How to recover PosteID code: how to get your credentials back

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What is the PosteID code and what is it for?

When we talk about the PosteID identification code we are referring to a recognition system present on the official application of the Italian Post Office. This small precaution allows you to operate in complete safety via app or PC, simply by accessing the official website from your browser.

How to recover the credentials from the ID via the app

To carry out the PosteID code recovery of the username or password that you do not remember, we recommend that you only use the official apps, such as the one for Android or iOS. Once located in your Play Store, download and install them.

In order to recover the PosteID code, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Italian Post Office application on any mobile device.
  • Press on the item Enter the app and press on the item I don't remember the PosteID code.
  • If you don't even remember your username in addition to the code, click on the item Did you forget your user name and password, and wait to be redirected.
  • Place a small tick next to the item that suits you (I want to recover my username or I want to reset my password).
  • Press on Proceed. If you need to retrieve only the username, know that you will have to enter the identification code you received via email during registration.
  • Once you have obtained the new credentials, press on the horizontal lines in the upper left and then on Settings.
  • Press on Clear code and then Continue and finally contact the customer care to confirm the deletion of the old forgotten posteID code.

By doing this you will be able to delete the old credentials, being able to insert the ones you just received. On the phone, just press the keys 4 and then 9, to then confirm all your personal data to the operator (eg: tax code). It is possible that the operator will suggest you to uninstall the app, but it is all necessary to be able to re-enter the new PosteID code.

Once you have entered all the data and also confirmed the telephone number, you will receive 2 important SMS messages that you will need to keep. In one you will find the confirmation that the ID code has been activated chosen, in the other you will find your code PUK.

How to retrieve the PUK PosteID code?

Have you forgotten your PUK code and risk finding the blocked PosteID code? Don't worry, there is an easy way to get it back! There are two possibilities to get it back:

  • You still have the SMS received which contains the PUK; and then you just have to go and look for it in the Messages.
  • You have deleted the SMS: in that case you will need to contact customer service.

PosteID account suspended: why did it happen and how to reactivate it?

As with any other security system, if you enter the wrong text string too many times, you risk your account being blocked. If you find yourself with a blocked Mail ID, as a rule just wait about 30 minutes to be able to retry.

Previously you had to contact customer service but today, fortunately, you just need to be patient and try to log in again. Plus, you can even attempt to reactivate suspended credentials on the official website. In fact you will have to:

  • Please enter your username.
  • Choose the security level you have set, whether 2 or 3.
  • Enter the security code that appears in the photo.

Forgot PosteID code? Tips for choosing a secure password

If you too find yourself with a forgotten PosteID code, you should know that you are not the only one and that there are ways to overcome this problem. First of all we advise you to choose a password that you will surely not forget. That's how:

  • Mark your password on a sheet of paper and keep it in a safe place, without sending it to anyone.
  • Never share your password by e-mail or text message, so as not to put yourself at risk of hackers.
  • Use the biometric recognition functions instead of the classic text strings, such as the face or fingerprint.
  • Choose passwords that are easy to remember, like one phrase or important data for you.
  • Check that you haven't already saved your password in Google's Password Manager.
  • Rely on a third-party software, which manages all your passwords and the forgotten post id code in the best possible way. One secure application we recommend is Keeper Password Manager.

How to change the PosteID code

If you remember the username with which you logged in or at least the email used during registration, you can request a new PosteID code. The method is the same as above, but to speed up the procedure and avoid making other mistakes, we recommend that you contact customer service.

Here's how simple it is to change the Post Office app password:

How to change the Poste app password via browser

  • Access the Personal Area from the main page of the Italian Post Office.
  • Press on the item Profile and then Manage.
  • Change your password pressing on the small pencil next to it and press up Save to conclude it all.

Change your password with the app

  • From within the app click on the little man icon at the top.
  • Enter your credentials and then follow the path: Manage Profile - Edit - Password.

We recommend that you consider the rules above to choose a secure password that you will never forget!

PosteID code: the answers to your questions!

By carefully reading the FAQ section that we have inserted below you will have no more doubts! Let's see what are the most common questions!

Are post ID and SPID the same thing?

No, they are two very different security systems. With the Poste ID it is possible to access the services made available by the Italian Post Office in the shortest possible time. The SPID instead it is a public system of digital identity, therefore it does not belong only to the post office, and allows you to access the services of public administrations.

PosteID code 6 characters where is it?

During the registration and activation phase of your PosteID code, you will receive a SMS that contains a code of 6 characters. Keep this alpha-numeric code as you will have to enter it at each access step!

How to create PosteID code?

To request a new 6-character alpha-numeric code, just follow the directions above to restore. In any case, you will need to confirm your identity and erase all traces of the old code before entering the new one. The new code will also arrive via SMS!

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