How TIM fiber works

TIM fiber technologies

How TIM fiber works

First of all, as I have already mentioned in the introductory lines of this guide, the fiber optic Internet connection it is a mode of connection to the Net that mainly uses gods glass cablesthe optical fibers, for the passage of data.

This feature allows to offer much better performance than the classic ADSL: the old copper cables (those on which the ADSL technology is based and used for classic telephone calls, so to speak), in fact have limitations in terms of signal dispersion and band frequency which structurally do not allow to exceed download / upload speeds equal to 20 Mbps. As you will soon discover, a fiber connection can also touch speeds equal to 1 Gbps (1.000 Mbps): impressive, isn't it?

TIM has set up fiber optic connections over a large part of the national territory, however it is not always possible to get the glass cable directly into homes or offices: this is why, to date, different types of connections are available that make use of (completely or part) of the optical fibers to connect to the Internet. Below you will list those currently used by TIM.

  • FTTH (Fiber To The Home) - this is the technology that offers the highest performance in terms of speed: fiber optic cables are brought into homes or interiors, therefore data moves exclusively on glass from the control unit to the modem and vice versa. This type of connection can offer speeds that touch peaks of 1.000 Mbps (1 Gbps), and requires a technical intervention during activation to replace copper cables with optical fiber ones. Universally, this type of technology is denoted by a green bollino bearing the wording Fiber.
  • FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet) - this type of "fiber" technology offers lower performance than FTTH connections. As for FTTC, data travels over glass from the central to the cabinet on the street, and then arrive in the buildings through the "classic" copper cable: consequently, the quality of an FTTC connection varies according to the distance of the cabinet from the building (the farther the cabinet is, the more the connection “suffers” the limitations of copper). This, however, is not synonymous with poor performance: on average, an FTTC connection can easily reach i 100 Mbps (sometimes even 200), a speed undoubtedly higher than that of ADSL. In any case, this type of connectivity cannot be properly defined as "optical fiber only": in fact, it is identified in technical jargon with the term VDSL and, graphically, it is marked with a yellow dot bearing the wording Mixed Fiber + Rame.
  • FTTE (Fiber To The Exchange) - this technology (very frequent in TIM Business offers) is very similar to the FTTC, however the glass cable only reaches the exchange which, as a rule, is no less than 300 meters the location of the building or home; the so-called “last mile”, therefore, is covered in copper. FTTE technology is also marked by the Mixed Fiber + Copper yellow sticker.

Check TIM fiber coverage

How TIM fiber works

As I explained earlier, before even subscribing to a TIM fiber subscription you must be sure that the telephone operator offers the necessary coverage at the address of your interest: the simplest method to proceed, in this case, is to consult the special portal made available by the former Telecom city, which allows you to discover, within a few seconds, whether or not fiber optic connectivity is available at the chosen address.

To use it, first connect to the appropriate page of the operator's website, check the box I want a new TIM number or the box I want to keep my number, based on what your current needs are and, using the form displayed on the screen, indicate yours common, your address and civic, selecting the exact suggestions.

Now, click on the button Continue located at the bottom and, if your area is covered by TIM's fiber optic network, on the page that opens you should see the message you are covered by FIBER in FTTC / FTTH technology .... On the right of the page in question, you should also see a box that indicates one of the offers that can be activated.

TIM fiber best offers

How TIM fiber works

If you have come this far, it means that you have understood perfectly how TIM fiber works, that you have carried out all the necessary checks and that you have decided to activate a new fiber optic subscription. That's it? Perfect, then this is just the section for you: in fact, below I will show you what are the best offers in TIM fiber currently available, so as to guide you towards the best choice for your needs.

Before starting, I must make you a couple of necessary clarifications: first of all, the fiber optic connectivity, as I have already explained to you, varies between FTTS / FTTE and FTTH based on the activation address and the locally available coverage. Furthermore, TIM allows you to combine your offers with a modem to be purchased optionally and to be paid in installments or in a lump sum: however, know that you are not obliged to buy it.

TIM Super Fiber

How TIM fiber works

TIM's main offering in terms of optical fiber is TIM Super Fiber, thanks to which it is possible to have a fiber optic Internet connection and reach the maximum speed of 1 Gigabit in download and up to 100 Mbps in upload.

The offer includes calls at 19 cents per minute + 19 cents connection fee (by activating it online, the offer includes the option with unlimited and free calls for 48 months, then costs 5 euros / month which is included in the fee) + TIMVISION.

As I told you, the purchase of the modem is optional and can be made by paying it in installments or in a lump sum: 5 euros per month for 48 months or 240 euros one-off. Activation, on the other hand, has a cost of 240 euros to be paid in 24 monthly installments of 10 euros each: in some promotional periods it could also be free or discounted.

TIM Super Fibra can be enriched with some additional options, including Disney world (4,99 euros / month) to see the contents of Disney + and TIMVISION Plus, Google Nest Hub to have the Google device for controlling the home automation system at a cost of 1 euro / month for 48 months e TIM Unique to have unlimited GB on your SIM and that of your family members (but you must be a TIM customer to use them).

The offer has a 24-month contractual obligation: if you withdraw in advance, therefore, you will have to pay TIM any residual installments relating to the activation and purchase of the modem in installments.

Super Mega TEAM

How TIM fiber works

Super Mega TEAM is another interesting offer from TIM, which provides a fiber connection up to a maximum speed of 200 Mbps in download (where there is coverage of the FTTC network) or up to 100 Mbps (in the areas covered by the FTTE network).

This promotion also includes calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers at 19 cents per minute + 19 cents connection fee (if activated online, you can take advantage of the promo that includes the option with unlimited and free calls for 48 months , then it costs 5 euros / month) and also the TIMVISION service.

As in the case of TIM Super Fibra, TIM Super Mega also has an activation cost of 240 euros to be paid in 24 monthly installments of 10 euros each (but in some promotional periods it can be free). The offer can be combined with the purchase of the modem, which costs 240 euros and can be paid in a single solution or in installments (5 euros per month for 48 months).

The offer can be enriched with options Disney world, Google Nest Hub e TIM Unique mentioned before. The costs and constraints are the same as the TIM Super Fibra offer I mentioned earlier.

TIM Super Fiber WiFi

How TIM fiber works

TIM Super Fibra WiFi has the same features and advantages as TIM Super Fibra. As you can guess from its name, it adds to these the possibility of receiving the Wi-Fi certification by TIM technicians, purchasing the modem TEAM HUB+, equipped with technology Wi-Fi 6, at a cost of 240 euros to be paid in a single solution or in installments (5 euros / month for 48 months).

The offer also includes the option Safe navigation and is compatible with additional options Disney world, Google Nest Hub e TIM Unique, which can be activated if necessary. The costs and constraints are the same as the plans mentioned in the previous chapters, so if you withdraw in advance you will have to pay the remaining installments regarding the purchase of the modem and those of the activation of the offer.

TIM Super Fiber WiFi TV

How TIM fiber works

This is the operator's largest fixed line offer. TIM Super Fiber WiFi TVin fact, in addition to presenting all the advantages of TIM Super Fibra WiFi, it also allows you to view the contents of Disney +, Netflix and TIMVISION Plus through the TIMVision Box device.

The costs and constraints are the same as in the previous offers, which means that if you withdraw in advance, you will still have to pay the remaining installments regarding the purchase of TIM equipment and activation.

Compare fiber offers

How TIM fiber works

How do you say? Did none of the TIM fiber optic offers fully convinced you? Then let me suggest you a useful website that can help you discover new fiber optic offers, deepen their details and, above all, compare them with each other: it is a question of SOS Rates, a portal that I have already had the opportunity to tell you about in several of my tutorials.

In addition to offering a complete overview of the offers offered by the various in your languagen telephony operators, this site is also extremely simple to use! First of all, connect to its section dedicated to ADSL / Fiber offers using the link I just provided and refine your search using the filters on the left side of the screen: for example, you can define the minimum download speed, the services your budget, and other similar details.

Once you have chosen all the desired parameters, all you have to do is consult the offers indicated in the central part of the screen and study them carefully: to get more information on a given promotion, move the mouse over the relevant box, or press the link Further information to view the offer directly on the manager's website.

If the rate convinces you, you can proceed with online activation by clicking on the button Activate online (where this is available). Very simple, isn't it?

How TIM fiber works

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