Coop Drive: how it works

What is Coop Drive

Coop Drive: how it works

Technology has also changed the way we do the simpler things, and grocery shopping is no exception. Coop Drive, for example, it is a free service, activated by some Cooperative Coop, which allows you to make your purchases online (with a minimum cost of 25 euro) and to collect them by car, choosing a time and a specific pick-up point.

At the time of writing, the service is active for Coop Lombardia in the provinces of Brescia, Bergamo, Milan and Pavia, for Coop Liguria in the cities of Savona and Genoa and for NovaCoop in Turin and its province.

All you need to do to use it is to connect to the official CoopShop website from your PC, smartphone and tablet, register for the service and log in using your credentials. Once this is done, you have to choose a pick-up point and a time, go shopping by loading it into your virtual cart and proceed, once ready, by confirming the order. Easy right?

For all the details, read on: below you will find explained in detail how to proceed to shop online with the Coop Drive service.

How Coop Drive works

Coop Drive: how it works

As I mentioned earlier, there are several steps to take to use the Coop Drive service which can be summarized in: registration and access, online shopping and selection of the point of sale and delivery time slot, choice of payment and collection method .

In the course of the next few paragraphs, therefore, I will explain to you how Coop Drive works in detail to be able to do your shopping online. Before starting, however, check if the point of sale where you want to buy uses the service: you can do so by connecting to this page and using the map or scrolling down to search, between regions and provinces, all the points of sale that adhere to Coop. Drive.

Signing in

Coop Drive: how it works

Once you have checked the availability of the service, you are ready to use it. The first fundamental step you need to take is the register and get the credentials to access the site that allows you to shop online with Coop. First of all, then, connected to the main page of CoopShop and click on the tab Profile (in alto to destra).

Once this simple operation is done, press the button Register now and, in the new page that has opened, answer the question relating to the possession of the SocioCoop letter: if you are a member, tick the box YUP, insertion il Card number (the one located near the barcode, consisting of 13 digits), the Date of birth and press pulsating Verify Data. If you are not a member, however, after ticking the box DO NOT, fill in the module proposed by inserting all personal data required, the telephone number,email address it's a Password to be used to access the service.

Also enter the Reference cooperative and, at the end of the operation, check the boxes relating to Privacy Policy and click on the button Complete Registration, to conclude the procedure.

Now you just have to check the email box indicated during registration, open the new one message received from Coop and click on the link Activate your registration, to confirm registration and be redirected directly to the CoopShop site.

Now, through the web page opened, by clicking on the tab again Profile and by entering the newly created credentials in the appropriate spaces, you will be able to access the service and do your shopping online.

Do the shopping

Coop Drive: how it works

At this point, shopping online is extremely simple. After logging in, on the main page of the Coop website, you will be able to see all the offers available in the store that you have set as the reference Cooperative. Using the quick buttons, on the other hand, you can directly access the sections Bio, Vegan, Gluten free e Lactose-free to quickly find all the products that fall into these categories.

To add products to your cart, all you have to do is search for what you want to buy, typing its name in the appropriate search bar (above) or by clicking on the icon Products menu (top left) to scroll through all the categories and subcategories present.

Once the latter have been selected (for example Fruits and vegetables> Fresh fruit> Apples), you will be able to see all the products that are part of it and choose the one you prefer. If you want to view the information relating to a specific product, instead, you can click on its image and, in the new page opened, read the present descriptions; otherwise you can directly select the quantity by acting on the icons + e -, and click on the icon cart, to add them to your shopping.

At this point, after selecting the first product, a box will open in which to choose the service to use: click on the box Coop Drive and choose the shop in which to go for the collection. After that, choose the day and l 'pick-up time, among those proposed, following the legend to see the free, almost sold out or not available time slots; select theclockwise, click on sull'icona della X, to close the box, and proceed by continuing with the shopping as I indicated earlier.

Payment methods

Coop Drive: how it works

Once you have finished shopping, you can complete the order and choose the payment method to use. To do this, go to the Cart, by clicking on the appropriate icon located at the top left, and press the button Complete your purchase. In the new page opened, if you have it, insert a Discount code in the appropriate field and click on the button again Complete your purchase.

Then enter i Billing information, award-winning Save, choose which ones envelopes use to bag your groceries and select the payment method which do you prefer between Payment on delivery by debit or credit card, Online payment by credit card o Payment via PayPal.

If you have decided to pay on delivery, click on the button Confirm order, to conclude the operation. If you have decided to pay online, enter i instead credit card details and press the aforementioned button to finish and confirm your purchase. If you use PayPalfinally, press the button Confirm order, log in with your credentials to the service, select the associated card or current account and press the button Continue. Once the purchase is confirmed, you will be redirected back to the Coopshop page.

At this point, the shopping is finished and the order is confirmed. You will be shown a summary of what you bought, the methods chosen and the Order number to be used at the time of collection (which you can also find in the confirmation email that you will receive at the email address indicated, together with the QR-Code). By clicking on the link my ordersInstead, you can change or cancel what has been done, in variable times based on the time chosen for delivery.


Coop Drive: how it works

You have finished your shopping, you have chosen the payment method and confirmed the order. What to do now? It is very simple: at the appointed time, equipped with Order code, QR-Code on your smartphone (you don't need to print it, but you can still do it) or SocioCoop letter (if you have it), go to the collection point established at the time of online shopping, located in the parking lot of the point of sale.

There, you will be able to identify yourself with the methods I have indicated and, if necessary, pay by credit card via POS and collect your shopping.

Other Coop services

Coop Drive: how it works

In addition to Coop Drive, when you decide to shop online through Coop, you can decide to use the other services available. The necessary requirements are the same: registration, access to the site and the methods of spending that I indicated above.

By accessing the section Cart, and clicking on the icon of pencil placed at the top (next to the delivery address), you can decide to change the service used by choosing from those available in your area.

Among these there are Coop Home e Coop locker: the first, by entering your address, allows you to receive the shopping directly at home, the second, on the other hand, allows you to collect your shopping in a Coop locker, that is, in a particular safe collection point where the shopper will put your shopping. Before using both services, however, check if your area is covered and if there are any Coop Locker points.

Coop Drive: how it works

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