Best apps to follow the stock market and the trend of stocks and shares

Investing in the stock market is one of the most profitable activities if you are good at understanding the performance of a stock and its price fluctuations. Checking at all times the price of the securities on which we have invested money is of vital importance to maximize profits and avoid sensational losses, so we must do everything to be always up to date.
But how can we check the stocks on the stock market while we are away from home and away from a PC?
In this guide we will show you the best apps for Android and iPhone / iPad to follow the performance of stocks on the Stock Exchange and also receive notifications in real time, so that you can act in time on your investments as soon as an advantageous or disadvantageous situation arises.

Features app for stocks on the stock exchange
The apps dedicated to securities on the stock exchange must absolutely have the following characteristics:

- Stock control and stock market investments.
The security control function must apply both to securities traded on the Milan Stock Exchange and to securities traded on European and global stock exchanges, so as to be able to manage all types of investments.

- Currency control: if you make investments in the value of a particular currency (for example the dollar or the euro) the app will have to provide you with all the information in real time on the price fluctuation, so that you can place the winning closing.

- Notifications: for the more advanced apps, the notification function is also required for the securities and currencies followed, with the possibility of entering a minimum and maximum value limit, after which the notification is triggered.
In this way, if the stock we invested in is collapsing, we can still notice in time what has happened and sell everything (or buy if you want to save on an initial investment), or vice versa if there is a sudden rise in the value of the securities you can sell the shares at a much higher price than the purchase price.

In our opinion, these are the main features that should never be missing in a good app to check stocks on the stock exchange.
Maybe not all apps offer notifications (a feature very welcome to all investors), but the control of currencies and stocks in real time must absolutely not be missing, otherwise the app has no sense to exist!

Best apps to follow the stocks on the stock exchange 
After the overview of the features that a good app must have to check stocks on the stock exchange, here are the best ones we can try on Android devices and Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

1) TradingView - Stock Market Quotes

The first app that we point out is Stock quotes, offered by TradingView, for Android e iPhone.

This app offers all the indices present on the Milan Stock Exchange or traded on the stock exchanges abroad, allows you to enter your securities, shares, commodities and currencies on which we have invested money and offers real-time updates on the performance of all titles, including those included in favorites. One of the best for index update speeds!

2) StockMarkets
A very unique looking app, StockMarkets will delight all investors who like to track their stocks in a single market window. We can download StockMarkets for Android e for iPad.

Thanks to the different shades of color (green for positive stocks, red for negative stocks) we will be able to keep all investments under control in the blink of an eye, changing our actions practically in real time.

3) Markets, Stocks and Forex
From the website comes the app dedicated to all types of markets, currencies and Forex, which can be downloaded for free from here -> Markets, Stocks and Forex (Android) e Markets, Stocks and Forex (iPhone)

The app shows both the main news concerning the world of finance (always useful to understand the trend of the securities) and the graphs for all the securities, shares and currencies traded on the reference stock exchange.

4) MSN Money - Quotes
One of the most complete and beautiful apps made by Microsoft is MSN Money - Quotes, available from here -> MSN Money - Quotes (Android) e MSN Money - Quotes (IOS).

The app offers clean and pleasant graphics to check the performance of stocks, stock market indices and the valuation of commodities or coins, so as to keep everything under control.
We can create the customized portfolio with the stocks, so as to be the first to show the investments we are involved in.

5) Yahoo Finance
One of the most used sites to check news related to the economy and the stock market is Yahoo Finance, which also makes available handy apps for smartphones and tablets, which can be downloaded for free from here -> Yahoo Finance (Android) e Yahoo Finance (iPhone)

The app shows graphs updated in real time for the indices of all the active exchanges in the world, with the possibility of following the stocks, shares and exchanges in which we are interested by inserting our investments in the list of favorites.

6) City bag
Finally, we point out the official app developed by the city stock exchange, downloadable for Android and iOS from here -> City bag (Android) e City bag (iPhone)

The app is not bad for controlling the stocks and shares traded on the Stock Exchange (in Piazza Affari di Milano), but it has not been updated since 2015 and in addition it does not have any real additional functions like the competing apps.
We have therefore reported it only for the record, but certainly the other recommended apps are decidedly superior (except in the case in which you decide to update it).

7) Webull real-time stocks and indices, free for Android and iPhone is a hybrid stock exchange app, which you can use even if you don't use Webull as an investment service.
The app contains live stock prices, portfolio management options and a news feed from financial journals such as Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC and other publications.

8) StockTwits, for Android and iPhone is one of the newest apps to follow the stock market, with a lot of information, an elegant and very competent design, a calendar of quotes, a real-time feed of stock prices, information on cryptocurrencies and even lists of potential investment opportunities.
There is also a chat to talk to other investors.

Best apps to follow the stock market and the trend of stocks and shares

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