How to recover PUK SIM Iliad: 2021 guide to unlock the SIM card

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How to recover PUK Iliad: all the methods of 2021

Is it really necessary to have to retrieve the PUK code? If you want to unlock your SIM card to be able to access personal data again and use the telephone network, then yes, it is very important.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that the PIN code is entered incorrectly. If this type of mistake is committed more than three consecutive times, then the card, in this case of the Iliad operator, will be blocked.

The only way to correct this error is to retrieve an eight-digit code, the PUK in fact, which will allow the SIM to be re-enabled again.

Here are all the ways you can try to get hold of the precious code:

Check the SIM package

The first step to make sure you still have the PUK is to check the SIM packaging.

As a rule, sales packages should never be thrown away, unless after a certain period of time or after saving important information contained therein.

In this specific case, you should never get rid of the plastic card that accompanies the SIM card because it also reports the precious codes associated with the card, the PIN and the PUK.

If, therefore, we still keep the purchase packaging, it is precisely here that we can find the so important eight-digit code.

Go online and consult the Personal Area

If, unfortunately, we are no longer in possession of the plastic SIM holder, another way to recover the Iliad PUK is through the Personal Area of the Telephone Company.

Accessing this type of online service is very simple, you just need:

  • Go to the Iliad official website
  • click “Personal area”
  • To insert User ID e Password
  • click "Login" to login
  • Select the option "My personal data"
  • Identify the voice "My PUK code"
  • To retrieve the code press "Click here".

Ask for a new SIM card

Let's assume that we managed to recover the famous PUK code. Now, to unlock the card you have to enter the eight digits on your mobile phone.

If everything goes well then our SIM card will be operational again and immediately. If, on the other hand, in entering the PUK code we find ourselves making mistakes, and these mistakes are made for more than ten consecutive times, then, in this case, our phone card will be permanently blocked.

Unfortunately, once the blocking occurs as a result of incorrect PUK code, the only solution you have is to ask for one new SIM card.

If this is the case, it will still be possible to keep the old phone number, but we will be given a new PIN and PUK code.

How to use the Iliad PUK code to unlock the SIM

If with the steps we mentioned previously you have managed to recover the PUK code, now there is nothing left to do but type it on your mobile device to unlock the card.

The steps to follow are the following:

  • If the SIM is blocked, the message will be displayed “Enter PUK Code”.
  • In the appropriate field, enter the eight digits just recovered.
  • After entering the PUK code you will have to choose a new PIN code.
  • Confirm the PIN code inserting it a second time.
  • The SIM is operational again.

As has already been mentioned above, once the PUK code has been recovered, you must be very careful not to make mistakes during its use when you want to unlock the SIM card, under penalty of a further, and this time definitive, blocking of the card.

If you do not want to take risks and do not want to experience this misadventure, it is possible disable the option which allows the SIM to become inoperative after entering a wrong PUK code.

Android devices will need to:

  • Going up "Settings".
  • Select the option "Security and Privacy".
  • Continue by tapping on “Other Settings”.
  • Press on the item "Encryption and Credentials".
  • Continue by choosing “SIM lock settings”.
  • Next to "SIM lock" choose the mode OFF.
  • To complete the deactivation, enter the PIN code.

For iPhones, however, you will have to:

  • Access the "Settings".
  • Press on the item “PIN SIM”.
  • Move the lever from ON to OFF.
  • Enter the PIN but I will complete the operation.

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