How shared Netflix works

Netflix: how shared subscription works

How shared Netflix works

Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how shared Netflix works, it is necessary to make a necessary premise regarding the use of shared accounts on the famous video streaming service.

It will be useful to you that, as reported in the Netflix Terms of Use, sharing of your subscription is allowed as long as you only involve the components of your own household. This means that it is not allowed to use an account shared with friends or relatives who are not part of that core.

Furthermore, if your intention is to share Netflix in a public place, you must know that the famous video streaming service is intended exclusively for a personal and non-commercial use and, consequently, the public screening of its contents is not allowed.

How to activate shared Netflix

How shared Netflix works

After the necessary initial premise, you are ready for activate shared Netflix by choosing one of the subscriptions that allow the viewing of content on multiple screens at the same time and, consequently, access to your account by several people at a time.

To activate a shared Netflix subscription, connected to the main page of the famous video streaming service, enter yours email address in the ready field and click on the button Provalo prays. In the new screen that appears, select the option See the plans and choose the subscription that you think best suits your needs. Depending on the current promotions, a shorter or longer free trial period (max 30 days) may be available.

  • Standard (11,99 euro / month): allows viewing of Netflix HD content and allows simultaneous playback of up to 2 devices. The ideal solution for those who want to share their account with another person in their household;
  • Premium: (€ 15,99 / month): in addition to the possibility of viewing Netflix contents in Ultra HD and 4K, it allows playback of up to 4 devices simultaneously and, therefore, to 4 people at the same time.

I point out that in both cases, for the contents that allow it, viewing in offline mode is also available, which allows you to download the contents of your interest on smartphones, tablets and PCs with Windows 10 (through the appropriate application) and watch them without occupying a vision "slot". To learn more, you can check out my guide on how to watch Netflix offline.

After selecting the subscription that you think best suits your needs, click on the button Continue (twice in a row), create a password to associate with your account by entering it in the field Add a password and firstly your pulse Continue.

At this point, select the payment method you prefer among Credit or debit card, PayPal e Gift code, enter the data in the appropriate fields and click on the button Start the paid subscription, to pay for Netflix and activate your subscription.

How shared Netflix works

How do you say? Do you already have a Netflix subscription with the Basic plan active (which allows you to view content on only one device at a time) and would like to switch to one of the plans that allow simultaneous content playback? In that case, all you have to do is go to your account settings and select the subscription of your interest.

To do this, access Netflix from your computer, click on theprofile picture associated with your account, at the top right, select the option Account from the menu that opens and, in the new screen displayed, press on the option Modify piano related to the item Plan information.

Then choose the subscription you are interested in from Standard e Premium and click on the buttons Continue e Confirm change, to complete the step.

How shared Netflix works

It will be useful to know that the transition to a higher floor (eg. from Basic to Standard or from Base a Premium) takes effect immediately and the new price will be charged on the next billing date.

As you well know, Netflix is ​​also available as an application for Android and iPhone / iPad devices but only on smartphones and tablets equipped with the green robot operating system is it possible to activate a subscription. On Apple devices, however, it is necessary to proceed via a browser (eg. Safari): in both cases, the procedure is identical to what is indicated in the lines to activate Netflix from a computer.

How to use shared Netflix

How shared Netflix works

If you have decided to activate a shared Netflix subscription, the first operation I recommend you put into practice is to create a profile for each person in your household who will have access to the account in question.

You need to know that Netflix profiles allow each family member to have apersonalized viewing experience, with the ability to add the content of your interest to the list of favorites, change the viewing settings to your liking, quickly access your viewing history and receive personalized suggestions related to movies and TV series. In addition, you can create profiles dedicated to children and set viewing filters that prevent the reproduction of explicit content.

That said, to create a new profile, connect to the Netflix main page or start the service app, log in to your account, press onimage associated with your profile, at the top right, and select the option Manage profiles give the menu check if you press.

Now, choose the voice Aggiungi a pro, enter the name of the person who will use the profile in question in the field Your name, put the check mark next to the item Child / a if you are creating a profile for a child (in this case also specify which content to allow, choosing one of the available options between Children e Up to the boys band) and the first button Continue, to complete its creation.

At this point, all you have to do is create a profile for all the people who will have access to your account, repeating the procedure I just indicated. You need to know that it is possible to create a maximum of 5 Netflix profiles, regardless of the type of subscription activated.

Once all the Netflix profiles of your interest have been created, people in your household will be able to access the account shared with theemail address and Password associated with the latter. After logging in, they will be able to select the relevant profile visible on the screen Chi vuole will I save Netflix? and start playing the content of their interest.

How shared Netflix works

To edit a profile, instead, click on the button Manage profiles that appears on the screen after logging into your Netflix account and press the icon of pencil for the profile to be modified. Alternatively, click on yours profile pictureat the top right, and select the option Manage profiles give the menu check if you press.

By accessing the settings of the Netflix account in use, it is possible to set viewing filters for each profile created. To do this, click onimage associated with your profile, select the option Account and, in the new screen that appears, locate the entry Profiles and family filter. Then press the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso related to the profile of your interest and click on the button Change related to the item Viewing limitation.

At this point, I inserted the Password of your Netflix account in the appropriate field, press the button Continue and act in the sections Age rating for profile [name] e Title restriction by [name], to set which titles to show in the profile and apply blocks for individual contents.

Please note that from smartphones and tablets, using the Netflix app, you can change the name of each profile (the function is also available Delete, to delete a profile) but it is not allowed to manage other settings. To do this, you need to use the browser installed on your device.

How Netflix shared with Together Price works

How shared Netflix works

If you've heard of sharing your Netflix account with Together Price and, now, you would like more information about it, you must know that the latter is a platform that allows you to share your subscription to numerous digital services, including Netflix, always respecting the terms of use of the service to be shared.

If, therefore, you are wondering if you can use Together Price to share your Netflix account with other people outside your home, you should know that it is not allowed precisely because it goes against the Netflix terms of use.

Having clarified this, you can use Together Price to manage the sharing of your account with the people of your household and easily collect the participation fee of each user, without using paper, pen and calculator. Keep in mind, though, that the service in question applies a commission of 0,99 euros for each user participating in the sharing.

If you think Together Price is a valid solution to manage the sharing of your Netflix account, connected to the main page of the service, click on the button Register now, enter the required data in the appropriate fields and press the button Subscribe, to create your account and login.

At this point, I premi sulla voce Create group, at the top, select the option Netflix Premium and enter the required information in the fields Total Price, Free seats, Acceptance of requests e Visibility (I suggest you choose the option Private). Then check the box to accept the terms of use of Together Price and click on the button Public, to create your sharing group.

Now, all you have to do is select the option Invite your friends, press the button Copy link, to copy the invitation link of the group you just created, and send it to people in your household who have access to your Netflix account. To learn more, you can read my guide on how Together Price works.

How shared Netflix works

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