How TIM UNICA works


How TIM UNICA works

UNIQUE TIM is an exclusive offer for TIM fixed network and mobile network customers which allows you to obtain, in addition to those provided by the mobile offer subscribed, Unlimited giga as a gift on your SIM.

In addition, it also offers the possibility of extending the offer to others 5 TIM numbers, simply by associating them with the service. In essence, this is an initiative that allows you to combine, within a single invoice, the entire range of your TIM services relating to landlines, Internet and mobile lines.

By activating the offer, therefore, you can have Unlimited giga throughout the national territory e 6 Giga per month usable in European Union countries. Then, once finished, you can use those provided by your offer or, if they are out of stock, wait until the next renewal.

Furthermore, the free Giga must be used for personal and compliant use. TIM, in fact, may reserve the freedom to interrupt, totally or partially, the provision of the service (after notifying the owner) and to apply the conditions of the basic plan. This can occur in the event of non-compliance with the regulations in force or by exceeding the limit threshold. According to the legislation, the wording "Unlimited Giga" means a quantity less than or equal to 600 Giga per month, after which the cost is charged.

The advantages of TIM UNICA, however, do not end there. In addition to the Giga, in fact, further ones can be activated promotional offers, dedicated exclusively to customers who have decided to activate the service.

How much does TIM UNICA cost

How TIM UNICA works

The activation and use of TIM UNICA are completely free. To get the Giga for free on your number or on that of your family members, in fact, no activation fee is required and the offer is automatically renewed every month.

Deactivation is also free and can be done online, at any time, by accessing the MyTIM customer area of ​​the operator's official website. In this case, just enter your own credentials, scroll through the list of active offers for the fixed line, access the section UNIQUE TIM and press the button disable. In this way, the free Giga will no longer be paid either to the main mobile number or to the associated numbers.

Alternatively, to deactivate TIM UNICA, you can call the free number 187 dedicated to the landline and follow the instructions of the voice guide.

How to activate TIM UNICA

How TIM UNICA works

Are you asking yourself, in practice, how TIM UNICA works and what do you need to do to activate it? I'll explain it to you right away. To take advantage of the offer, as I mentioned earlier, you need to meet some specific requirements.

First, you need to be a customer of both fixed line that of mobile line TIM. As for the fixed line, all plans are compatible Fiber e ADSL with active data offer; as for the mobile line, however, it is necessary to have one YES TIMon un 'active data offer.

In addition to this, in order to activate the offer it is necessary domicile the fixed line invoice: if you do not have the domiciled invoice, you must first request the domiciliation by acting through theMyTIM app (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS), theMyTIM Customer area (by going to the Invoices-Domiciliation section), by calling the free number 187 or by going to yours banking institution or l 'post office. Do you want to know more about how to house your bill? Then I suggest you read my guide where you can find all the necessary information.

The third, and last, necessary requirement is to activate and use TIM Automatic Recharge, to ensure that the mobile offer and top-ups of the latter are also charged to the fixed line bill. To activate the service in question, you can use yours MyTIM Personal Area, by logging in and clicking on the tab recharge, call the free number 187 or go to a TIM shop. Keep in mind that, if you wish, you can first proceed with the activation of TIM UNICA and then activate TIM Automatic Recharge, in this way, however, the activation times of the service will become much longer.

When you have all the necessary requirements, just go to the official TIM UNICA page, press the button Attiva, enter yours landline number and click on the button Continue. Then, following the on-screen wizard, you need to enter the main mobile number to be associated with your offer (which must be owned by the same person who owns the landline and to whom the invoice is made out).

Also during the activation phase, you can also choose to enter other TIM numbers to be associated with TIM UNICA. The costs of the latter, through Automatic Top-up, will also be charged to the fixed line invoice. The maximum limit is 6 numbers, including the main one to which the service is associated. Once added, each mobile line will receive a SMS containing a link to click on to accept the invitation to join TIM UNICA.

Alternatively, if the online procedure is inconvenient, you can decide to activate the offer by calling the 187 or by going to any TIM shop of your city, providing your data and proceeding with the activation on a fixed line and at least one mobile line (as happens by acting online).

Whichever way you have decided to use, after a maximum time of 10 days, TIM UNICA will be activated on the main line and on all associated lines and you will receive a Confirmation SMS of the activation.

You can also add other associated numbers, to allow other TIM customers to take advantage of the unlimited Giga at any time. To do this, you can log into yours MyTIM Personal Area using your credentials, click on the tab No crew, select the item UNIQUE TIM (to see the details of the offer) and click on the button Manage. This way, you can edit, delete or add the numbers you want to associate. Alternatively, you can do the same by calling the toll-free number 119 or by going to a TIM shop.

How TIM UNICA works Automatic Recharge

How TIM UNICA works

By activating TIM UNICA, renewals and top-ups of the main mobile line (and associated lines, if any) are charged to the fixed line invoice. This happens because it is mandatory, in order to take advantage of the promotion, to activate the services TIM Automatic Top-up on offer renewal basis e TIM Automatic recharge on a threshold basis.

The operation of both is quite simple. In the first case, instead of recharging your SIM “manually”, the cost of the offer is automatically charged on the invoice 24 hours before the renewal. However, offers that have a renewal cost lower than 2 € and (in some cases) the offers in installments subscribed for the purchase of a product domiciled on a credit card, current account or TIM bill. In these two circumstances you will have to proceed manually, carrying out a normal recharge.

Automatic top-up on a threshold basis, on the other hand, automatically recharges all the SIMs associated with the service when the remaining credit of the same drops below the threshold of 3 €. The refill in question will consist of 5 € credit, for a maximum of 15 € of automatic top-ups per month for each associated number. Also in this case, the top-ups made are charged to the fixed line invoice. Once the maximum threshold of automatic top ups has been exceeded, it is necessary to top up your credit yourself.

Furthermore, if the service is already active on a number associated with TIM UNICA Automatic top-up on credit card, TIM Pay or current account, the debit on the invoice will take precedence, which will be considered a priority.

How TIM UNICA works

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