How to get Discord Nitro

How Discord Nitro works

How to get Discord Nitro

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get Discord Nitro, I think you may be interested in learning more about this service.

Well, Discord Nitro is none other than a "Premium" subscription related to the well-known voice chat platform, which allows you to obtain various advantages. More precisely, those who decide to subscribe to the service get the opportunity to create or collect animated and personalized emojis, the possibility of using animated avatars and redeem a custom tag.

Also, Nitro users can upload files up to 100MB within the room chats, as well as share video, screen and streaming ad high resolution. Furthermore, whoever subscribes to this subscription gets a badge which shows how long the platform has been supporting.

The Nitro subscription is in fact designed for financially support Discord, since the latter is a free service that allows everyone to discuss through the voice channels of the various rooms, as well as to carry out many other activities, perhaps while playing.

In addition to the support issue, another reason users are used to signing up for a Nitro subscription is the fact that it includes 2 server upgrades. If you don't have any other boosts at the moment, these will bring your room to level 1 of the perk, which allows you to get 50 more emoji slots, 128 kbps audio quality, the possibility of customize the server invitation background it's a'animated room icon.

How to get Discord Nitro

You will also get one 30% discount on any extra upgrades. I won't go into detail on all the perks here, but you can refer to the official Discord guidelines (in English) for more information.

In short, in other words, the Nitro subscription allows you to get more functionality for your server, that is the room you enter to communicate with others, while supporting the platform.

In any case, the cost of the subscription to Discord Nitro is equal to $ 99,99 per year (from the app there may be price increases due to store commissions) or 9,99 $ a month.

For the rest, you need to know that there is also one variante Classic of the Discord Nitro subscription. The latter includes all the benefits related to the chat, but there is no enhancement of the server. In this case the price drops to $ 49,99 per year or 4,99 $ a month.

How to get Discord Nitro

Having explained the general situation to you, I would say that it is time to take action and illustrate yourself how to subscribe to Discord Nitro. Below you can find information on the various platforms.


How to get Discord Nitro

Discord is generally used a lot by computer, so I'll explain immediately how to proceed from this platform.

Starting from the browser side procedure, just reach the official Discord portal, click on the button for thesubscription you want to subscribe and log in with yours Profile related to the platform, by typing email address e Password associated (you may also be asked to verify that you are not a robot).

Once you have entered the configuration portal of your profile, you just have to press the button Subscribe, present at the top center or at the bottom (for Discord Nitro Classic), select the type of subscription (if annual or monthly) and proceed by pressing the button Select.

You will be prompted to complete the transaction by entering the details of a valid payment method. The selectable options are credit card e PayPal. All you have to do then is fill in the forms proposed on the screen and complete the operation.

Once everything is done, you will have all the features of Discord Nitro available directly to your account. In short, it is not about anything complicated.

How to get Discord Nitro

For completeness of information, you should know that it is possible to carry out this procedure also from Official Discord client for computers, which I covered in my guide on how to download Discord on PC.

To proceed from the latter, once opened and carried out the login, just press onicona dell'ingranaggio, present at the bottom left near the profile name, and select the option Discord Nitro which is on the left.

By doing so, a page similar to the one relating to the browser will appear on the screen. So all you have to do is press the button Subscribe, select the type of subscription you prefer, configure a valid payment method and complete the transaction.

Smartphones and tablets

How to get Discord Nitro

How do you say? You usually use Discord on the go and would therefore like to sign up for the Nitro subscription directly from yours smartphone o tablet? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away!

Well, in reality it is all very similar to what I illustrated in the chapter dedicated to the computer. In fact, even in this case you can decide to go directly to browser, completing the operation in an essentially identical way to what happens on a PC.

On the other hand, it is more useful for information purposes to take a look at the procedure relating toDiscord's official application, available for both devices Android that for iPhone and iPad.

Once the application is opened and the login to your account, press onprofile icon located at the bottom right, scroll down the page and tap on the option Subscribe today. Dopodiché, premium pulsating Subscribe - From € 9,99 per month (for the “default” subscription) or on that Subscribe - From € 4,99 per month (for the subscription called Classic).

How to get Discord Nitro

After that, you will be allowed to choose if you just want to subscribe to Discord Nitro or if you want also add some boosts, which are the server enhancements that I explained in the preliminary chapter.

Once you have made your choice, you will be prompted to choose if you want to proceed with the annual plan or with that monthly. Press the appropriate button, according to your needs, and the payment card relating to the operating system you are using will appear on the screen.

For example, on Android the classic screen relative to will appear Google Play, which will prompt you to select a valid payment method and complete the transaction. In short, nothing difficult: generally it is enough to simply confirm everything and press the button Buy Now.

How to get Discord Nitro for free

How to get Discord Nitro

How do you say? You are wondering if it is possible ESP freely holding Discord? I'll explain the general situation right away.

As I explained in the introductory chapter, Discord Nitro is a paid service, designed to support the platform and obtain various benefits. For this reason, there is no real way to get it for free "solo".

In any case, I think it is interesting to investigate one possibility, namely that of gift Discord Nitro to a friend. The platform allows you to buy a subscription for another user, in order to give him a gift. In this way, the other user can clearly obtain the subscription "for free".

You can then see if a friend is willing to take advantage of this option and treat yourself to a subscription. To do this, it should connect to the official Discord website, press the button linked to subscription price to be signed, make the login with your account and press the button Regala.

At that point, he should choose the type of subscription you intend to give (monthly or yearly) and click the button Select. He will then be prompted to set up a payment method valid, between credit card e PayPal.

How to get Discord Nitro

Once this is done, you will have to select theuser to whom to give the subscription e confirm the transaction. Perfect, now you also know the method to get Discord Nitro from a friend for free.

Obviously I explained the procedure to be carried out using the browser, but, as seen in the previous chapters, the operation can be carried out in a very similar way also from the client for PC and from smartphones and tablets.

For the rest, I highly recommend you to stay away from those who promise you "magic methods" to get Discord Nitro for free. In fact, unfortunately the world of the Web is full of pranksters or, worse, scammers who could endanger the security of your account promising free subscriptions.

In short, the only real method in this case is to go through the functionality that allows you to give the subscription to Discord Nitro as a gift. I know: it's not exactly like having everything for free, but I wanted to inform you about it, as there aren't many details online.

Finally, since you usually use this platform, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Discord, where you can find other guides that could be for you.

How to get Discord Nitro

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