Where to buy the laptop (sites)

Do we need a new laptop for work or study but we don't know which model to choose from those on the market?
Instead of rushing to the shopping center and choosing the first model we come across (often making mistakes in judgment, perhaps aiming for savings), we can make the choice much more wisely by using e-shopping sites and sites specialized in finding the best offers, so as to obtain the maximum quality / price ratio and choose powerful models at the right price. The sites that we will recommend offer selectors so you can choose the minimum and maximum price, some key features and even the brand of our future notebook (in case we are fond of a particular manufacturer).

1) Amazon.com

On the Amazon site it is possible to choose a new laptop using the filters made available by the site, so as to choose the new notebook based on the characteristics we want.
The section of Amazon reserved for laptops can be reached here -> Amazon.
Once this section of the site is open, we can use the filters available on the left side to filter all the models on the site and then start viewing only the interesting notebooks. We can choose the screen size, the amount of RAM memory, the type of CPU, the type of hard disk and the weight (essential if we focus on ultra-light models). There is also a filtering system for prices, with some predefined price ranges and empty fields where you can enter the minimum and maximum to spend, and a filtering system based on the reviews of users who have already purchased the product, useful for finding any defects.
In addition to these features we can choose whether to focus on a notebook with Windows already installed or not and whether to use Amazon Prime as a reference for the purchase, so as to have fast and punctual shipments.

Note that offers on laptops can be found in the various sections of Amazon offers, discounts and refurbished products, where to find little used laptops, refurbished, practically new at unbeatable prices.

2) eBay

Another site that we can use to find the best deals on laptops is eBay, with a section dedicated to the best deals for laptops, reachable from here -> eBay.
In this case we will have the search filters both in the left sidebar and at the top, as soon as we open the page: we choose the features we want to obtain for our notebook so as to immediately see the best dedicated offers.
To be able to make a selection by price, just take advantage of the fields offered under the Price section, so as to show only the notebooks in the price range that we are willing to spend.
If we do not want to participate in any auction and we want the certainty of buying new products, we recommend activating the filter immediately Buy it now present in the section Purchase format and the filter New present in the Condition section.

3) ePrice

As an alternative to Amazon and eBay we can point out the ePrice e-commerce site, which has a good section reserved for laptops and available here -> ePrice.
We can filter the results by price (using the selector at the top), or use one of the many filters available in the left sidebar, complete with a filter based on the evaluations of customers who have already made the purchase.
A very popular feature of this site is the presence of numerous flash deals or deals of the week, so you can find powerful laptops at really attractive prices without even using filters.

4) Find prices

If we want to broaden the search to all the e-commerce sites in the city, we must use a dedicated search engine such as the one offered by the Trova Prix site, reachable here -> Find prices.
The page dedicated to laptops is definitely less welcoming and beautiful to look at than the other sites seen in the article, but it will immediately show the best offers of the moment and a very simple filtering system, in which we can enter the brand (or brands) of favorite notebooks and a minimum and maximum price for our spending.
When ready we click on See results to immediately discover all the best products for sale online, on a large multitude of sites.
If we are looking for laptops with precise characteristics, it is better to use the engines seen above since on this site we will get rather basic filters, based on the brand, on the store and on the users' rating for each store (visible after carrying out a search).

5) idealo

A much more selective and precise search engine than the one offered by Trova Prix is ​​the one available on Idealo, reachable from here -> idealo.
On this site we will be able to use the filters as seen on Amazon and eBay, in order to obtain the features designated for the notebook; the site will take care to show the offers for each laptop, just click on it to view the best offers from the e-commerce sites in the city, the price trend of the product over time and the payment methods accepted, as well as an evaluation of the e-commerce sites based on user opinions.
To obtain a more precise search, we recommend that you deactivate the option Show used products present at the bottom of the filter bar, on the left of the page.

6) Producer sites

If we want a new laptop of a certain brand, we can buy it directly from the manufacturer, which often offers dedicated e-commerce sites.
Prices tend to be higher compared to the other methods recommended above, but we will be sure to have warranty and product as new in any case, with no nasty surprises.
The e-commerce sites of the various laptop manufacturers can be visited from the list below:

- Apple
- Asus
- Acer
- Lenovo
- HP
- Dell

Just visit one of these pages to find the laptop model that's right for us, buying it as it just came out of the factory.
If, on the other hand, we want to buy a laptop in a shopping center or shop at all costs, we recommend reading the following guide to avoid the most common mistakes.

Where to buy the laptop (sites)

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