How to start a blog and make money

How to start a blog

How to start a blog and make money

Opening a blog in itself is by no means a complicated procedure since, nowadays, many procedures for creating an Internet site have been completely streamlined thanks to the implementation of tools for creating Internet sites.

Even those who have no experience and want to create a blog free with basic needs it can succeed. There are in fact many platforms, including Blogger, Tumblr, or Medium (platforms I told you about in detail in my guide dedicated to creating a free blog) that allow you to create, configure and in some cases even allow you to earn, a blog practically with your eyes closed.

On the other hand, those who have a business idea in mind and want to create a blog with a professional imprint, can still make use of Web services which, although they are paid, allow those who already have some practice to create a worthy blog. of note.

In fact, the times when it was necessary to know the programming language to create a Web site are quite distant; now the use of the most modern CMS (Content Management System, in cittàn) makes it possible to install a self-installing and self-configuring software that will automatically create the backbone of a blog.

The choice of the CMS to use is the most important of all, since this will represent the backbone of your blog. As for this step, my advice falls on two main tools: WordPress or Jekyll.

Choose WordPress if what you want to create will be a dynamic blog in continuous improvement and updating, while for the creation of a dynamic website you can choose to use the Jekyll platform, which, however, unlike WordPress, known for its ease of use , requires more experience for its configuration.

You can also consider hiring a Webmaster if you need someone to take care of the more technical part of your blog and also to entrust your ideas to a Webdesigner. The latter will deal with the aesthetic customization of the blog itself. Alternatively, if you want to try to independently take care of the configuration and aesthetic customization of your blog, you can buy themes and plugins to be installed on WordPress through the main online stores such as the famous Envato Market.

Once you have created the structure of your blog, don't forget to hire a graphic designer to take care of the creation of the logo, or read my guide in which I explain how to create free logos, if you want to do it all by yourself.

Having clarified the premises on what are the possibilities to consider to create a blog, we can continue; in the lines that follow the next step to follow if you want to open a blog and earn money.

How to choose a blog name

How to start a blog and make money

The name of a blog is an important step for this tutorial of mine, as this will determine the identity of your online blog from now on. There are basically two main strategies to be adopted to choose the blog name: a personal branding or one of business branding.

The strategy of personal branding indicates that the blog and the entrepreneurial strategy dedicated to it will be focused on your person, while for business branding It refers to a business strategy that is not necessarily based on your first and last name: You can then create a name and an identity tailored to what will be your online business.

The choice of the personal branding or business branding strategy is fundamental because it touches the next step relating to the purchase of the hosting and the domain. I'm talking about buying because, if your goal is to create a successful blog, you absolutely have to consider an economic investment. There is also the possibility of buying a free hosting but the main difference between a free hosting service and a paid hosting is given by the amount of additional services offered related to blog optimization.

As for the domain name, if you want to activate an entrepreneurial strategy, I recommend that you make the purchase in order to obtain a top-level domain to give the name you have chosen for your blog. To learn more, read my guide entitled how to buy a web domain.

How to make money with a blog

How to start a blog and make money

Once you understand what are the effective strategies for creating a blog, we can move on to an equally important issue, namely the one relating to the advice that will help you make your passion a business from which to obtain economic income.

Clearly you have to keep in mind that you do not become famous overnight and therefore you cannot expect to earn millions of euros in 24 hours from the opening of a blog. To make your blog become a successful website capable of at least self-financing, it takes time.

The best strategy to make money with a blog is to focus on content, which, once the topic has been identified, obviously must be of quality. I therefore recommend that you identify your audience and create an editorial plan that includes the constant publication of articles.

The earnings of a blog are in fact obtained mainly through direct earnings which concern the publication of advertising banners within the articles you have made, or through the sale of advertising space to external companies or through affiliations. There is also a form of indirect gain, or a type of income that can be obtained for example by selling products and / or services such as consultancy or training.

Direct and indirect earnings

How to start a blog and make money

Among the methods of direct earning there is the implementation of banner ads in articles made in a blog. The simplest tool on the web for inserting banner ads on your website is definitely Google Adsense, Google's advertising platform.

The functioning of Google Adsense is quite basic: once you have registered on the platform through the official Google Adsense website, you will be provided with an HTML code to insert on your website. The contents written in it will be analyzed in this way and will then be shown advertising banners on the subject.

In addition to Google Adsense there are other platforms that allow you to earn through banner ads; the most famous alternative to Google Adsense is Criteo but there are also other advertising circuits such as Tradedoubler, Ligatus and Bidvertiser, for example.

However, Google Adsense and Criteo are the most famous because, unlike the other circuits mentioned, they do not require high requirements in terms of views. It should also be borne in mind that earnings, for most of the platforms and advertising circuits mentioned, take into account views but also clicks. If few see your banner ads and hardly anyone clicks on it, your earnings will be extremely limited.

However, remember that the vast majority of the platforms mentioned integrate tools that reveal "false" clicks on banners. Don't try to cheat by clicking on your own banners and don't ask other people to click on them; you will surely be discovered and banned from these advertising programs.

Amazon affiliations, as anticipated, are a method to earn directly through your blog. What you need to do is sign up for Amazon's affiliate program; once registered you can propose products related to the theme of your blog to all those who read your articles. Those who buy the product through the affiliate link you shared will guarantee you a percentage of the sale price.

An indirect method to make money through your blog is to create training courses or to sell what are your skills: if you believe you are an expert on a certain topic, you can think of offering paid consulting services aimed at those who are first weapons.

How to start a blog and make money

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