Nirvam: how it works

What is Nirvam

As anticipated at the beginning, Nirvam is a very famous dating site in the Bel Paese that has been operating online for several years now and can count on a good number of registered users, both in your languagen and international. The site is proposed, as per the slogan, as a tool to allow registered users to meet new people in their city.

Nirvam: how it works

Unlike other dating sites, Nirvam is not available in the form of an app for smartphones or tablets but can be used only and exclusively via web browser and it is not free, or rather it is not for everyone and not forever. To be more precise, registration for the service is totally free for both men and women. By creating an account on the site you can view all the profiles of other users and therefore check if there are other members similar to those who are your tastes.

In order to take advantage of all the other features offered, such as opening the chat, asking questions, starting to chat directly with other members and so on, you need to sign up for a subscription that can be paid for. For women wishing to meet male users, the use of the service is always totally free, while in all other cases and for men it is necessary to pay by choosing one of the following options.

  • 1 month - 18,95 euros
  • 3 months - 29,85 euros
  • 6 months - 47,70 euros
  • 12 months - 59,40 euros

Before deciding whether to subscribe to a paid plan or not, it is still possible to evaluate the functioning of the service by taking advantage of the free trial of the same that is offered to new subscribers. For the first 3 days from the moment the account is created, the service is in fact fully usable without having to pay even one euro. At the end of the trial period, you can then decide whether to continue using Nirvam for free or to subscribe to a pay plan.

Sign up for the service

Now that you finally have clearer ideas about Nirvam's nature, let's try to figure out how to create an account on the site. To create your account on the portal, the first step you must take is to connect to the home page of the portal and fill in the registration form that is proposed to you on the screen.

Then type the nickname you want to use in chat in the field next to the item Nickname, enter the password you wish to associate with your account you are about to create on the dating site by entering it in the field Password, provide your e-mail address by typing it in the field next to the item E-mail and provide other information relating to you using the drop-down menus next to the items Birthday, There are, Country, Region e Location. Finally, click on the red button Confirmation.

If everything went the right way, that is, if you have entered your data correctly and if you have chosen a nickname not in use (otherwise you will have to change the info in question) you will be shown a new web page indicating the fact that the registration was successful. Then click on the button Compelta Profile in such a way that you can immediately add further details about you (it is not mandatory but it is advisable) and more easily find users similar to you.

Nirvam: how it works


You then provide your physical details (height, weight, build, hair, eyes and ethnicity) and press on Continue, indicate your personal data (marital status, children, educational qualifications, profession, income, smoking, nationality, region, languages ​​spoken) and click the button again Continue, type a presentation message by filling in the box under the heading My ad and click to anchor your Continue and then specify what your interests are by checking the boxes next to the various options (animals, cooking, discos, etc.) and click once again on the button Continue.

Finally, upload a photo of yourself to use as an avatar (choose one in which you are clearly visible and in the foreground bearing in mind the fact that the profile photo must not represent drawings, landscapes, images of other people, animals or subjects that in any case go to some way to sink the common sense of modesty) and provide your own description and then presses the button Enter Nirvam.

Use the service

Once you have registered and completed your profile with the required details, you will finally find yourself in front of the main screen of the service. If you are not a woman looking for men, you should see the warning at the top of the site Note: Nirvam gave you a gift or a free trial period valid until day month year (instead of day month year you will find the expiry date of your free trial period indicated). By clicking on it you can check the remaining trial period for your trial of the service.

In this regard, I point out that by clicking on the tab Subscribe at the top you can select a possible subscription plan among those available in case you are interested in continuing to use all the functions of the service without any limitation.

Nirvam: how it works

As for the practical use of Nirvam, by clicking on the tab Chat at the top you can view the users written to the service and online (Online users), you can view their profile by clicking on their nick and start a chat or email conversion by selecting the links Chat e Mail / Message Email, precisely. In the first case, a new browser window will open through which you can continue your conversation by typing your text in the appropriate box and using all the various formatting tools available.

Nirvam: how it works

If you want, you can also express a preference for the selected user by clicking on the link Rate it or you can add him to your friends list or black list by clicking on the links Add to friends list o Blacklist.

If you want, you can filter the various registered users by choosing to view only the new users (New Subscribers) or those who have recently logged in (Latest logins). Using the appropriate tools at the top you can instead choose to view users from a specific region, belonging to a specific age group and / or with photos.

By clicking on the tab Research, always located at the top, you can also start a targeted search of specific users by specifying certain parameters (Quick Search o Advanced Search) or by nickname (Nickname search).

Nirvam: how it works

If you want to return to the main section relating to your account, you have to click on the tab My Area up. Hence, from the section My profile, you can change your photo, residence and other details relating to your physical appearance and personal data as well as your ad and your interests. By clicking on My Reserved Area you can access your private area; pressing on My Ideal Partner you can fill in the form with the characteristics of your ideal partner; while clicking on My Notices e My account you can, respectively, read the alerts received and change the email and password of your account or delete it.

Nirvam: how it works

On the left side of the site you will find the section Messages that allows you to view messages received from other users, those sent, those deleted and that allows you to write new ones; the section Contacts through which you can keep an eye on the visits that your profile is receiving, the chat requests, the contacts received and the users with whom you have made friends; the section Just friends to view the votes cast towards other members, friends on the list and users added to the black list; and section Reserved Area which allows you to manage requests for access to your profile that you have received from other users and those that you have made to other subscribers.

When you want to log out of your account, simply click on the item Logout which is at the top right. You can then access the service again by going to the home page of the same, filling in the fields Nickname e Password next to the item Already registered? at the top and pressing up Log in.

Better alternatives

Nirvam: how it works

After understanding how Nirvam works and after experimenting with the service for a while, you were not satisfied and are you therefore looking for alternatives? Well, then try to give a look at the list of some of the most popular dating sites in town that I have prepared for you and that you can find below.

  • Meetic - It stands out primarily for the numerous interaction and profile customization tools it offers to users. It is highly appreciated by in your languagen and non-in your languagen users and focuses on allowing its members to find their soul mate. Basically it is free but in order to take advantage of some advanced features you need to subscribe to a special subscription.
  • Badoo - More than a dating site, it is a real chat in which each user can create their own profile and personalize it with the aim of having pleasant chats on the net but also deepening the knowledge made in person. It is very popular with users of all ages and from all over the world and is very much appreciated. It is free but the advanced features can only be used upon subscription to special paid packages.
  • LOVE - Dating site known especially among the youngest as it allows you to identify potentially interesting people in the vicinity by means of a real radar. Apart from this, it offers all the most common communication tools typical of this kind of Web site. Also in this case it is a free resource but to take advantage of the various advanced features offered you have to pay.
  • tinder - It is one of the services to meet new people most "popular" of the moment. It has characteristics very similar to those of social networks and which can therefore facilitate the possibility of meeting a soul mate or in any case to make new interesting acquaintances. Basically it is free and allows users to start chatting with each other only after making a match (practically after liking each other) but to take advantage of the extra features you have to pay.

Did Nirvam not convince you because you would have preferred to turn to a service that can be used from mobile through a special app? So do this: read my article dedicated to the best dating apps and the one dedicated to apps for singles and you will see that you will be able to find a solution that suits your needs.

Nirvam: how it works

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