How Wekiwi works

What is Wekiwi

How Wekiwi works

As I already told you at the beginning of the article, Wekiwi is essentially the first energy web company in the city. It is part of the Tremagi Group, primary in your languagen private operator in the energy sector, already active for years in the free market, was launched in April last year and closed 2016 with a turnover of around 1 million euros. To date, it can already count on a good number of customers (about 10.000) of which just under half are part of the takeover category. In short, very interesting numbers.

Since its launch, Wekiwi has always managed to position itself at the top of the rankings of convenience in the supply of electricity and gas thanks to its characteristics and its innovative strategy (as well as winning, apparently!) Entirely based on four fundamentals pillars, such as: theabsence of traditional intermediaries, the use of a monthly charge corresponding to the chosen consumption, a high level of attention to the environment and l 'customer education.

The special one is also of particular interest online area and l 'application for smartphones and tablets, two tools designed to completely replace the traditional customer counter that is usually contacted when you need to ask for information, make complaints and so on. The use of tools of this type therefore allows a considerable saving of time and transforms the relationship with the energy supplier into something dynamic and fast.

The concept of dynamic bill, that is to say a real bill in HTML with which all customers can navigate from the summary to the detail of their contract.

Sign the contract

Now that you finally have clearer ideas about Wekiwi, let's see how to sign up for a contact and activate the service as soon as possible. Find everything explained in detail below, it's very easy, don't worry!

Choice of service

How Wekiwi works

First of all, go to the appropriate web page to activate the contract and select the type of service you intend to use by moving, based on your needs and the choice made, the switch you find under the heading What do you need? in the direction of the wording Gas or that Luce.

If you have selected Gas, also check the coverage by filling in the field that you find corresponding to the item Find out if Wekiwi supplies gas in your municipality typing the name of your municipality (indeed!) and selecting the correct item from the automatic suggestions that are shown to you.

Once this is done, if your municipality is covered by the service offered by Wekiwi you will see the warning appear Verification done! Wekiwi operates in your municipality. inside a green box. Otherwise, you will be shown a warning inside a red box indicating the fact that Wekiwi does not yet operate in the reference municipality.

As far as electricity is concerned, Wekiwi serves all the municipalities for which it is not necessary to verify the coverage and, consequently, the specific field is not available.

After the first step, indicate the type of clientele you belong to by choosing from Home Customer o Business customer. In case you have checked the item Home Customer you will also need to indicate the monthly charge. To choose the most suitable charge you can let yourself be guided by selecting the option Help me choose a charge and then answering the questions relating to consumption and the type of home that are asked of you. Alternatively, you can do everything in total autonomy by checking the item Choose a charge. Then click on the button NEXT.

The monthly charge, which never expires and can also be changed at a later time (Don't worry, be happy!) Is nothing more than the amount (excluding VAT) that Wekiwi will invoice you pending the surveys of the distributor of area. For example, if you choose a charge of 50 euros and choose the frequency of the quarterly charge, Wekiwi will invoice you in January 150 euros excluding VAT for the period January-March.

The amount will be adjusted to you later only and exclusively on the basis of the distributor's measures, there will be no reading estimated by your supplier.

Also keep in mind that thanks to the charge Wekiwi goes to greatly simplify its billing processes and recognize you one discount on the latter which is equal to 20% about the list price of the raw material (energy or gas). An additional 20% discount is applied even if I do not call the toll-free number but contact Wekiwi via email, app, personal area of ​​the site or on social networks ... not surprisingly it is called Online discount!

If you consume more than the charge, the discount will not be recognized on the excess. If, on the other hand, you consume less than the charge, the difference will be credited back to you. For more details, you can consult the Internet page dedicated to the monthly charge, the one relating to saving on electricity and gas bills and you can also take a look at this descriptive video.

Upload and invoices

How Wekiwi works

In the new web page that will subsequently be shown you will have to indicate your monthly charge and then you will have to specify the frequency of the invoice.

If you belong to the category of domestic customers and if you have followed the guided procedure proposed in the previous step for identifying gas or light consumption, Wekiwi will automatically propose the charge that should best suit your needs. Of course, you can also select a different option if you deem it appropriate but the suggestion given by Wekiwi is still to select the amount most similar to what you usually spend each month on electricity or gas.

If, on the other hand, you have not followed the guided procedure for identifying the correct office or if you belong to business customers, you will have to indicate the cut that you consider most relevant to your needs.

It then indicates the periodicity of the charge by choosing between Quadrimestral (the invoice is free!), Quarterly (the invoice costs 0,50 euros) or Bimonthly (the invoice costs 1 euro) and click the button once again NEXT which is below.

Please note that Wekiwi invoices at the beginning of the period the charge chosen for the number of months of the period. For example, if the chosen charge is 50 euros and the periodicity of the charge is quarterly, you will be billed 150 euros + VAT at the beginning of the quarter.

Data and payment

How Wekiwi works

Finally, you must confirm the choice made and you must provide your data and those relating to the payment method you are going to use.

To do this, first of all make sure that in the upper part of the displayed Web page the choices you have previously made are correctly reported regarding the selected service (energy / gas), the monthly charge, the billing period and the adjustment price. At the section Energy at the source you will also find the list price of the offer, the discounts received and the final price.

Note that by default the variable price is selected but if you prefer you can also set the fixed price by clicking on the button Or select the 12 month fixed price.

Then indicate how you became aware of the offer and then report your data (name, surname, place of birth, date of birth and tax code) and the information relating to the contact methods (mobile phone, email and preferential contact range ). Then specify your residential address and, if it is a businss contract, also indicate the address of the registered office, the address for correspondence (if different from what has already been indicated) and provide the requested information relating to the supply data.

To conclude, indicate that you have read the general conditions of supply, accept the contract clauses and have read the information note and contractual information, express your preferences regarding the protection of personal data and click on the button NEXT which is always at the bottom.

Then type the verification code that was sent to you via SMS on your mobile number in the field that appeared on the screen and click on the button Validate and subscribe.

Finally, indicate the data relating to the supply (you can find them from the last electricity or gas bill) or, if you cannot identify them, press the appropriate button to upload the invoice or take a photo of it in order to to Wekiwi employees to retrieve the technical data.

Then enter your IBAN code and authorize Wekiwi to activate a new direct debit on your current account, choose your username and password to then access the personal area and confirm the data entered.

At the end of the procedure, you will see a special notice appear on the screen and you will receive a confirmation email to the address you previously specified. Once you have received the email, open it, confirm your address by clicking on the appropriate link inside and download the contract in PDF format that was sent to your computer.

Once the contract is concluded, one will also be recognized discount of 10% to spend on shop of Wekiwi which can become del 20% his Facebook the news.

Supply management

As I anticipated at the beginning and as I reiterated several times in the various paragraphs of this article, the management of the Wekiwi supply takes place directly through the personal area which can be accessed via the Web or via the app. Below you will find explained in more detail how.

Area online

How Wekiwi works

From the moment of signing the contract with Wekiwi you can access yours online personal area and monitor your consumption, send a self-reading, consult invoices and request interventions or checks.

To access your personal area you must visit this page and fill in the fields Username e Password with your details and then you have to click on Log in.

Once logged in, you will find your consumption, news and Wekiwi tutorials on the home page. On the left there is a menu that allows you to access the section relating to your profile, the one relating to your supplies and your consumption in detail. There are also items to send self-reading, to request assistance, to view notifications, info, documents and to sign a new contract.


How Wekiwi works

Do you prefer to manage your utilities directly from mobile? It can be done! How? By downloading theWhatsapp by Wekiwi available for both Android that for iOS.

After installing the app on your device, start it by pressing the icon, type your login data in the fields Username e Password to do tap su Log in.

Once logged in, you will immediately find yourself in front of the home with a summary of your consumption. Instead, by tapping on the menu with the three lines horizontally at the top left, you can check your consumption in more detail, send a self-reading, request assistance, view notifications, receive information, view your documents and sign a new contract.

In case of dubbi or problem

How Wekiwi works

Keep in mind that if you have any doubts or encounter any difficulties, during the entire contract signing procedure you can contact Wekiwi customer service simply by clicking on the appropriate buttons in the lower right part of the web pages displayed.

More precisely, you can choose to get in touch with Wekiwi customer service via chat or by phone. In the first case, just click on the button Message, check the box I declare that I have read the information and then press on Start chat. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, click on Please call me back, type the telephone number for the re-contact in the field Phone:, always check the box relating to viewing the information and presses on Send.

You can also get in touch with Wekiwi via e-mail, by sending an e-mail message to the address, through Facebook, by contacting the official fanpage, or by Twitter, by sending a tweet to the account @wekiwienergia.

Although the strength of the group is its being full digital, Wekiiwi obviously also has a telephone customer service that you can contact by calling 02.91731991 or it 800.178584. The telephone customer service is active from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00.

If, on the other hand, you have already become a Wekiwi customer, you can get in touch with the assistance simply by accessing the section Quick and then to that Request assistance your personal online area or the app.

In all cases, before contacting Wekiwi customer service, I suggest you take a look at the page of the group's website dedicated to FAQ as well as take a look at the articles that are published periodically on the relative blog. Maybe the answer to your questions and doubts is already online.

Article written in collaboration with Wekiwi

How Wekiwi works

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