How to know the Wind credit

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Code to know Wind credit

One of the easiest and most immediate methods for know the Wind credit is to use code * 123 #, thanks to which it is possible to view the remaining credit of your SIM directly on the phone screen (simple mobile phone or smartphone) without having to call the operator's customer service and without having to pay any cost for the service.

Find out immediately if it works for you by starting the dialing of a new number by typing * 123 # on the phone keypad and initiating the call. If everything goes right, within a few seconds you will receive a message on the screen with your remaining credit. Otherwise you will see an error message warning you that the service is not available (and therefore you may be in an area where the signal reception is not good).

Alternatively you can also send a SMS to the number 4155 with the text inside BALANCE and within a few seconds you will receive a reply message containing the information relating to the remaining credit and active bonuses on your SIM.

Know the Wind credit through the switchboard

If the first procedure was not successful, you can know the Wind credit free of charge by calling the operator's customer service number 4242 and selecting the option to know the remaining credit on the SIM (which should be the one corresponding to key 2 on the phone).

If you are not in the city, you can request the residual credit communication service by calling the code * 124 * 4242 #. Within a few seconds you should receive a call from Wind in which the information you want will be communicated to you.

Know the Wind credit through the WINDTRE app

If you have a smartphone Android or  iPhone, you can know your credit through a convenient app that avoids the boredom of having to contact the manager's customer service or remember the numeric codes to type.

This is the official app WINDTRE which is free and also includes a handy gadget to view your remaining credit. It is available for Android and iPhone and once started it immediately reveals the amount of credit available on the line: just authenticate with your account data.

If you have not yet created an account in the WINDTRE app or on the operator's website, start the application, follow the initial presentation and first press the button Log in and then on that to perform one new registration, then fill out the form that is proposed to you with yours cellphone number. You will be sent a code of confirmation via SMS that you will have to enter in the app.

Then just enter e-mail, Password and open the confirmation link that you will receive via e-mail, in order to activate your account and access the app, which will show you the credit information on its home screen.

The WINDTRE application also allows you to have a convenience widget on the Android home screen or in the iPhone notifications menu where you can view the remaining credit, the number of minutes / Giga available in your offer and other useful information.

To activate the MyWind widget on su Android, go to the home screen of your smartphone, keep your finger pressed in an "empty" part of the screen and select the option to add widget. In the screen that opens, select one of the widgets related to WINDTRE, choose the phone number and the style it must have and that's it.

SuiOS, expand the notification menu by swiping from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom, swipe from left to right and press the button Modification, which is located at the bottom. Next, locate the widget related to WINDTRE, pigia sul pulsating capacitor positive (+) lead placed next to its icon and press end, per salvare I modified it.

Know the Wind credit via PC

In conclusion, I would like to point out that you can also check the Wind credit from the operator's website. How? I'll explain it to you right away. By connecting to the WINDTRE website and logging in or registering: the procedure to be carried out is the same as the one seen just now for smartphones.

If you encounter problems in checking your credit, try to contact a Wind operator and ask for information about it. You can find all the instructions on how to talk to a Wind operator in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

How to know the Wind credit

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