PayPal prepaid: how it works

Prepaid PayPal Costs and Limitations

As anticipated at the beginning, the PayPal prepaid card has, like any other card belonging to the category in question, Costi and limitations on which it is practically essential to dwell. Let's start with the costs that must be incurred to carry out the various operations, you can find them indicated below.

  • Card release - 9,90 euro
  • Card activation fee – 10 cent.
  • Top up by bank transfer - 2 euros (regardless of the top-up amount).
  • Top up at LottomatiCard points - 2 euro.
  • Top up by ATM - 2,50 euro.
  • Top up from PayPal account - free.
  • withdrawal - free at ATMs of the Banca Sella group; € 1,90 at LottomatiCard points and ATMs of other institutions in European Union countries; € 3,90 at ATMs in countries outside the European Union.
  • Transfer of funds from card to card - 2 euro.
  • Transfer of funds from card to current account - 1 euro.
  • Redemption fee following termination - free from the expiry of the card up to one year after the latter; 1 euro by bank transfer; 1,50 euros at LottomatiCard points.
  • Payment fees - absent.
  • Sending communications, bank statement and card blocking - free.
  • Stamp duty (if due) - 2 euro.

Now, instead, let's see what are the limits for the payment and withdrawal of money from a PayPal card.

  • Maximum number of cards per customer - 3 (one per product).
  • Number of top-ups in 1 day - 2.
  • Minimum top-up amount - 10 euro.
  • Maximum top-up amount - 990 euros in cash; 500 euros with PagoBancomat; 2.500 euros by bank transfer.
  • Maximum transferable amount - 2.500 euros per day.
  • Maximum amount that can be credited for online gaming winnings - 4.999 euro.
  • Maximum monthly top-up - 10.000 euro.
  • Maximum annual top-up - € 50.000 (€ 20.000 for top-ups made in cash at Lottomatica centers).
  • Daily withdrawal limit - 250 euros at LottomatiCard points and 500 euros via ATM.

Please note: activation and operation costs may vary over time. To stay up to date on the latter, consult the information sheets that you find on the Lottomatica website.

How to request the prepaid PayPal

After reviewing the costs and limitations of the card, it is time to find out, in practice, how prepaid PayPal works and therefore how to do it buy e activate.

As I said at the beginning of the article, the purchase must be made at the Lottomatica points, while the activation takes place online. For more information, read on.


To buy the PayPal card, what you need to do is go to one of the centers LIS CARD from Lottomatica present on the in your languagen territory and expose your intentions to the sales assistant.

If you do not know where the Lottomatica LIS CARD store closest to you is located, you can find out immediately by connecting to this Web page, by clicking on the button Find a store located in the center, by typing the Your address in the search bar attached to the new page that opens and selecting the relevant suggestion from those that appear.

In a few moments, in the map below (as well as in thelist on the left) you will then be shown all the stores in the area. If necessary, you can also increase or decrease the width of the reference area by setting i Exact km using the options on the left. To make sure you only see the points of sale that offer the option to buy the prepaid, tick the box PayPal prepaid purchase (always present on the left).

Once you arrive at the chosen center and after having explained your intentions to the clerk, you will be offered the compilation of a module in which you will have to enter your data (name, surname, address, mobile number, etc.) and which you will then have to sign.

You will also be asked to show your own identification document valid (e.g. identity card) and you will be asked to make the payment of the card, which, as I said in the passage dedicated to costs and limitations, is equal to 10 €. Subsequently, you will finally be given the prepaid card that you can start using after activation.


Let's move on to theactivation. The procedure must be carried out exclusively online, with the help of an operator with whom you will have to speak via webcam (which is why make sure you do everything from a computer that is equipped with it).

To begin with, connect to this web page and click on the button Request activation located in the center. Then fill in the fields you see appear on the screen by typing yours fiscal Code and activation code (it is a 12-digit code present under the barcode, on the back of the card).

Successively click on your button Generate SMS code, enter the code of 6 code that was sent to you via SMS to the phone number you indicated when requesting the card and click on the button Log in.

Now, read the documentation that is shown to you, click on the declaration of acknowledgment on your pulse Proceed. Check that the data relating to you proposed to you are correct (otherwise modify them), confirm them and provide the additional information requested by filling in the various fields available.

Scan the front and back of yours now identification document (preferably the same one you had with you at the LIS CARD center). If you don't know how to do it, you can read the tutorial dedicated specifically to how to scan a document. Then upload the two files obtained by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Please note that each uploaded file can have a maximum size of 4MB and that the only accepted formats are JPG, JPEG and TIFF.

At this point, you will be offered to connect via webcam with an operator to perform the recognition of your person and the check of your documents. Operators are available every day, from 08.00 to 21.00. If you do not want to speak with the operator at the moment or if all those available are busy and cannot assist you, you can proceed later, when you wish, by clicking on the link contained in the email that has been sent to you in the meantime. The link, however, keep it in mind, has a maximum validity of 30 days.

After completing the identification procedure, wait for the message to appear on the screen Acknowledgment completedclick on your button Proceed appeared at the bottom right, read the contractual information proposals and express your consent in this regard.

Finally, digitalmente company the contract by inserting, in the dedicated field, the OTP code in the meantime you received on your mobile number, then access your e-mail box, open the message regarding the activation of the prepaid card you just received and download the contract perfected relating to the latter. Done!

If you feel you need more information about all the steps above, you can consult the guide concerning the card activation request provided by Lottomatica.

Top up and manage your prepaid PayPal

Like any other prepaid card, PayPal's prepaid card can be used for shopping, both in physical and online stores. In both cases, however, you must obviously have credit available. Consequently, you need to take care of reload the letter.

How you do it? The procedure is very simple: you can find it explained in detail in my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to recharge your PayPal card. The operation, however, as I told you at the beginning of the guide, can be carried out using the PayPal account, by going to a LIS Card partner shop, by bank transfer and / or by ATM. Optionally, you can also transfer funds from card to card.

As for the ability to monitor the various movements made, both inbound and outbound, you can rely on the service of home banking made available specifically by Lottomatica.

To access it, connected to this page, fill in the fields with the required data Internet code e PIN/Password and click on the button Log in. Movements aside, once the excess has been made, you can check the card balance in real time, make transfers, top up your mobile number, transfer your funds to another card and activate or deactivate the Memo Shop SMS services.

If it is the first time you try to connect to the service, press the button instead It is the first access located below and follow the procedure that is proposed to you to obtain the login credentials.

In addition to the browser, the home banking service offered by Lottomatica for the PayPal card can also be used via theapplication dedicated for Android and iOS devices. The operation does not differ much from that of the "variant" Web.

In case of problems

Despite having read the guide with the utmost attention, is it still not clear to you how prepaid PayPal works? Did any obstacles arise during construction that you were unable to remedy? Do you have any doubts about how the card works? Don't worry, I can help you once again!

In fact, I point out that by calling the number 06.89329 (reachable both from the city and from abroad) you can interface with the customer care of the prepaid card and receive all the support you need. Operators are available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:30 and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 19:30. For card blocking only, customer support responds 24/24.

Apart from the switchboard, you can find information on the PayPal card that could be useful by consulting the relevant page of the FAQ present on the Lottomatica website. Further interesting details can be found on the page forCustomer.

PayPal prepaid: how it works

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