How to add and switch Google accounts on Android, Chrome and iPhone

How to add and switch Google accounts on Android, Chrome and iPhone Usually, each person should have only one Google account, to be used to access Gmail, the Android phone, Youtube, Google Maps, Chrome and all the various Google apps and devices, including the most recent Google Home. For various reasons, however, it happens to have two or even more Google accounts, perhaps to be used for different purposes, perhaps to have more social profiles or to keep business emails distinct from those of friends. Furthermore, it often happens that those who bought a new smartphone have registered it with a new Google account different from the one they usually use on a PC or other devices, thus losing all the advantages of data synchronization.
In all these cases and when you want to change your email address with Gmail, let's see how change Google account in the sense of add another account to switch between them on the various devices, PC, smartphone Android, iPhone o iPad. This could also be useful when you lend your phone or tablet to a friend for a short period of time to prevent them from accessing our personal data.

How to add multiple Google accounts to Android

Most people add their primary Google account to an Android phone or tablet during the setup process, although it wouldn't actually be necessary to do so. If you do not want to use Google apps or download apps from the Google Play Store, in fact, it is not necessary to connect the Google account to the Android smartphone or tablet (even if for these limitations it becomes almost mandatory).
Whether or not you've already added a Google ID, the steps for add another Google account on Android however it is the same:
  • Open the Android Settings menu
  • Scroll down until you find Accounts
  • In Accounts, scroll down to the bottom to find the Add Account key or, on some phones, press the "+ Accounts" key, then choose Google from the list.
  • Enter your Gmail address or phone number and go Next
  • Enter the password and tap on Next
  • Read the Terms of Service and tap "Agree"
From every Google app like the Play Store it will be possible switch accounts by tapping the profile icon or the three dots at the top right and then pressing on the downward facing triangle next to the current account.
If you want to use a Google account other than the default one to access Android and there is no option to add a new account in the settings, just add another account within the individual apps used. For example, if you want to add an account on gmail, you can open the app, tap the profile icon at the top right and then press to add a new account and choose Google. In Google Photo you can tap the three-line icon at the top right, then press the triangle at the bottom next to the account name to find the "Add another account" option. After making this addition, this second Google ID will then be available in all Google apps and not just the one in which it was added. In each Google app you can change from one account to another from the main menu.
To add a second Google account totally separate from the first (ideal for a tablet used by two or more people), you can add a new user to the phone and then, by logging in with the new user, configure this person's Google account. You can then switch users from the phone login screen, where the various profiles icon appears at the top right.

How to remove a Google account from Android

Having set up multiple Google accounts on a single Android device, we can delete the one we no longer want to use in several ways.
If you want to remove all accounts and data on your phone you can use factory reset (from Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options> Erase all data).
Instead, to delete a single Google ID, open the Settings> Accounts menu, tap the Google account and then press the trash can icon or the Remove account option.

How to change Google account in Chrome on PC and Android

Regardless of the Google account used on the Android smartphone, it is always possible use another one in Chrome by going to your browser settings and then tapping on your profile and name. You can then add another Google account and you can use Chrome's sync features with your second account.
Your pcinstead, you can add a Google account by pressing the emoticon icon at the top right. By activating synchronization in Chrome, you can make sure that all saved bookmarks, settings and passwords are stored in the Google cloud and uploaded within Chrome to other PCs and smartphones, when you log in with the same account. In addition, accessing your Google account on Chrome allows you to open all Google sites, including Gmail and search, without having to log in again.
From the same Chrome menu where you add a new account, that is the smiley at the top right, you can press on Manage users to add other accounts which can be local accounts without sync or Google account. From this same configuration window it is also possible to remove accounts. After adding other accounts in Chrome, you can switch and switch between them by always pressing the profile button.

How to switch Google accounts on iPhone and iPad

On the iPhone the Google account can be configured from the iOS settings, in the Mail section, where you can remove and add a new account. To manage two accounts together and use them on the iPhone you can, instead, use the Gmail app or the Google app, add an account and then another in the profile settings within the app you want to use.

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