Top 20 free apps for Android tablets

    Top 20 free apps for Android tablets There are not only iPads, now there are also magnificent Android tablets to be excellent tablets like those of Huawei that can cost as much as half.
    Although the list of applications that can be installed for free on an Android phone also applies to tablets, there are still apps that perform clearly better on a large screen than on the smaller one of a mobile phone.
    For this, in this new list, we see the best free apps for android tablets.

    1) Plume is a Twitter client.
    The official Twitter app for Android has obviously not been optimized for tablets so it's worth finding an alternative which can be Tweetdeck or, even better, Plume. The app is highly customizable, works great, also has the ability to insert news from Facebook, has a widget for the screen and allows you to always stay connected with your followers and the trending topics of the day.

    2) Microsoft Office is free for Android tablets, with the original Word, Excel and Powerpoint programs.

    3) MySMS to send and receive SMS from the tablet it is really very useful because it allows you to use the tablet as a mobile phone, only with a wifi connection.

    4) Google News is the Google app for reading news from online newspapers and blogs. Articles are displayed as if reading a newspaper, very conveniently.
    While we're at it, let me point out that too bestresourcesnow is on Google News!

    5) VLC Player it is probably the best video player for Android tablets because it offers a lot of features and above all it supports different video file formats (avi, mkv, divx, etc).
    If you don't like it, there are other applications for watching videos and movies on Android.

    6) Open Room is the best application to take photos using the tablet's front camera.

    7) Sketchbook Express is a great application for drawing on your tablet freehand. The touchscreen becomes a perfect drawing panel where you can draw using your finger or, better yet, the stylus.

    8) Evernote turns your Android tablet into an organizational tool for recording appointments, reminders, to-dos and creating your own diary in a different way than you can with the Calendar app.

    10 ) SocialFrame HD instead turns your tablet into a perfect digital picture frame. The tablet therefore becomes useful even when not in use, to show photos from Facebook or saved in the device's memory, in continuous scrolling with slideshow mode. Thanks to the ability to connect your Facebook account, you can scroll through the photos of your albums and where you are tagged.

    11 ) TuneIn is the best free application to use your Android tablet as if it were a radio, to listen to your favorite national or foreign stations from other countries.

    12 ) Pocket it is used to save the articles found on the internet, to read them later and is one of those applications that immediately become indispensable.

    13 ) RAI TV it is used to transform the tablet into a television, to see all the RAI channels, not only the first three but also the others.

    14 ) TeamViewer is the application to connect remotely to your computer and use it remotely. If on a mobile phone the screen is too small for a complete remote use of Windows, from a Tablet it works wonders and you can really manage your PC desktop in full without any problem.

    15 ) DropBox, when used both on PC and on the tablet, it makes it extremely easy to watch streaming videos and transfer files.

    16 ) Kodi for Android it has a really good performance on tablets and allows you to install a complete media center, to watch videos and listen to music remotely and via the web.
    Alternatively you can install Plex

    17 ) Fruit Ninja is perhaps one of the funniest games to play on Android tablets even though there are many others listed on the list of the best free Android games.

    18 ) Skype: who said that you can't make phone calls with a tablet? Just install Skype, top up your credit and call landlines and mobile phones at rates in line with the market, at no additional cost, using only a wifi network.

    19 ) Google Drive, to have access to the files stored in the Google cloud and also use the Google Docs apps.
    20 ) Office per Android allows you to open, create and edit Office files written with Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The Android tablet also becomes a great device to work on.

    21 ) Airdroid, the app to control any smartphone via the internet from the tablet screen, works really well.

    22 ) Amazon Kindle, to turn any tablet into an ebook reader. To these must also be added the applications with floating floating windows, very useful for opening two or more apps together on the screen.
    23 ) Solid Explorer, a great file manager for Android tablets.

    24) Pending news and your reports, the list for now ends with the most important app, the official application bestresourcesnow Tech, to be installed on absolutely all Android phones and tablets!

    Top 20 free apps for Android tablets

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