How to remove keep watching on Netflix

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After taking out a subscription to Netflix, you got carried away with enthusiasm and started starting episode after episode, leaving many unfinished, waiting to find that series that could capture your heart and, of course, your attention. After some time, however, you realized that all those unfinished episodes remain there, in the Netflix playlist, ready to be resumed by simply pressing the Play button.

Aware that, for many of them, you will not continue the vision at all, you have decided to take matters into your own hands and understand how to remove keep watching on Netflix, so that those unwelcome "suggestions" can disappear forever. Well, I am happy to inform you that you are in the right place, at a time that could not have been better: in fact, below I intend to explain to you in detail how to complete this operation on practically all versions of Netflix, both that based on the browser (for computers) and on the apps available for the various devices.

Do not worry if you are not very familiar with technology, you have no reason: the steps that I am going to show you are very simple and do not involve any type of modification or unofficial procedure, as the elimination of content from the lists of vision is a feature already built into Netflix. So what are you waiting for to start? Take a few minutes of time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to say on the subject: I'm sure that, in no time at all, you will be able to clean up your list, leaving only the contents in it. that you intend to continue to look seriously. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and ... good cleaning!


  • How to remove keep watching on Netflix from PC
  • How to remove keep watching on Netflix from smartphones, tablets and other devices

How to remove keep watching on Netflix from PC

As you well know, it is possible to enjoy Netflix contents even from the most modern computer browsers, with the possibility of using all the features also offered by the app, including profile and personal account management.

remove keep watching on Netflix using the computer, it is necessary to act on this last aspect: in other words, all you have to do is access your account page through the browser of your choice and, from there, delete all the episodes from the viewing activity (or entire series) that you no longer wish to hear about.

How? Simple! First, access the Netflix main page from the Internet browser you usually use, press the red button Log in located in the upper right corner of the page, type in the boxes Email e Password the credentials associated with your Netflix account and, finally, click on the button Log in to enter your personal area.

If you no longer remember the password to access the service, click on the link Need help located in the lower right corner of the login box, it indicates the way in which you prefer to reset your password (to be chosen between Email, Text message (SMS) o Voice call) and carefully follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

If you no longer have access to the email or phone number you registered with, click on the link I don't remember my email address or my phone number, specify yours Your name, your Last name and credit or debit card number registered on Netflix, click on the button Find account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery procedure.

However, once you have accessed your account, click on theuser from which you intend to eliminate the vision activity (eg. Savior), presses on the profile image located at the top right and, from the menu that opens, select the item Account.

Once in the next window, scroll down the page until you find the section My Profile, click on the link Content viewing activities and identifies, on the next page, the episode to be eliminated from the “keep watching” list.

At this point, you simply have to click on the icon in the shape of prohibition placed in its correspondence, on the far right, to delete it from the viewing activity and from the references for related content; if it is your intention to remove the entire series from your “keep watching”, click without hesitation on the link Hide series? which appears later in the box.

Please note that the deletion of the episode / series from the viewing activity will be propagated to all associated devices all’account and that actual deletion might take up to 24 hours. To add the episode or series again in the “keep watching” section, all you have to do is start playing it again in Netflix. It wasn't difficult at all, was it?

How to remove keep watching on Netflix from smartphones, tablets and other devices

How do you say? Don't use Netflix from your computer but instead rely on apps for smartphones, tablets, consoles or Smart TVs? Don't worry, deleting episodes and entire series from watching is a breeze!

First, therefore, start the app of Netflix from the device on which you intend to act and, if you have not already done so, log in to it by touching the Login button located at the top right, and then type Email e Password in the appropriate boxes and press the button again Log in. Again, you can use the link Need help? to start any password recovery procedure, if you no longer remember it.

Once this operation is complete, choose the profile on which you want to operate by touching the relative image located on the next screen, touch the button OK and, when you reach the next screen, tap on the icon located at the bottom right and choose the item Account from the menu displayed on the screen.

If everything went well, at this point a default browser window should automatically open, showing the account management page: scroll down the latter until you find the box My Profile, touches the voice Content viewing activities and wait for the summary page containing the episodes to be shown on the screen.

At this point, exactly as seen above, touch the icon in the shape of prohibition placed next to the episode you intend to remove from the "keep watching" on Netflix to complete the operation. Again, the propagation of the change could take up to 24 hours. If your goal is to clear the entire series from the viewing list, tap the link Hide series? which is immediately shown on the screen: to add the episode / series to the list again, you simply have to start it in Netflix.

If you have not installed the Netflix app but still intend to remove "keep watching on Netflix" for all those episodes you know you never want to see again, you can browse this page using the browser that suits you best (eg. Google Chrome for Android or Safari for iOS) and, after logging in to Netflix, press the button located at the top left and select the item Account (placed immediately under the account name and profile picture), and then follow the same instructions I gave you a moment ago.

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