Sign up for without changing your email address (formerly Hotmail) is one of the oldest and longest running services for sending and receiving email messages and is the heir to Hotmail, which is owned by Microsoft., after Yahoo Mail and GMail, is the most used e-mail service in the world and has really become an optimal solution, both if you are used to reading and writing Emails via web browser, and if the management is done via client desktop (such as Microsoft Outlook). this year has really improved a lot compared to the past, both in the graphical interface and in the options and features.
For example, it can be integrated with Windows Live Messenger and all other Microsoft online services, allows you to manage your address book and allows you to import friends from Facebook and Linkedin.
Also excellent is the management of messages with tools to clean up the inbox and to quickly organize the emails received and sent.
No space limits and the ability to send photos and images up to 10 GB in a single email are other valuable features of Hotmail.

Anyone who does not have an email address and who has one but does not use it can still choose to use features without changing your address.

In fact, recently we can sign up for without creating an email address, thus continuing to use the old one.

Surely those who use services such as Gmail or Yahoo mail do not need
Instead, I appeal to all those who continue to use the bad mail services provided by providers such as Libero, Alice, Fastweb, Virgilio, Wind and so on.
The principle is the same as for mobile number portability: since everyone already has one and is rightly opposed to having to open a new one, it is possible to bring the old address to a modern and feature-rich online email service.
Here, the link for sign up for with your old Email address.
NOTE: If you get the message: 'You don't have a mailbox yet', you need to clear the cache, close the browser, reopen it and log in again.

If, on the other hand, you already have a Windows ID, that is the registered login to access services such as MSN Messenger or SkyDrive, just enter to activate the new e-mail address.
From the options (top right button) you can set up a different mail account to send emails and you can choose to receive messages arrived at that address, in
In any case, guides you through setting up the connection to the old service so that existing emails are imported into Hotmail via POP, and that the user can send and receive emails from with the primary email address.

Why Use
Very briefly, some of the better features I'm:
- An excellent spam filter that excludes junk mail;
- Ability to watch photos and videos directly in the body of the messages;
- View Emails as if they were a conversation;
- View Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents with Microsoft Office Live and then edit them directly from;
- Send attachments up to 10 GB thanks to the SkyDrive integration.

Finally, remember that you can also receive mail on clients such as Microsoft Outlook Windows Live Mail, the new program in the Windows Live Essentials suite.
To configure as a new account in a desktop mail client the parameters are:
Incoming mail server:
Server for sending emails:
POP3 server port: 995
SMTP Server Port: 25 or 587
Enable encrypted connection.

From August 2012 Hotmail became improving a lot.

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