How to have 100 followers on Instagram

Publish original and quality content consistently

If you wonder how to have 100 followers on Instagram, you must know that achieving this goal is not that difficult: a hundred followers are not many, but it is certainly the beginning of a greater goal.

In this regard, the first tip I want to give you to help you achieve popularity on Instagram is the one that concerns being constant in publishing high quality content.

For this reason, I remind you that on Instagram it is possible to publish two types of content: i post and stories. THE post are multimedia contents that are loaded into the Feed of the social network and remain there permanently (unless you decide to delete them). The stories, on the other hand, they are the most viral multimedia contents but, after their publication in the appropriate section of the social network, they disappear within 24 hours. Furthermore, it is good to remember that posts can also be shared in stories, in order to reach a larger audience.

That said, to concentrate on the constant publication of high quality content you must have the right equipment for the purpose. A smartphone with a high-level camera alone may not be enough: for this reason, I suggest you associate it with apps that allow manual control over the shooting parameters (for example Camera FV-5 for Android or Halide for iOS). Alternatively, you can choose to use a professional camera.

It is equally important to carry out photo editing operations, following the creation of your own content (especially if it is about photo shoots with people as subjects), using advanced editing applications or programs, such as for example Snapseed (Android and iOS) o VSCO (Android and iOS) or even Photoshop e GIMP.

Regarding the publication of video, on the other hand, the video editing tools that I suggest you use are the most popular apps and programs to edit videos, such as Inshot (Android and iOS) o Avidemux (WindowsMacOS e LinuxFor more information regarding the use of these tools, refer to my dedicated tutorials.

With regard to the publication of the stories, I suggest you instead use apps like Insta Story for Android and Made for iOS, which are useful for creating professional-looking photo or video collages.

Furthermore, to reach the people who currently follow you on Instagram and also to get new followers, I recommend that you analyze the statistics of your profile, through the tool Insight: in this way, you will be able to see which content you have published that you liked the most (Content) and also find out the times when your audience is most active (Public).

Get inspiration from popular content

Do you have a creative block and don't know what content to post on your Instagram profile? In that case, don't worry: I recommend that you take inspiration from the most popular posts of the multimedia social network. How to do? It's very simple, I'll explain it to you right away.

To find trending photos or videos on Instagram, tap onicona della lens d'ingrandimento: you can find it in the menu below, if you use the social network app for Android or iPhone. If, on the other hand, you connected to Instagram from Web, click oncompass icon located at the top.

As a result, you will be shown the section Explore, which shows all trending posts. If, on the other hand, you want to see the most popular content related to a particular hashtag, digit it in Search Engine at the top, to find viral photos and videos related to that specific word.

Interact with other users

Instagram is a social network designed to encourage interactions between users. Consequently, to achieve popularity and get desired number of followers, you need to naturally entice users to interact with the content you post.

To achieve this goal, the simplest method is to create content that stimulates interaction: in this regard, use the tools made available by Instagram in stories, such as polls, streams, quizzes or questions. You could take advantage of these tools in relation to the production of original content, or even to ask for feedback from your followers, regarding the content published so far.

Also, don't forget to lead by example - don't expect community interaction if you're not the first to do so. Encourage the exchange of opinions and give yourself visibility to those you think are interesting: follow the profiles that publish content you like, put "like" and comment on their posts. I recommend, however, be natural and do not "spam" your profile under the posts of other users: you would get the opposite effect!

Use the right hashtags

Make good use of hastag is another fundamental step that must be taken in order to grow organically on Instagram.

In this regard, it is good to clarify that the hashtag they are nothing more than labels that are used by users of the social network to categorize and search for posts. These are, in fact, words or phrases, preceded by the # symbol, which describe the posted content.

Using the right hashtags is, therefore, one of the best strategies you need to implement to get new followers on Instagram: by using the right hashtags, you will increase the chances that your posts will be seen by more people. Instead, it is highly not recommended to use hashtags "haphazardly" just because they are trendy: you would end up disrespecting potential followers and even losing current ones.

Do you want to know how to find the hashtags to include in the content you publish? In that case, I suggest you employ services such as for example Top Hashtag e All-hashtag or free apps like HashTags for Instagram per Android e Top Tags per iOS. In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial in which I explain how Instagram hashtags work.

Expand your audience

If your goal is to grow on Instagram in terms of followers, another valid solution that you can consider is to expand your audience by connecting other social profiles to your account, including, first of all, that of Facebook. This operation is also very useful for the possibility of activating the automatic sharing of the contents you publish on Facebook.

Having said that, to succeed in this intent, start the app of Instagram on your device and log into your account if necessary. Now, tap onicona dell'omino or the thumbnail of your profile picture you see at the bottom right, then press the button (≡) located at the top right.

Once this is done, click on the menu item Settings, presses on the voices Accounts> Linked Accounts, tap on the item Facebook and log in to the social network, in order to carry out the connection procedure.

Finally, move up ON the levers Share your story on Facebook e Share your posts on Facebook, so that all subsequent content that you post on Instagram is automatically shared on your Facebook profile or on your Facebook page, if you have one. In case of doubts or problems, consult my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Other useful tips to have 100 followers on Instagram

In addition to the tips I have given you so far, I want to give you others, in the following lines, useful for increasing followers on Instagram.

  • Don't buy likes or followers: buying "likes" or paid followers is a choice to be avoided, as you would lose credibility with those who follow you. Rather, if you want to invest some money to increase interactions on your account, use the official Instagram tools for advertising, which I told you about in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.
  • Don't use bot apps or software: if you want to grow your Instagram account, you have to do it naturally, and not just out of respect for other users of the social network and those who follow you. The use of automatisms is, in fact, seen in a very negative way by Instagram and you could run into permanent bans, as well as compromising the security of your account.
  • Stay up to date on news: Instagram is a constantly evolving social network and, for this reason, it is important to know how to best use all its tools and features, in order to understand how to adapt them to your business. Speaking of which, if you want to be sure you know in detail how Instagram works, I suggest you to deepen the subject by reading my more detailed tutorial dedicated to its operation. Also, don't forget to consult the section dedicated to Instagram on my website, where you will find all the guides published regarding this social network, such as the one on how to increase your visibility on Instagram.
How to have 100 followers on Instagram

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