How HUAWEI Petal Search works

How to install HUAWEI Petal Search

Let's start with the basics. As mentioned above, HUAWEI Petal Search it is included by default on all Huawei smartphones and tablets equipped with EMUI 10.1 or later, such as HUAWEI P40 Pro, HUAWEI P40 Pro +, HUAWEI P40 and HUAWEI P40 lite. Existing Huawei users can still download it totally free from AppGallery (the app store for devices with Huawei Mobile Services).

If you have not yet installed it on your device, start HUAWEI AppGallery by pressing the appropriate icon on the Home screen and, in the screen that opens, search Petal Search using the search bar placed at the top. Once this is done, locate theicona dell'applicazione (a blue semicircle on a white background) among the search results, select the latter and tap the button Install on the next page, to proceed with the download and automatic installation of the app.

If you want to do this first, click on this link from your Huawei smartphone or tablet and you can directly view the AppGallery page dedicated to HUAWEI Petal Search.

How to add HUAWEI Petal Search in Home screen

Once installed HUAWEI Petal Search, you need to add the relative widget (i.e. its universal search bar) on the Home screen. Succeeding is really child's play.

For starters, go to the Home screen of your Huawei smartphone or tablet and positioned on the page where you want to insert the Petal Search widget. Therefore, perform a "pinch" with two fingers on the screen and select the icon widget which appears below.

This will open the list of widgets available on your device: you just have to browse the list of available widgets, locate the one in HUAWEI Petal Search and drag it to the place on the Home screen where you want to place it. Later, if you want, you can move it simply by doing a prolonged tap on it and dragging it to the point (and / or page) of the Home screen you prefer. Easier than that ?!

How to use HUAWEI Petal Search

Search with HUAWEI Petal Search it is extremely simple. All you have to do is press on widget present on the Home screen (the search bar with written Find your apps and more), type your search terms in the screen that opens and give Submit.

In the search screen you can also find suggestions with i trends of the moment (i.e. the terms most searched for by other users), the chronology of your recent searches (which, if you want, you can delete by tapping on the item REMOVE) and the selections of Whatsapp among the most interesting. At the top right, however, there is the icon of nuvola which, if pressed, allows access to the app management page including the updates available and the list of download for free in progress.

Once the search has started, you will see the results organized in convenient tabs (located at the top of the screen): Applications with the list of applications found on AppGallery and other secure stores (clearly indicated under the names of each app found); Web with all the results coming from the Web (like a usual search on a search engine); News with recent news related to the terms searched and, finally, Images e Video with images and videos linked to the terms searched.

In the case of Whatsapp, to install those found with HUAWEI Petal Search, just select the appropriate one search result. This will open the reference store (eg AppGallery) from which you can proceed normally with the download and installation of the chosen application. On stores other than AppGallery, to complete the installation of an app, you will first need to install the application of the store itself: you can find all the details of the case in my tutorial on how to install apps on Huawei.

For the other content, there isn't much to add - it's all very intuitive. By selecting a news, an image or any other element in the search results, it will be opened in a browser interno a HUAWEI Petal Search. You will then be able to freely browse the chosen contents and use the toolbar placed at the bottom of the screen to go forward e back, access the HUAWEI Petal Search "For You" screen (the logo with the blue semicircle), share the content (the icon with the dots connected between them) and access the general menu (the three vertical dots) to update the content, copy the link, download it or open it in your default browser.

We were talking about the HUAWEI Petal Search "For You" screen. Well, the latter is accessible by pressing on the app logo in the HUAWEI Petal Search internal browser or on the Home screen of your smartphone / tablet and contains a lot of interesting information.

In addition to the search bar (which is the same one included in the widget), it includes quick links to trends of the moment and of the icon to access various useful resources, such as the list of trending app, Home Togo (to search for holiday homes), AliExpress (to make online purchases), (to prepare hotels, flights and trains), Agoda (to book in over 2 million hotels around the world), then images (to find wallpaper and other images to download on your device), news of sport (updated in real time) e flights (to find cheap flights).

Your own is then available by scrolling down personal feed with the latest news intelligently selected based on your interests. The news covers the most disparate topics, in any case it is possible to access thematic sections dedicated to business, sport, tech or other topics using the tabs above. In short, everything is really just a tap away!

How to set up HUAWEI Petal Search

What if I told you you can configurare HUAWEI Petal Search so use it in incognito mode, change language and geographical area e find other content, including contacts, emails and messages on the device memory?

By accessing the tab Staff of HUAWEI Petal Search (bottom right) it is in fact possible to access the app settings menu and configure many parameters. Going, for example, on Search history you can view the searches you have made and delete them if necessary; by activating the lever Incognito mode you can use all the features of the application without storing its history while going on Settings you can adjust all search settings.

To be more specific, going up Language and geographical area you can choose the language in which to search in HUAWEI Petal Search and the area to be used as the reference location; going up SafeSearch you can choose whether or not to filter content that is not suitable for minors; in Research purpose you can choose whether to include contacts, messages, calendar, notepad, email, settings and music in the HUAWEI Petal Search search (we are talking about the search results that appear automatically after typing the search terms in Petal Search, before pressing Enter on the keyboard); in Personalized advice you can choose whether or not to activate personalized recommendations in the "For you" section, while going to Manage applications you can choose whether to delete the apk packages of the apps after their installation and whether to receive notifications about available updates.

In short, even in this case it is all very intuitive. Anyway, if you need more information, I invite you to check out the official Huawei website and take a look at my previous tutorial on the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem. They will certainly be useful to you.

Article created in collaboration with Huawei.

How HUAWEI Petal Search works

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