How to open iPhone SIM without key

Preliminary information

How to open iPhone SIM without key

As I already mentioned in the introductory lines of this tutorial, you can extract the SIM from the iPhone even without having the original paper clip available, using a replacement object with certain physical characteristics. However, it is always good to be careful during the whole procedure, as the error could be around the corner.

For a start, no matter what item you choose to use, check carefully that it is thickness is adequate for the purpose: forcing the insertion of a tool that is too thick in the tiny hole available could make it difficult - if not impossible - to remove it later, as well as irreparably damage the SIM trolley and / or the coupling mechanism.

Secondly, be careful not to exert excessive pressure during the work, as the chosen object could break and, even in this case, get stuck, preventing you from removing the trolley.

The theme of this guide will be to teach you to extract the SIM holder using some tools commonly available at home, suitable to act as an emergency solution.

How to open iPhone SIM slot without a key

Having made the necessary clarifications, the time has come to get to the heart of this guide and to explain to you how to open iPhone SIM without key using commonly used objects which, in general, are easily recoverable.

Use an office paper clip

How to open iPhone SIM without key

The first solution I suggest you put into practice involves the use of a office paper clip, that is of that small curved object, generally metallic, which serves to temporarily hold two or more sheets together. For the purposes of this guide, the clip in question should be made of metal only, even colored, but not covered with plastic material: the latter type of staples are particularly thick and, in most cases, cannot be inserted. in the SIM cart release hole.

To proceed, therefore, get a paper clip suitable for the purpose e stendila completely, “transforming” it into a sort of straight metal cord; proceed without exaggerating with the applied force: otherwise you could break the paper clip or, even worse, hurt yourself.

Anyway, once you open the paper clip, insert one of its ends inside the small hole dedicated to SIM trolley which resides on the right side of the iPhone, tilts the paperclip slightly downwards and exerts a firm enough pressure, but not excessively intense, to release the slot: a "click" will signal the success of the operation.

Finally, extract the SIM tray entirely from the phone, using your hands, and turn it over to remove the card from inside.

Use a staple stitch

How to open iPhone SIM without key

If you don't have an office paper clip, you can try to unclip the dedicated SIM slot using a staple staple. In this case, you may have to "tinker" a little more to find the right position and angle, as the thickness of the stitch may be too small to fit perfectly.

For starters, get one staple column from its packaging or take it out of the stapler, then, using a sharp object or a fingernail, unhook the last point at one of the two ends from the remaining block.

At this point, being very careful and without using your fingertips, roll out the stitch until it is perfectly straight, insert it into the SIM trolley hole on the iPhone and press lightly but firmly to release it (when this happens, you will hear a "click"). If you do not succeed at the first shot, try to tilt the small metal wire, until you find the right position to unlock.

Use an earring

How to open iPhone SIM without key

No staples or staples? Fear not, you can still remedy the situation by using a straight earring, of those that can be attached to the ears using a separate clip. Not all earrings can be used, as some are too thick, but it is still worth a try (without forcing the insertion).

If you have a relatively thin earring, therefore, you just have to insert the pointed end (the one that ends on the back of the lobe, so to speak) inside the small hole of the SIM trolley, make a fair pressure on it and wait for the “click” caused by the release of the slot. Finally, tilt the earring slightly downwards and take out the SIM tray.

Use a pin or needle

How to open iPhone SIM without key

As a last resort, you can attempt to open iPhone SIM without key using a pin or a needle: however, I cannot guarantee the success of this operation, as some objects of this type are extremely thin and unsuitable for the purpose.

How do you say? Do you want to try it anyway? All right, let me tell you how. Insert the eye of the needle (the part where the cotton is threaded, so to speak) or the thinner part of the pin inside the SIM door hole of the iPhone and, being careful not to touch the outer edge of the object just introduced (you could prick yourself), make a discreet pressure inwards until you hear the “click” which testifies to the effective release of the slot.

If the thick part of the object you have chosen does not fit perfectly into the hole dedicated to the SIM slot, try to act using the more pointed end: in this case, given the minimum thickness of the needle or pin, you may have to. tilt in multiple ways, before finding the right position.

Other useful solutions

How to open iPhone SIM without key

Although you have slavishly followed the instructions I have given you so far, have you failed, for one reason or another, to remove the SIM from your "iPhone by" and still can't find its original key?

In this case, you can consider buying a set of replacement ejector clips: Contrary to what one might think, the latter can be sold separately from the telephone and are easily available, for a cost of less than 10 euros, in telephone shops or online.

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