Best scary videos that make jumping from the chair

On Halloween you can go to a party disguised as monsters or zombies or you can stay at home and dedicate the evening to horror movies.
Those who want to die of fear now, can turn a little on YouTube and discover some of the scarier videos and terrifying online filming, amateur videos that, I can assure you, make even the bravest jump out of their seats.
I really want to advise against watching these videos for those suffering from heart problems and those who are easily impressionable.

These 8 videos, among the best and scariest on YouTube, they are all very similar to each other: we start with an innocent and calm scene or face, which transmits peace and relaxation, and then end suddenly and without any warning, with a monstrous and frightening image and a scream from beyond the grave .
The videos are inspired by Japanese horror movies like The Ring, with the little girl turning into an ugly monster.
If you are ready, continue ... otherwise go straight to the last video which is a lot of fun.

1) The little girl looks in the mirror ... this is perhaps the best made video.

2) This is a short film that has won an award for best direction and which only lasts two minutes to watch with bated breath.
The title is Lights Out, The plot is a classic horror: the woman wakes up at night, but there is something strange ...

3) Among the scariest videos, the videotape of the film The Ring always has its disturbing style especially because, after you see it you have 7 days to live ...

4) A classic of the genre, with a green field so peaceful, full of peace, that it seems impossible that something bad can happen.

5) If the previous three have been seen, it is easy to imagine and prepare for the ending of this video

6) The environment this time does not bode well, but this video is quite obvious.

7) TUCK ME IN is a one minute horror movie, very subtle and disturbing

8) Play Time is the best short video of 2014, a truly terrifying 3-minute film that plays with sounds, lights and all the most typical horror movie special effects.

9) Different from the others, this is a ghost video, for fans of movies like Paranormal Activity.

10) Among the most beautiful horror videos on Youtube is Deliver Me to Hell about Zombies, where you have to make decisions at the end of each scene and save the protagonist.
This video to play is among the best interactive movies where the plot changes depending on the choice

11 ) The best scary video of all however is not on YouTube, it is a Facebook application called Take This Lollipop where a crazy killer looks and thinks about coming to see you ... All to see.

If you got scared, it becomes fun now to see the reaction of other people who have seen videos of this kind in this video worthy of the best "Paperissima"

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Best scary videos that make jumping from the chair

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