here.

Also the Feltrinelli, historical name of In your lenguagen publishing and reference point for the purchase of books, ebooks, music CDs, vinyls, DVDs, Blu-Ray, games and other leisure content, allows you to use the bonus 18app as a means of payment.

Also on the website you can take advantage of the offer on films and music: by purchasing DVDs, Blu-Ray, CDs or vinyls with 18apps, you will in fact get a discount voucher of up to € 15. The promotion is valid until May 16, 2021.

Going into more detail, you can buy books, audiobooks, eBooks, CDs, vinyls, DVDs and Blu-Ray from the laFeltrinelli website or app for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

To make a purchase on laFeltrinelli with 18app, connect to the site or open the laFeltrinelli app, identify the contents of your interest and add them to yours cart. The contents that can be purchased with 18app are those that, in the descriptive sheet, show the words Article that can be purchased with 18App and the Teacher's Card.

If you want an overview of the contents Recommended and those most sold on laFeltrinelli, linked to this page, where you will find the best books, eBooks, audio books, films and music albums (including vinyls) involved in the initiative, plus a series of information on the Bonus Cultura (at the bottom).

Once you have selected the products of your interest, access the cart (by clicking on the appropriate icon), click on the button Go to the checkout and log in to your account; if you don't have one yet, click the button Subscribe and fill out the form that is proposed to you.

Once logged in, press the button Continue, select 18app as a payment method, enter yours code in the appropriate text field and click on the buttons Inserisci e Complete the purchase, to complete the order. More info here.

The payment method is usable, with the same advantages, both online and offline. Those who have access to the Culture Bonus, in fact, can also buy from the laFeltrinelli shops e Red. To find the laFeltrinelli bookshop closest to home click here.

Among the sites that accept payments with the bonus 18app there is also, a very famous portal (also available as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS) on which you can buy new and used books, including school and university texts, dictionaries, atlases and tests / quizzes at very affordable prices.

To take advantage of your 18app bonus on, connect to the site or open its app on smartphones and tablets, locate the book of your interest (here you can find a selection of the recommended and most purchased by users) and press the button to buy. Repeat, therefore, the operation for all the titles you intend to buy, log in to yours cart, award-winning I proceeded all'acquisto and log in with your account; if you don't have one yet, press the button Subscribe and fill in the forms that are proposed to you with your data.

Once logged in, continue to the choice of payment methods and check the box relating to Culture bonus 18app and enter your code to complete the order. More info here.

To find out where else you can buy goods and services using the previously created voucher, connected to the 18app site, click on the ≡ button at the top left and select the item Where to spend the coupons (operation that I recommend you do before generating a voucher).

On the page Find merchant, select the type of shop among Physical e Online and click on the category of products or services of your interest (Cinemaconcerts, Cultural events, Books, Museums, monuments and natural parks and archaeological areas, Theater and dance, Training e Recorded music).

In case your choice fell on online stores, after selecting the category of products and services, at the bottom you can see the complete list of websites on which you can make purchases using the Culture Bonus. In that case, all you need is the 8-digit alphanumeric code associated with the created 18app voucher and an account on the website on which you intend to purchase with the Culture Bonus.

You should know that the procedure is more or less the same for all online shopping sites: having identified the product to buy, add it to the cart and complete the order. At checkout, enter your 8-digit code in the field Discount code and proceed with the payment. In some cases, however, you may first be required to convert the 18app voucher into a voucher of the chosen service and then add it to your account. In this regard, the guides listed below may be useful to you.

  • How to shop on Amazon with 18app
  • How to pay for Spotify with 18app
  • How to buy on TicketOne with 18app

If, on the other hand, you have chosen the option physical stores, on the screen Find merchant enter the city of your interest in the field In the municipality of and click sul pulsating Search, to view all the physical stores in your city that adhere to the 18app initiative for the category of products and services selected. Alternatively, enter the name of the shop or its address in the field Search by name or address, to find out if a particular store accepts 18app vouchers.

Now, go to your chosen store in person and, at checkout, show the clerk the 8-digit alphanumeric code, QR code or Barcode directly from your smartphone or provide the hard copy that you have previously printed.

Cancel an 18app voucher

If you have changed your mind and no longer want to use your 18app voucher to purchase the product for which you previously created it, you should know that it is possible cancel an 18app voucher at any time.

Then connected to the 18app site, click on the button Sign in with SPID and enter your SPID credentials to access your account. On the main screen, under the heading Your coupons, click the option To spend to view the list of vouchers created and not yet used. Alternatively, click on the ≡ button at the top left and select the item Coupons to spend give the menu to compare.

In the newly opened page, select the item Physical stores, if the voucher to be canceled was created for purchases in physical stores, or on the item Online stores, to delete a voucher to spend on the web. Then select the voucher to be canceled, scroll down the page and click on the option Cancel coupon, then presses the buttons Yes e Close to confirm your intention and cancel the voucher. The canceled voucher will automatically be credited to the available balance.

In some cases, it should be emphasized that the voucher created cannot be canceled. For example, if after generating the 18app voucher you converted it to good Amazon or Spotify code, you will no longer be able to request deletion. Furthermore, you cannot cancel an 18app voucher even if it was created to pay for a ticket or a subscription to visit museums, monuments and parks, as this category of products and services has a different validation process than the other categories and, as indicated in the 18app guidelines, deletion is not allowed.

Finally, it will be useful to know that you can also cancel a voucher immediately after its creation. In this case, on the screen with the summary codes of the generated voucher, click on the option Cancel coupon e pulsing sul pulsating Yes to confirm. To find out more, I leave you to my guide on how to cancel 18app voucher.

Article produced in collaboration with laFeltrinelli.

How to use 18app

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