How Free Prints works

What is Free Prints

How Free Prints works

Before explaining to you how Free Prints works and illustrate, by thread and by sign, the procedure for placing your first order, it may be useful to know in detail what is Free Prints.

If you have never heard of it before, Free Prints is a free application for Android and iOS devices that allows you to order the printing of your photos and receive them comfortably at home. The peculiarity of this service, in addition to the choice between numerous print formats, lies in the highly competitive prices and, above all, in the possibility of using 45 prints which are offered for free every month.

In a few steps, therefore, it is possible to place a print order, selecting the photos of your interest both from the device in use and from your online accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapfish etc., as well as from storage services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Download Free Prints

How Free Prints works

To download Free Print, all you have to do is access your device's store, locate the app in question and start its download.

If you have a smartphone or tablet equipped with Android, then start the Play Store pressing on its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol) on the home screen, type Free Prints in the search field located at the top and press the icon of magnifying glass. In the search results, locate Free Prints, tap its icon (a white butterfly on green background), presses the buttons Install e Accept and wait for the download to complete.

If, on the other hand, you have a iPhone or iPad, start theApp Store pressing on its icon (the "A" bianca his azzurro background) and its voice Search present in the menu at the bottom, then type Free Prints in the field Search at the top and tap the button Search appeared on the on-screen keyboard to view the search results. After locating Free Prints (it should be the first result), tap the button Get and confirm your intention via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password. Wait, then, for the download and installation of the app to be completed and press the button apri to start the application.

I will create an account for your Free Prints

How Free Prints works

In order to use Free Prints and place an order, it is necessary create an account using a valid email address and entering the requested personal data.

To proceed, start the Free Prints application by tapping on its icon (a white butterfly on green background), presses the button Getting started guide and, if a highlighted screen appears, press the icon of X to close it. Now, tap the ≡ button at the top left, select the item Log in and, in the new screen that appears, tap on the option Create an account.

Through the section SUBSCRIBE, inseerisci i tuoi dati nei campi Your name, Last name, Email e Password (at least 8 characters), press the button SUBSCRIBE And that's it. Alternatively, press the button Continue with Facebook to sign up using your Facebook account or on the button Continue with Google to use your Google account to sign up for Free Prints.

Free Prints rates

How Free Prints works

Free Prints, as the name of the application suggests, allows you to print for free 45 photos per month provided that, when ordering, the print format is chosen 10 × 15 and only one quantity per single photo (if you want to make multiple copies of a photo, only the first will be free).

To view the number of free photos available for the current month, tap the button and locate the voice Hello [name]! You have [number] Free Prints remaining this month. You will be pleased to know that by inviting friends and family to use Free Prints, you can increase the number of free prints available to you. To do this, click on the item Get more prints present in the main screen of the application, presses the button Invite friends and family and select one of the available options (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to share your invitation code. For each friend who accepts your invitation and places an order, you will receive 5 additional prints which you must use within six months.

As for the costs of paid printing, these vary depending on the format chosen. A print in the formats 13 × 13 e 13 × 18 has a cost of 0,20 € a photo, the format 15 × 20 the 0,59 €, while the 60 × 90 the 19 €. All costs are visible when ordering.

Finally, you should know that postage and packaging costs start at € 1,99 and never exceed € 5,99. At the time of writing this guide, shipping costs are free for the first order of up to 10 photos. Printing, order fulfillment and delivery times take between 4 and 14 days.

Place an order on Free Prints

How Free Prints works

place an order on Free Prints, start the application of the service, press the button Start present at the top right (or on the option Tap anywhere to start) and tap on the item Allow to allow Free Prints to access your device photos.

On the new screen that appears, if your intention is to place an order using the photos on your device, make sure the option is selected Gallery in the top menu, choose the album of your interest and choose the photos you want to print.

It will be useful to know that you can also include photos uploaded to your social network accounts and / or cloud storage services in the order. In that case, first select one of the options visible at the top between Facebook, Instagram, Snapfish, Google, dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive e Filckr, then enter the data of the chosen service in the appropriate fields to make the connection and select the photos to be included in the order by tapping on them.

If you are wondering if it is possible to select photos from different sources, the answer is yes. To understand better, let's take a practical example: if you intend to print with some photos taken with your smartphone and a photo uploaded to Facebook, choose the option Gallery and select the images of your interest on the device in use, then tap on the item Facebook, connect your account (if you haven't already) and choose the photo to include in the order.

Select the shots of your interest, press the button NEXT and, in section Select format, specify the format of your interest and the quantity for each photo. Then choose one of the available formats from 10 × 15, 13 × 13, 13 × 18, 15 × 20, 20 × 25, 20 × 30, 25 × 38, 30 × 45, 60 × 90, 76 × 100, Our customers e 13 × 18 Panel, select the amount of your interest (maximum 100) and tap on the item Inserisci. It will be useful for you to know that at the top, next to the item Subtotal, you can track the cost of your order.

In case of second thoughts, you can change the order by pressing on format previously chosen, selecting the quantity of your interest and pressing the button again Inserisci (or its pulsating Remove if you have selected 0 as quantity). If, on the other hand, you want to exclude a photo from the order, press the icon of basket.

Also, by pressing on the icon of two crossed rectangles visible on the selected photo, you can access the editing of the photo itself. In the new screen that appears, tap the del icon dashed square (l'icona delle two arrows on iPhone) to mirror the image, press the icon of arrow (l'icona del square and an arrow on iPhone) to apply a 90 ° rotation and icon of three rounds to choose the black and white option. Once you have completed the changes you are interested in, press the button Save to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

How Free Prints works

Now, tap on the icon arrow to go to the next photo (if you previously chose to include more photos in the order) and repeat the above for each image. Press the button Continue, enter the shipping information in the fields With, Number civic, POSTAL CODE, City, Province, Telephone (not mandatory) and select one of the available options (Friend, TV, Facebook, Google, App Store or Google Play, Other etc.) via the drop-down menu How did you find out about us?.

Now, press the button NEXT to access the order summary, check that the data shown is correct and choose whether to apply one matte finish for all photos by moving its lever from OFF a ON. If you have an invitation or promotional code, tap on the item Do you have an invitation or promotional code?, enter it in the field insert the code e pulsing sul pulsating Apply. If yours is a free order at no cost, press the button Submit order but I will complete lordine.

How Free Prints works

If, on the other hand, you have included in the order some paid photos or shipping costs are foreseen, tap the button Continue, enter your credit or debit card details (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro e PayPal) In fields À la Carte, End Date e CVV, choose whether to store the data entered by moving the lever next to the option Remember this payment method da OFF a ON e pulsing sul pulsating Submit order. If, on the other hand, you prefer to pay with your PayPal account, on the screen Secure payment, pigia sul pulsating Pay with PayPal, enter the data in the fields Email address e Password and proceed with the payment.

To view the order details and the delivery date, tap the ≡ button, select the item my orders and select the order of your interest. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that, as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email at the address indicated during registration with all the shipping details (order number, expected delivery date, courier etc.).

In case of problems

How Free Prints works

Are you having problems using the Free Prints application? Have you placed an order but have not received your prints or is there an error with them? In this case, you can contact Free Prints support and report your problem.

To do this, start the service application, tap the button  e seleziona l'opzione Comments and assistance. Then choose one of the options from I would like to change my order e Where is my order to find the answers you are looking for, otherwise tap on one of the options available between I have received my prints, but there is a problem, I have a problem with the app e I have a suggestion to send a report.

Then enter your data in the fields Your name ed Email and describe your problem or suggestion in the field How can we help you?, then, if you wish, tap on the icon camera to attach a photo and press the button Send to send your report.

How Free Prints works

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