How Among Us works

Preliminary information

How Among Us works

As I told you, it is possible to play Among Us across multiple platforms. The version that launched and made it famous is the one for smartphones and tablets. Going into more detail, the title is available on mobile devices with an operating system Android (requires Android 4.4 or later and at least 76 MB of free memory space) and up iPhone e iPad (where it requires the operating system iOS 10 or later, including iPadOS, and at least 193 MB of available space).

The advantage of the mobile version is also its total gratuity (the non-mandatory purchase of in-game skins and customizations is required). Later I will also tell you about the installation process of this version.

Another platform to play Among Us is the PC, and more particularly computers with an operating system Windows 7 or higher and at least 1GB RAM, 250 MB of free hard disk space and a video card with support for DirectX 10 (or higher).

The computer version is paid and can be purchased on the online digital stores of Steam e Epic Game Store at the price of 3,99 euros. Clearly, to make the purchase you must, if you have not already done so, subscribe to the respective services. In this sense, I hope my guides on how to create a Steam account and how to create an Epic Games account will be of help to you.

Staying on the topic Among Us on computers, I anticipate that in the chapter dedicated to the installation procedure, I will also tell you about a little "trick" to play it for free, not only on Windows but also on MacOS (where by the way, at the time of writing, the game is not officially available).

Among Us is also playable on Nintendo Switch, as long as you have a Nintendo account to access theeShop, where Among Us can be purchased at a price of 4,29 euros. If this is your first time playing online with Nintendo Switch and you want to know more about it, I suggest reading my guide on how to play online with Nintendo Switch.

Finally, there is a requirement that all versions of this title have in common: the need for one Internet connection. This is used not only for downloads but also during games, so keep an eye on the consumption of GB when using that of the phone.

If you still don't know, Among Us is not (at least currently) translated into in your languagen. A minimum of familiarity with the language English so it certainly helps, although I hope that with my tips on how to play I can help you overcome any language barrier.

How to install Among Us

How Among Us works

After the overview of the requirements and the most important information to know about this highly popular title, I think it's time to take action by talking to you about how to install Among Us. Later you can consult the specific chapters on all the available gaming platforms.

Smartphones and tablets

How Among Us works

The installation procedure of Among Us on smartphones and tablets it's really that simple. I start by telling you about the one from devices Android. As for the installation of any other app, from the main menu of your device, you have to tap on the icon of Play Store (whose logo is a colored ▶ ︎ symbol). Then proceed by pressing the search bar placed at the top, type "Among Us" inside and confirm by touching the button Search.

In this way the game appears at the first search result (if you have difficulty finding it, connect to this link from your device), enter its tab and tap the button Install. So you just have to wait for the one with the wording to appear instead of this key apri to confirm that the installation was successful.

How do you say? Does your Android device not support Google services? Unfortunately I must admit that the situation is not the best, however you can still try to install the game through an alternative store or by using the relative APK file.

Moving on to devices iOS e iPadOS, the installation procedure is just as simple. Starting from the main menu of your iPhone or iPad, tap the icon of theApp Store and tap the button Search positioned at the bottom right. Now, type "Among Us" in the bar and press the button again Search.

At this point, after identifying the game among the results (it should appear first, but if you have difficulty, connect directly from your device to this address), tap the button Get and, to proceed with the installation, give your permission to proceed through Face ID, touch ID o Password Apple ID. Once the download and installation are complete, you can tap the key apri to start Among Us. The game icon will be added to the app menu.


How Among Us works

If you wish installare Among Us su PC, there are several ways to proceed. The game can be purchased on two platforms: Steam ed Epic Games Store, also you can use a Android emulator to play the version for smartphones and tablets for free directly from Windows or even macOS.

The installation procedure via Steam begins by connecting to the service using the appropriate client for Windows (as I mentioned in the introductory chapter). Once logged in with your account, continue by clicking on the menu SHOP, at the top left, and type, in the search field at the top left, "Among Us".

After starting the search, by pressing the button Submit of the keyboard, the title should appear among the first results: click on it to enter the dedicated page. Now you just have to click on the button Add to Cart and select the payment method you prefer from those proposed (for example credit card or PayPal).

Once you have completed the purchase process, you will be able to find Among Us in yours BOOKSHELF (clickable at the top) and start the download and installation, by double clicking on it.

How Among Us works

If you prefer to buy Among Us from Epic Game Store, all you have to do is connect to the page dedicated to the game and after logging in with your account, click on the button VIEW OFFERS, then click the button BUY NOW placed next to the price.

Continue by placing the check mark next to the item I have read and accept the End User License Agreement and click the button Accept. From the new screen, select the payment method you prefer between credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay or Paysafecard and enter all the information requested on the screen.

At the end of the procedure, open the program Epic Games Launcher to find Among Us within yours Library. To start the download and installation of the game, just double-click on its title and wait for the procedure to finish. How do you say? Don't know how to download and install the Epic Games Launcher? Don't worry, I think I can help you even in this case with my guide on this topic.

Tell me, is paying to play Among Us when you know that on smartphones and tablets the cost would be zero is a thought that bothers you? Well, despite the PC version has specific and optimized features, it is possible to play the mobile version of the game on PC through an Android emulator like the excellent BlueStacks. In my opinion it is also the most practical solution to play Among Us on Mac, so if you think this solution is right for you, I invite you to read this tutorial of mine to learn how to do it.

Nintendo Switch

How Among Us works

You would like to play Among Us on Nintendo Switch? Well, since the game is not available for purchase in physical format, what you need is to connect the console to the internet and buy it through the online sales service called Nintendo eShop.

From the Nintendo Switch main screen, press the icon Nintendo eShop (identifiable from the shopping bag with orange edges), then choose theaccount with which to make the purchase. The first time you are asked to enter the Password, then check the box next to the item Skip this step from now on e fai tap sul pulsating Inserisci. Confirm everything by entering the password again and press the button OK.

From Nintendo eShop, tap the button Search, in the bar on the left, and write "Among Us" in the appropriate field. The result is shown on the right side of the screen, so tap on it and press the button I proceeded all'acquisto and select the payment method you prefer (for example credit card) by pressing the appropriate icon on the right.

Enter the information requested to complete the addition of funds, then proceed with the purchase by placing a tick next to the item I agree and pressing the key Buy Now. Once the download and installation is complete, return to the Nintendo Switch main menu to find the selectable Among Us icon.

Simple, right? Do you have further doubts about how to download games on Nintendo eShop from Nintendo Switch? I'll tell you about it in detail in this guide on downloading free games.

How to Play Among Us

How Among Us works

Have you successfully completed the installation of Among Us on your favorite platform and can't wait to start a game to learn the dynamics of online gaming?

I understand you very well, if you are looking for a fun video game that allows you to play in company (live or remotely), I guarantee you that Among Us could be right for you; also because any version of the game allows you to play together with all the other players, even if they have a different version of the title.

In short, you and your friends don't have to worry too much about how to play Among Us on mobile or how to play Among Us on PC, for the simple fact that whatever version you choose, you will be able to meet in game.

Going now on the merits of the question, by starting Among Us you can immediately realize the different game modes present: free game mode (button FREEPLAY), local game mode (button LOCAL) and public online game mode (button ONLINE). All modes share the same general rules: as a player, at the start of each match, you can play the role of crew member or impostor.

The difference is in the interaction with others. The FREEPLAY mode is definitely the one to choose to practice with the controls, the maps of the game (THE SKELD, MIRAHQ, POLUS) and to familiarize yourself with the interface. In this mode, however, there are no other players to collaborate with or to defeat.

How Among Us works

To start it, select the button FREEPLAY from the main menu, then choose the logo of one of the maps and wait for the entry into the game.

Conversely, it is possible to invite or be invited to a match with other players in the mode LOCAL. This is intended to connect you with friends and family connected to the same network and create matches in which to compete. In this case, multiplayer game rules are added to the dynamics of the FREEPLAY mode.

How Among Us works

To start this mode, press the button LOCAL from the main menu, choose whether to create the game by selecting the item HOST and wait for the other players to join. Alternatively, join an already created game by choosing your voice LOCAL. So remember to select a nickname to make you recognized by others.

However, the modality that made Among Us famous is that ONLINE, always selectable from the main menu. From here you can choose between Create Game, to create the game and the rules of the game, Find Game to enter one of the many games already created by connected players, and finally Enter code, to type a unique code that connects you directly to a specific game created by a player (each game has one, which can be viewed at the bottom of the screen).

How Among Us works

This is the basic functioning of Among Us and its modalities. If you want to learn more about the game rules that can be changed at the beginning of the game, or find out how you can personalize your little space man, I invite you to read my guide on how to play Among Us.

In the following chapters I talk to you in detail about what you can do as a crew member and what are the specialties of the role of imposter.

Play as a crew member

How Among Us works

In the manner of multiplayer game (Both LOCAL and ONLINE), the crew's goal is to maintain control of the spacecraft by completing small chores (called task) scattered around the game map. Each task consists of mini-games to be completed and only when all are completed by the team can victory be achieved.

To get in the way of the work is a impostor, unrecognizable from the appearance as equal to all the other members, whose goal is to sabotage the spaceship. To counteract the impostor's action, each crew member can call an emergency meeting by pressing the button Emergency on screen. Guessing and chasing the impostor also equates to victory for the crew.

How Among Us works

The team, including the impostor, start a confrontation where they discuss any noticed and suspicious oddities (for example, the finding of a victim). The group votes, and if the majority of votes are in favor of expelling a suspect, he is kicked off the shuttle. So if the group has guessed it wins, otherwise the game continues and the impostor stays on board.

To cast your vote, during the chat, simply check the box with the name of the player you suspect is the imposter, obviously within the time limit.

What happens if an innocent member is expelled or a member is killed by an impostor? In this case the player returns to the game as an observer impersonating the avatar of a ghost (who can only observe and wander around the map).

Playing as an imposter

How Among Us works

The choice to play as an imposter is random and is made by the game at the beginning of each game. There are some around the web hack that modify the game algorithms to always be an imposter, however I strongly advise you not to resort to these solutions as they could damage the game itself, or worse, your device.

Anyway, what you need to know is that by impersonating the impostor the aim of the game is to sabotage and eliminate, one by one (and without being detected), the crew members. Initially, no one suspects the imposter, so you can move exactly as other members do throughout the map.

How Among Us works

The advantage of the impostor is that he can also move through the ventilation ducts and, catching a member further from the group by surprise, eliminate him with the appropriate attack button. Another weapon of the impostor is to sabotage the instruments, such as the supply of oxygen.

All this, however, raises the suspicions of the group, which may require an extraordinary meeting to confront and vote for the expulsion of a suspect. As an imposter you can attend meetings and try to influence the group's choices in chat.

How Among Us works

Another not insignificant weapon that the impostor possesses is the ability to blow up the lights or close the doors to trap or slow other players. This specialty deserves to be explored, because it can make the difference in online games where you play the imposter. In this regard, I suggest you read my guide on how to close doors on Among Us.

The impostor wins when he has eliminated all crew members, either by tampering with the spaceship or by direct elimination. In case the impostor is discovered and kicked out of the spaceship, this one has lost.

You say you like to play the role of the imposter and would like to find out more about this role? In this case, I take this opportunity to suggest you to read my tutorial on the subject, useful for finding out more information on the role of the imposter.

How Among Us works

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