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Surely it will have happened to come across a file MKV, a container for high quality audio and video also known by the name Sailor. Surely there will have been no problems opening it, also because it is enough to use a free program like VLC to read them both on PC and on smartphone; the real problems with MKV files arise when we try to play them on other devices: this container is hardly read by older DVD players and regular multimedia stations. So it happens that, for example, if you burn the MKV file to a CD or DVD or to an external disc, the player does not recognize it and cannot read and play it.
In this guide we will show you how watching a movie or video from the MKV format on a television with DVD player, showing you the programs that allow you to convert MKV to AVI (easily readable by any DVD or CD player) and how to burn MKV to DVD Video, so as to always have maximum compatibility.

How to convert MKV to AVI and how to burn them to DVD

There are several ways to burn MKV and convert it to DVD or AVI and in this guide we will show you the simplest procedures, the ones where everything is done automatically and the user does not have to get lost in the midst of a thousand settings.

Freemake Video Converter

The best program to convert MKV to AVI or to burn them directly to DVD is without a doubt Freemake Video Converter.

With this program just press the button at the top left Video, load the file in MKV format and choose whether to convert it to AVi or DVD, choosing the respective option in the lower bar of the program. If we choose to make an AVI we will be able to benefit from a fast and effective conversion, able to maintain much of the original quality; if, on the other hand, we choose to make a DVD Video immediately, all we have to do is insert a blank DVD into the burner in our possession and confirm; the program will take care of the conversion and burning in a completely automatic way.


Handbrake is one of the best converting programs to convert MKV videos to a format that is more compatible with players (MP4).

With this program, simply press on the top left Open Source, choose File, upload the file MKV to convert, then customize the converter settings by choosing MP4 as Format, by opening the Video tab and selecting MPEG-4 as Codec and finally selecting MP3 as Codec in the audio track visible in the Audio tab. Once the converter is set up, press up on Start Encode: in no time we will get a file compatible with practically any DVD player produced since 2003 (those labeled as DviX or XviD, in the glorious years of diffusion of compressed video formats).
To learn more about the use of this program, we invite you to read our guide Convert video and DVD to MP4 or MKV on PC and Mac.

EM Free MKV Video2Dvd

Another good program to create discs that can also be read by old DVD players is EM Free MKV Video2Dvd.

This program can be downloaded and installed on your computer to burn MKV files to DVD Video directly or to create an image in ISO format, to be burned later.
Using the easy mode we will be able to create a DVD quickly without any detail; if instead we wanted to add titles, subtitles, covers and start menu we will have to select the advanced mode. To convert an MKV file just choose it using the explorer and drag it to the white part of the main window. Before pressing the "Burn now" button, configurations must be made in the menu Advanced. For maximum compatibility we advise you to choose the format DVD su PAL and choose the right aspect ratio (according to your TV: 16/9 or 4/3).
If you press the "Change Profile" button we can scroll through the recommended preconfigured settings, depending on the quality with which you want to see the DVD movie.
Once these choices have been made, we press on Burn Now to burn the disc or to create the ISO file to burn with other programs.

DVD Flick

If we are looking for another easy and immediate program to use to convert MKV files to DVD or files with AVI container we can use DVD Flick.

This software is very simple to use: first of all you have to go to the top menu and press the "Project settings" button to set the information contained in the new DVD.
The things to do in this setup menu are on the tab General to write a title and the type of media used (DVD disc) and into the card Burning where you can choose whether to create an ISO image to be burned later at another time or whether to burn it directly with the program. The other options may remain unchanged unless you want to customize the configuration. Back in the main window we can add MKV files by clicking on the "Add Title" button.
Below you see a bar indicating the space available to add more videos or movies.
Remember that for a DVD what matters is the duration and the size of the original file must not be considered because it will always be converted and compressed, whatever the source and the codec used. For each added video, after selecting it, you can press the "Edit Title" button to choose to change the title, to set the video format (16/9 or 4/3), to create chapters, to add subtitles and other customizations. As for the menus, you can choose the graphics with which it will be displayed by pressing on Menu Settings; DVD Flick offers a series of graphic types to choose from. To finish the job, you can create the DVD by clicking the relevant button in the top center and wait for the creation of the ISO file or copy to the disc.


Among the programs capable of converting MKV files in any container (even MP4 DviX), we could not fail to point out VidCoder.

In fact, the operation of this program is identical to HandBrake, but the interface is already fully translated into english so it is much easier to use even for less experienced users. To load the MKV file, click on the top Open the source, we choose the file among those present on our computer, then press up on Encoding profile, so you can choose as a Container MP4, such as Video Encoding MPEG-4 and as Audio encoding MP3. At the end we press up on Converted to start the actual conversion of the video in our possession.

Other programs to convert MKV to AVI / MP4

The ones we have reported to you so far are the best free programs that we can use on our computer to convert MKV to a format that can be read by old readers as well. If we want to try some valid alternatives, below we have collected other useful and free applications:
  • MediaCoder is an excellent conversion program due to its simplicity and compatibility with all systems. This software analyzes the tracks and allows you to choose the "bitrate" of the future Avi file. Choosing a 3000Kbps conversion, without touching anything and without modifying anything, Mediacoder makes a copy of the mkv file in an avi compressed even by half the space, with an audio track in dolby digital ac3 (if it was also in the original file) and practically identical to the previous MKV file. The result is a high quality Divx video as if it were a rented movie. Mediacoder converts everything but sometimes gets stuck during the conversion process. As video format choose MPEG4, AVI container, 3-step mode, Bitrate depends on where you will see the video, maybe from 2000 to 4000 kbps, Audio AC3.
  • MkvToolnix is ​​a software created for Linux systems of which there is also a Windows version.It is a very versatile software that works on mkv files to convert them, to modify them, to create them, to unify them, to extract audio tracks and for many other operations . With MKVToolnix installed, you can also download and install a plugin called MKVCleaver which allows you to extract audio, video and subtitles from MKV compressed movie. This makes it easy to convert MKV movie to AVI video or extract audio to MP3.
  • AviDemux is a piece of software discussed in the chapter on video editing and modifies dvd. With AviDemux we can convert any MKV to AVI, choosing as the conversion format MPEG-4ASP (XviD).


Regarding this type of conversion, everyone finds their ideal configuration and it is not easy to give parameters that are suitable for everyone because it always depends on which player will be used (normal DivX player, multimedia hard disk, Playstation, Xbox and so on).

To copy the film or videos, we can read the tips seen in our guide to best free programs to burn to a DVD.
Do we want to convert videos from smartphones or tablets? In this case we advise you to read our article Best apps to convert audio and video on Android.

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