Learn to play the guitar for free with interactive lessons and courses

    Learn to play the guitar for free with interactive lessons and courses Anyone who has always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but has never had the time, the money or the patience to be taught by a good one or to take lessons, can connect to the internet and use theInstinct free web application, truly exceptional and one of a kind, which takes an innovative and surprisingly effective approach to learning. The DIY teaching method is always to watch and study from a good one, observe how he moves his fingers. On Youtube there are many video tutorials that can be followed to learn, but, being filmed, they are not interactive.

    1) First of all, the best site to learn how to play the guitar with online courses is definitely that of Fender, with the program Fender play. Lessons are paid for, but you can try a free trial without having to enter payment information. As you learn, the site tracks your progress. with the recommendation to exercise 3 days a week, for at least 7 minutes. The lessons are organized in chronological order and a video of a few minutes is associated with each lesson.

    3) Justify, available online and as an app for Android and iPhone, it's free and includes over 1.000 complete lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced guitarists. With hundreds of popular popular songs, a practice assistant, and a lesson progression system, Justin Guitar makes it easy to learn online to learn how to play the guitar.

    5) I would then like to recommend the site fachords.com like the best there is today to learn how to play a guitar with free, easy and fun lessons, for both children and adults.
    This interactive website that teaches, step by step, how to play the guitar, starting from scratch, up to more complex chords and riffs and complete songs. This wonderful free online program should be used holding a real guitar, new or old, classic, electric or acoustic. There is no need to connect it to the computer which only needs to have speakers and microphone. However, if you do not have a guitar available, you can play using the mouse with the virtual guitar which is very nice to see and play even if, obviously, it is less useful for didactic purposes.
    The site is divided into three sections, one with i corsi, one for play riffs and complete music, the third finally with a tuner (tuner) for the guitar. From the top menu, with the Year of Rock section, you can subscribe to receive the lessons via e-mail and participate in the general rankings with other users. You can immediately notice the graphic quality of the site, which almost looks like a video game for children, with nice and light drawings that draw a complex and serious program. The guitar lessons are many, all practices, divided into groups, starting from the basics up to advanced courses. In a lesson, the big guitar is displayed, with the notes to be played above and the position of the fingers below. The application allows you to rehearse each note or chord until it is played correctly.

    Other very good and professional-level sites for learning to play guitar online are those listed in the guide for tune the guitar and find chords and notes including Chordify which not only shows the chords to play, but makes it heard and shows us when to play a certain chord in real time and know when to hit the correct string. Basically a perfect site to learn how to play on your own.

    Finally, we point out two Windows 10 applications that allow you to virtually play the guitar on your computer and, therefore, also learn the position of the fingers to make chords. It is about Play Guitar!, the classical guitar and Rock Guitar!, the electric guitar. The apps have no ads and show a big guitar just to play on the screen.

    In addition to these, I remember also talking about:
    - Play the guitar following the notes on the computer
    - Play along with videos and guitar chords, even without knowing the notes

    Learn to play the guitar for free with interactive lessons and courses

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