How to get the bag on GTA Online

Preliminary information

How to get the bag on GTA Online

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to get the duffel bag on GTA Online, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the duffel bag is an iconic one aesthetic element che compare in GTA Online during i shots or activities in some way related to the latter. Put simply, the player uses it to transport money and take it "home" to the game.

However, in basic GTA Online there is no way to get this item to use it permanently in your outfit. You can indeed have it for a limited time only, or during the aforementioned activities, e it is not for sale.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

Needless to say, many players would like to always go around with the bag, using it as an aesthetic element within their presets dedicated to style. Well, actually there are methods to get and save the duffel this way, but I invite you not to follow them.

In this guide I will in fact deal with both one standard procedure to have the bag for a limited time, which you can easily follow, that another that instead makes use of a glitch, or a sort of "game error", to have it permanently, illustrating the reasons why it is better to leave the latter option alone.

La community she wanted the duffel bag so badly that she has managed, over the years, to find procedures to always have it available in GTA Online, but these can cause various problems for your gaming experience.

Furthermore, the exploitation of glitches is not well received by many users, as it could "break" some game mechanics and cause damage to other users. That said, those related to the GTA Online bag are apparently harmless "game errors", which shouldn't pose a problem for other players. For this, I'll touch on it later in this tutorial (without going into too much detail).

How to get the bag on GTA Online

Obviously, taking advantage of the glitches no mod is used and no system files are modified: You simply play GTA Online by taking certain actions.

That said, Rockstar Games could proceed with the removal of the bag, following its practice of removal of outfits related to the glitch, and it is not excluded that it may also more importantly restrict the game account (decisions are at the discretion of the software house). I do not take any responsibility for any negative repercussions suffered by your account following the exploitation of the glitches, mind you!

How to get the bag in GTA 5 Online

After explaining the situation to you, I would say that it is time to take action and understand how you can have the bag within GTA Online.

How to get the bag in GTA Online quickly

How to get the bag on GTA Online

The method I recommend to get the bag in GTA Online quickly and without glitches is to perform a simple one mission which is unlocked after purchasing the Terrorbyte.

Put simply, once you have bought this mobile operations center, you can access various missions related to customers of Paige, a well-known character in the game. Among them, you can find a call Robbery in progress, which consists of locating a robbery and taking gold from the criminals. Obviously, there is a duffle bag.

You have probably already figured out where I want to go, but first let me give you some guidance on how to start the mission involved. As stated earlier, you need to purchase a Terrorbyte.

The latter can be bought from the dealer Warstock Cache & Carry, accessible through the section Internet mobile phone (by pressing, for example, the up arrow su PS4). The price for purchasing a Terrorbyte without accessories amounts to dollars 1.375.000.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

However, before you can purchase a Terrorbyte, you must have one night club, which costs at least others dollars 1.000.000. Put simply, you have to spend several million dollars in order to obtain the items necessary to carry out the aforementioned mission.

In any case, if you have any doubts about the subject, you can refer to my tutorials on how to modify the Oppressor MK2 (in which I have explained the issue of the Terrorbyte and the night club even more in detail) and on how to earn cash in GTA Online (in case you need to make some cash).

It also counts that, to access the Terrorbyte missions, it is necessary to be CEO. This means that you must also purchase a office, which typically costs more 1.000.000 of dollars. For all the relevant information, you can refer to my tutorial on becoming a CEO on GTA Online.

Once you have all the requirements, just go to yours garage del Terrorbyte and get on the vehicle, to drive it. After leading the Terrorbyte out of the garage, enter it using the blue circle and interact with the computer touch-screen.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

From here you can start the mission by first pressing on the box Customer activity and then on the voice Robbery in progress. Interact with the computer again to take a look at the cameras and identifies the robbery, following the instructions that appear on the screen and also entering the cameras internal building.

At this point, you will be prompted to go to the place robbery, for example to the Fleeca Bank or to Pacific Standard Bank. Once you reach the place, just enter, eliminate the criminals and take theirs duffle bag.

Perfect, now you just have to run away from the police and you can keep the bag for a limited time. Before the mission expires (the timer at the bottom right is usually 30 minutes), you can go to the final point to get your money.

You'll have to say goodbye to the duffel bag at the end of the mission, but at least now you know how to get it quickly to see how it fits with your outfit and possibly take all the photos of the case to send to your friends.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

For the rest, I remind you that you can see the bags "in action" even inside other activities present within the game. More precisely, I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to make heists in GTA Online.

How to get the bag permanently in GTA Online

How to get the bag on GTA Online

In this second part of the guide I will deal, deliberately in a summary way, a procedure linked to a glitch, therefore a sort of "game error", which allows you to get the bag in GTA Online.

Put simply, the community has long since discovered that it is possible to get the e duffel bag save it in one of your outfits. However, to do this, a procedure is used that the game would not allow to implement by default. I therefore invite you to take note of the information, but use similar methods it may cause problems for your gaming experience: you are warned.

Put simply, the community is so keen to have a duffel bag inside their GTA Online character's clothing that they have found, over the years, several ways to get in. permanent mode this aesthetic element.

Since these are glitches, these are somewhat "controversial" procedures. There are indeed some players who they do not look favorably on this method and it is not clear what the developers think about obtaining the bag through a "game error".

Given the situation, I will not therefore show you in detail the method to obtain the bag permanently, but know that, to better understand the situation, I informed myself about one of the many methods popular online (there are videos even with hundreds of thousands of views) and there seems to be something "working". For completeness of information, I will illustrate what I have discovered.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

To give you context briefly, playing a specific online game created by a user and leaving the latter, it is in fact possible to find oneself with the duffle bag permanently (at least until you quit the game or change your outfit). This entails various "misunderstandings" to play: maintaining this aesthetic element in fact, it is not possible to interact with some shops, such as those relating to clothing.

Put simply, GTA Online seems to recognize that the player is wearing a duffel bag and apparently does not allow the latter to get close to certain activities. However, by leveraging a daring dynamic, it is in fact possible to succeed in a specific way a save the bag inside one of your outfits.

By doing so, the user can potentially make it reappear style with the bag as many times as he wants. This is a method found by the community. However, I reiterate that reference is made to a glitch and that it is a procedure not frowned upon by many.

In fact, in addition to any decisions by Rockstar Games regarding the possible removal of the outfit from your account or various measures, the glitch could potentially lead to game problems. Furthermore, some users claim to have been "stuck" with that outfit, so without being able to go back.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

In short, there seems to be a valid reason if the developers do not allow you to get this element permanently within the game and it is probably not worth exploiting a glitch and “taking risks” due to a simple aesthetic element.

Put simply, if you want to see how the duffel matches your clothing in GTA Online, the best method is the one I explained in the previous chapter, since in that case no "game error" is used. Sure, that procedure allows you to get the duffel only for a limited time, but at least you are not going to use strange glitches which will likely be corrected in the future.

I decided to explain the situation as these doubts are very common among GTA Online players and it is a topic that certainly deserved further study.

For the rest, since you are a fan of the Rockstar Games title, I suggest you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA, where you can find many other tutorials that may be useful to you.

How to get the bag on GTA Online

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