How to make Skype calls on your mobile


Preliminary notes

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

Making calls via Skype from your mobile is possible. What you need as an essential requirement to make phone calls via Skype is the use of an active internet connection on your mobile device. Phone calls can be made both under the Wi-Fi network which is preferable, to avoid any additional Internet traffic costs, and under the data network that you have subscribed to with your tariff plan.

Also consider that the use of the application takes place if you have a Skype account. Creating this account is entirely free: just go to this page and click on the item at the top right Log in.

From the drop-down list, click New user on Skype? subscribe. Then follow the on-screen procedure to create a new Skype account to make calls from your mobile.

However, if you already have a Microsoft account, you simply need to log in using the button Log in > My Account.

In addition to these unsatisfied requirements, you also need to keep in mind who Skype calls are free only and only if they are made to other Skype users. Conversely, if you are making a call on a geographic number, such as an city landline or mobile number, you will be required to have credit in your Skype wallet or a subscription. Without these, any phone call you attempt to make on a geographic number will fail.

In the next paragraph I will suggest how to top up your Skype virtual wallet. In addition, I will show you the subscriptions that you can subscribe to reduce some costs, in case you usually call via Skype, especially abroad.

Subscriptions and credit top-up

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

In case you are interested in subscribing to a subscription to Skype, you can subscribe to one similar to those you usually see for landline and mobile operators, which contain a specific amount of minutes available or unlimited minutes of conversation.

These subscription plans can be tied to a single country, such as the city, or to particular geographic areas, such as all of Europe. You can also subscribe to subscriptions that cover the World area, that is, which will allow you to contact over 60 world geographic numbers.

If you are interested in subscribing to a subscription that is closest to your needs, you can reach this official Skype page, which will show you all the subscriptions that you can subscribe in relation to the city.

You can change the destination country of your calls via the search engine above. If you only see a few subscriptions, click the button below Other, to discover all the other options available.

In case you do not want to buy a subscription, you can simply add some telephone credit and use, therefore, a rate per minute with possible connection fee. To view the rates, click on this link and enter the country you will usually need to call. In the box Skype Credit, which you will find in the center of the screen, click on the item View rates.

To top up your account, you will need to decide where to proceed: you can top up your credit from your profile on the Skype website or via the app on your mobile device.

In case you want to top up your credit via the web panel, after logging in to the site, from the left sidebar on your profile, click on the item Find out the credit.

In the new window that appears, click Add credit to your account. You will be directed to a screen where you will have to decide the amount to top up and if you want to activate the automatic top-up in case your credit drops below a certain threshold. Then click Continue and enter your payment method details. Confirm everything by clicking on the button Pay now.

From a smartphone, the operation is simpler. After opening the app, you will have to tap on the icon with the symbol of a telephone handset and then tap on Add funds. You will be directed to a section where you can top up your credit with the amount indicated on the screen.

How to download and install Skype on mobile devices

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

Skype is available for free on many mobile devices, whether they have an Android or iOS operating system. It is also available for other mobile operating systems, such as Windows 10 Mobile and Kindle devices. And if you are a person in step with the times and have a smartwatch, you can also install it on Apple Watch and devices with Android Wear.

You can find links for individual downloads directly on the official Skype website. Downloads are divided by device category (computer, smartphone, tablet or wearable) and by compatible operating system.

However, here are the quick links to download Skype on your Android device, via the PlayStore, and on your device with iOS operating system, via the App Store.

How to make Skype calls from Android and iOS mobile phones

After downloading and installing Skype on your Android or iOS mobile, you will need to open the application via its icon from the home screen of your device. The initial setup procedure is identical between the two devices. Then read on to take the first steps and start using Skype.

Initial configuration

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

Upon startup you will be prompted to create a new account (Create account) or to log in with one already in possession (Log in). I remind you that you can log in even if you have a generic Microsoft account, such as the one used for your Outlook email.

By tapping on Log in, you will be directed to a screen where you will have to type your email, your phone or your Skype username. When you have typed it, tap on NEXT and enter the password associated with your account. Then tap on Log in to log in immediately. If you have set up two-step verification on your account, you will need to enter the code that will come to you by email or SMS.

Once logged in, a quick wizard screen will ask you for the color of the theme you want to use. You can choose between light or dark shades. When you have chosen, tap on the right arrow.

The next step you will need to take is optional: you will be prompted to synchronize your contact list to check if any of them already have a Skype account, so that you can contact them via text messages, calls and video calls on Skype.

If you want to ignore, tap on Ignore, otherwise tap on arrow. If you have done the latter, you agree to the on-screen messages that appear to you. Then continue to tap onicon with an arrow to scroll through the configuration; the last few steps of the initial setup require access to the various hardware components of your device, such as microphone and camera, as well as the ability to send you notifications.

From now on I will differentiate the procedure on Android devices and on those with iOS, in case you want to make a call free to a Skype user or a call to payment on geographic numbering.

How to make a free call and video call on Skype

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Skype calls can also be free if done directly to another Skype user. I want to reiterate that, by this statement I mean that the call is free only if you are calling the exact user, and not the geographic number associated with it.

Calls to geographic numbers such as landline and mobile numbers are always a payment, after signing up for a subscription or top-up of a credit (see previous paragraph).

To initiate a call free to a Skype user, tap on the icon Contacts (phonebook symbol) and scroll through the list until you find the contact you want to call. If you were to read the wording next to the name Invite, it means that that contact does not have a Skype account, so that you can call him for free.

When you have found the contact to call, tap on their name to open the text conversion with them. Then tap on the icon at the top of the telephone cornet, to initiate a call free. You can alternatively tap onvideo camera icon to start a video call, also free.

How to call on Skype to a geographical number

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

If you want to make a call to a landline or mobile phone number, then you will first need to make sure you have an active subscription or some remaining credit.

Next, you will have to tap on the icon with the symbol of a telephone handset (Call). On Android you can find it at the top right. You can then decide to scroll through the list of your contacts and, once you have found the one to call, tap on his name. From the window that appears, you will have to tap on the phone number to start a call via Skype.

If, on the other hand, you want to call a number that is not in your contact list, tap on the item Keyboard / Use keypad and dial the phone number using the numeric buttons on the screen.

In this case, it is important to set the international prefix before making any phone call. By default, the one of your country is set (i.e. city). By tapping on the wording city, you can select another geographic area. After dialing the number, tap onicon with telephone handset to initiate the call.

How to make Skype calls on your mobile

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