How to restore your iPhone without losing data with ReiBoot for iOS

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If your iPhone should, by chance, freeze or exhibit important errors or abnormal behavior, ReiBoot for iOS could help you restore the correct functioning of your iPhone without erasing all the data inside.

Thanks to this software, made by Tenorshare, it is possible to restore the iPhone without losing the data contained within it. Of course, every situation is different and could be more or less serious, but trying doesn't hurt.

ReiBoot for iOS is a software dedicated to Apple devices that allows you to solve most of the software problems that may arise during use. This software manages to repair the iOS system and free it from a series of errors or blocks such as the boot loop or other critical issues.

How to use? To use the software at its best, you need to know the few but important steps to take. Sure, the interface is clean and simple to use and allows even novice users to reset their device easily and quickly, but a little tutorial never hurts.

In detail, Tenorshare ReiBoot is capable of repairing more than 150 iOS problems such as the following:

  • iPhone is locked
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • iPhone does not turn off
  • The iPhone light does not turn on
  • FaceID is not working
  • iPhone does not ring
  • IPhone boot loop
  • iPhone won't reset
  • iPhone won't restart
  • The computer does not recognize the iPhone
  • The iPhone screen does not rotate
  • iPhone stuck on no service

First you need to install the software on your computer; Windows and macOS systems are supported. Then you have to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer via USB cable and proceed with activating the recovery mode or repairing the most common errors. If the iPhone is stuck on recovery mode, it will be possible to ask the software to get the iPhone out of the aforementioned mode.

There are several more or less aggressive ways to repair iOS. The first mode, called “Standard Repair”, can fix the most common iOS system problems and will not cause data loss. You will then have to follow the on-screen instructions to allow the software to proceed with repairs or reinstallation of the original firmware.

If this mode is not enough, there is always the "Deep Repair" available which has a high success rate even if it causes data loss. By doing this, the iOS device is reset and the actual troubleshooting will have to be checked.

Then there are two other ways you can choose to restore the correct functioning of your iPhone or iPad:

  • Factory Reset: Reset the entire device and restore it to factory conditions
  • General Reset: Helps restore iPhone default settings

ReiBoot for iOS allows, as we have just seen, to restore Apple mobile devices without using the Finder or iTunes and supports all versions of iOS and iPadOS, including the latest iOS 15 and the latest iPhone 13.

In its free variant, the software allows the user to put the iPhone in recovery mode and get it out of the aforementioned mode with just one click. In theory, this feature already mitigates the risks of a locked iPhone. But the benefits don't end there since ReiBoot for iOS it also allows you to run the iOS downgrade from beta versions without losing data and also allows you to perform a full recovery with the latest official Apple firmware (IPSW) without resorting to standard tools.

We come to the price of this software. In the variant for macOS the monthly license costs € 45,99 with automatic renewal and the possibility of canceling the subscription at any time. The one-year license costs € 59,99 while the lifetime license costs € 69,99 and is certainly the cheapest. For Windows, the prices are slightly lower. In any case, the free version is available, clearly limited but excellent for testing the capabilities of ReiBoot for iOS.

To find out more about the software and recovery methods, you can watch the detailed guide made available by Tenorshare to understand how to restore the iPhone without losing the data inside.

It is a software full of options, capable of providing the user with more tools for repairing their iOS device. In the most serious cases, unfortunately, the data contained within the iPhone and iPad will be lost but for all the most common errors ReiBoot for iOS will not cause data loss. Why use it? Because the total recovery of the device must always be the last choice in order to preserve the data inside it, especially if you have no backup on iTunes or Finder or backup on iCloud.

Article in collaboration with Tenorshare.

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