How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

Preliminary information

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

Before explaining to you how to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars, I have to give you some preliminary information about it. In fact, you must know that i coin they are a particular virtual game currency and are obtained by fighting in melee, or by completing missions. Tokens are, therefore, a readily available coin, which is used to level up in the season of Brawl Stars.

Although it is not possible to get infinite tokens on Brawl Stars, in the true sense of the term, collecting this type of virtual currency is quite simple: I will explain you in the next chapters of this guide.

Furthermore, you will be interested to know that once the tokens obtainable on Brawl Stars, these regenerate over time, so that others can accumulate; therefore, following my instructions you will certainly have no problems in achieving the goal you have set for yourself.

How to get free tokens on Brawl Stars

Having made the necessary premises above, it's time to explain how to get free tokens on Brawl Stars, through the fulfillment of the main activities that take place in the famous Supercell game for mobile devices. Find more details on this in the following lines.

Play events

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

The first solution to get tokens on Brawl Stars is to play the Events and, therefore, participate in the melee, that is the PvP clashes that make up the main game mode of this title.

- Events they are clashes between players (usually 3vs3), which require you to carry out a specific mission. For example, the event Arraffagemme requires you to collect gems before time runs out: the team that collects at least 10 gems before the game ends wins.

Other types of events are, for example, the one called Survival, which requires you to face other players in an arena as a duo or alone, in order to remain the last player alive.

Playing events allows you to get coin, until these run out: you can see the amount of remaining tokens on the main screen of Brawl Stars, at the key Play.

As anticipated, the amount of tokens you can get in battle regenerates over time; therefore, if you have run out of tokens obtainable from melee playing the Events, keep an eye on the countdown, so you can resume playing Brawl Stars as soon as more are available.

Play the missions

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

Another solution to get tokens on Brawl Stars is to play the events following what is indicated by the Missions, that is, from the objectives daily e settimanali of Brawl pass.

Upon completion of the daily missions, in fact, it is possible to obtain 100 tokens, while completing the weekly missions, are obtained 250 tokens.

Le Missions they are simply specific goals that need to be accomplished by playing Events: for example, if the daily missions require you to Defeat nine enemies with Bo and Win three survival games (in two), it means you have to start the event Survival (in two), playing the brawler Bo and make sure you defeat at least 9 players during the game.

Le daily missions e settimanali they reset after a predetermined time has elapsed; therefore, after having exhausted them, wait for others to be proposed to you, to be able to obtain tokens again.

Activate the Brawl Pass

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

To increase the number of missions obtainable on Brawl Stars and, consequently, have a better chance of collecting tokens, I recommend that you activate the Brawl pass, which allows you to play the seasonal missions, which guarantee the possibility of obtaining from 250 ai 500 tokens each.

You must know that the Brawl pass is an objective path that allows you to obtain numerous rewards, including the brawl crates. However, it must be specified that there are two paths to objectives related to the Brawl Pass: the free one, which allows you to obtain rewards following the completion of a limited number of seasonal missions, and the paid one, which allows you to unlock a greater number of seasonal missions.

As a result of the activation of the Brawl pass for a fee, therefore, you will get more seasonal missions, through which to raise a greater number of coin and thus unlock other additional rewards as well.

Il Brawl Pass a pagamento you buy through the gem, which can be obtained for free in game, albeit in a limited way, or can be purchased in the Shop, with real money. The cost of the Brawl pass and of 169 gems (€ 10,99 for 170 gems).

Alternatively, the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme, which allows you to automatically progress even at certain thresholds of the season. Its cost is € 21,99, given that it is the minimum expenditure necessary to obtain 360 gems. For more information on how to get gems in Brawl Stars, I invite you to consult my dedicated tutorial.

Buy Doubles

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

If you are going to play Brawl Stars for a long period of time and therefore want to optimize the number of coin obtainable, you can consider purchasing the Double token.

It is, in fact, an object that can be purchased in Shop (but also obtainable for free as a random reward, playing Brawl Stars), which allows you to double the next 100 tokens obtained in the melee.

The cost of the Double token is 40 gems, which correspond to € 5,49, which is the minimum price to pay in order to obtain 80 gems via the Store.

After purchasing the Double token, therefore, all you have to do is follow the instructions and advice I have given you so far, in order to get the tokens on Brawl Stars and maximize your earnings thanks to the bonus just obtained.

How to have infinite tokens on Brawl Stars

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