How to merge HJSplit files

How to merge HJSplit files on Windows

How to merge HJSplit files

The first step you need to take - guess what - is to connect to the HJSplit website and download the program to your PC by clicking on one of the three links named present in the central part of the page.

When the download is complete, open the archive and extract the contents in a folder of your choice: this operation is equivalent to installing the software since it is a portable software (that is, it does not require installations to work). Then start the program hjsplit.exe and you will find yourself in front of the HJSplit home screen.

Now, if you have not already done so, gather all the "pieces" of the file that you need to reassemble in the same folder and click on the button Join of HJSplit, then press the button Input file and select the first package that composes the file you need to rebuild: it is the one that has the number as extension 001.

If you can't see the file number, enable the extension view on Windows by following the directions you find in my guides on how to show file extension and how to show Windows 8 file extension.

At this point you just have to press the button Home and wait for HJSplit to do its job by recomposing your file. At the end of the operation you can safely trash the numbered files and keep only the complete file.

How to merge HJSplit files on Mac

How to merge HJSplit files

If you use a Mac you can merge files of HJSplit using the free utility Split & Concat which you can download to your computer by connecting to this Web page and clicking on the item DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION 3.0 by clicking here.

Once the download is complete, open the package SplitandConcat_3.0.dmg, drag Split & Concat into the folder Applications of OS X and start the application by right clicking on its icon and selecting the item apri give the menu check if you press.

Finally, gather all the parts of the file to be reassembled within the same folder, press the button Merge of Split & Concat and select the package with the number 001 to start the file merge process.

In case you can't see the numbering of the various packages, open the Finder and activate the display of extensions for all file types by pressing the key combination cmd +,, selecting the scheda Advanced in the window that opens and placing the check mark next to the option Show all filename extensions.

Please note: If HJSplit or similar application cannot recompose the files you have downloaded from the Internet, it is likely that they are compressed archives in RAR format, even those can be divided into several parts. To find out how to merge them read my tutorials on how to extract multi-part RAR files on Windows and how to extract RAR files on Mac.

How to merge HJSplit files

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