Hogwarts Legacy: All Playable Locations In The Game

Hogwarts Legacy: All Playable Locations In The Game

Hogwarts Legacy has us all on the edge of our seats. As the days go by we are receiving more and more information about it released by the developers themselves or simply leaked by some players from around the world.

The last thing we can have in our hands is the playable in-game locations. In this article we will show you each of them. Let's start.

All playable locations in the game: Hogwarts Legacy

If you thought that the Hogwarts legacy will only be locked up and locked in the castle and the school itself, you would be sorely mistaken.

The game from what we have seen in multiple videos provided by developers or some art leaks by the players it can give us a lot of information about how far we can travel in our favorite world of Harry Potter.

Here we will introduce you to each of the playable locations at Hogwarts Legacy and of course we'll start with the biggest and most important area.

Hogwarts castle

Hogwarts Gardens

We are able to go around the castle himself and not just be locked up by him. That being said, we can fly around it and move around it, but don't be so free how we think

There are some regions that we can discover and others that are locked behind invisible walls.

Here are some of them luoghi could be reproducible Around Hogwarts Castle:

  • Forbidden Forest – as we have seen in the videos so far, we could definitely enter this forest infested with tons of evil creatures and the most notorious evil spiders. There is missions that will take place here in the best possible way collectibles be found
  • Cemetery – Not much is known about this place so far from the sources we were able to find, but we can definitely say that it is a possible place to go since there are so many many ghosts which is located inside Hogwarts, is also seen in the game's cinematics. This tells us that we will also be able to see the cemetery.
  • black lake – Also from the trailer and gameplay footage we have, we can guess that we dived into the Black Lake to search for some. ancient magical vortices it can be possible. This is the lake that is located south of Hogwarts and has many mysterious items attached to it.
  • hagrid's hut – Even if Hagrid won't be born yet since the game takes place a bit early, we'll definitely be able to turn around your house and forest region. This is something that is confirmed and can be seen in various images.


IL hogsmeade It is the favorite place for many people both in the movies and in real life if you have traveled to a Harry Potter event.

This is the area, or town, in the vicinity of Hogwarts with many wizarding shops, restaurants, activity areas, etc.

These are the luoghi we can go to Hogsmeade:

  • Train station – the famous place where you can enter the world of Hogwarts and see various fun activities
  • Pippin's Potions – buy potions to make the Hogwarts experience even more fun
  • by Ollivander – the biggest and best wand shop in the world where you can customize your own wands
  • Gladrag's – if you wanted a wizard robe of any color and any fashion, you can visit this store
  • tomes and scrolls – How about learning new spells and abilities? Welcome to the shop of tomes and scrolls

Other locations

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