How Altroconsumo Connect works

How Altroconsumo Connect works

How Altroconsumo Connect works

Before explaining how to get the quote for the insurance of your car or motorcycle, it seems only right to explain to you how Altroconsumo Connect works in details.

Well, Altroconsumo Connect offers users a free rate comparator, with one and only one logic coverage of more than 85% of the in your languagen market.

Altroconsumo Connect has chosen to send the request for quotation to 21 companies (more than any other online comparator). For partner insurance companies, with which the company has negotiated exclusive conditions, it is possible purchase the policy directly from the site or through dedicated telephone assistance; but the service has also been extended to companies with which there are no commercial agreements, and in those cases it is possible to purchase the policy externally ((l most of the time, where possible, the contact details of the companies are indicated).

It should be noted that, despite there are partner insurance companies, the Altroconsumo Connect comparator operates in a manner independent e transparent, expressing a quality index for each company, developed by the experts of Altroconsumo Edizioni srl, on the basis of technical assessments that are absolutely independent from its brokerage activities: the policy that best protects the rights of the consumer is simply recognized and rewarded, beyond any existing commercial collaboration agreements.

I estimates the Companies are requested by Altroconsumo Connect through software that interrogates the public sites of the various companies (Allianz, Arca Assicurazioni, Aviva, AXA Assicurazioni, Cattolica,, Assicurazioni Generali, Genertel, Genialloyd, Groupama, Intesa San Paolo Assicura, cittàna Assicurazioni , Itas, Linear,, Quixa, Reale Mutua, UnipolSai, Verti, Vittoria, Zurich Connect etc.).

The savings on the prices of the policies that are communicated on the site are calculated, as indicated by IVASS, using the periodic surveys of Altroconsumo Connect on the progress of the TPL premiums concerning 4 different types of policyholders in the cities of Milan, Rome, Naples and Palermo: for the average savings are calculated for each type and for each city, equal to the difference between the average market premium and the most convenient premium.

For more information, I invite you to consult the official website of Altroconsumo Connect, and more precisely the pages with general information on the service, on the calculation of quotes and on the calculation of savings.

How to use Altroconsumo Connect

How Altroconsumo Connect works

The first step you need to take to compare auto and motorcycle insurance with Altroconsumo Connect is to connect to the main page of the service and click on the button Car insurance, if you want to compare car insurance, or on the button on the button Motorcycle insurance, if you want to compare motorbike insurance. For this tutorial, I have chosen to compare car insurance.

Once this is done, you need to log in: if you already have an Altroconsumo account, click on the button Log in and enter the data relating to the latter. If, however, you are not registered yet, click on the button Subscribe and fill out the form that is proposed to you with Your name, Last name, Email, Password e Phone Number; then tick the boxes relating to the general conditions and the privacy policy and press the button Continue, to submit your registration request. You will then need to confirm your identity by clicking on the verification link which will be sent to you via email.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

Once logged in, fill in the new form that is proposed to you with Date of birth of the owner e Vehicle license plate to be insured; then click on the button Continue, to go to the prospectus in which to enter all the information relating to the vehicle. Make sure, therefore, that in the section Vehicle data the form contains all the correct information regarding Plate, Registration date, Brand e Model and use the drop-down menu Preparation to indicate the preparation of the car to be insured.

Now move to the next section of the form and fill in the fields related to Vehicle purchase date, antitheft in use (e.g. alarm, electronic, mechanical), Annual mileage in kilometers, Type of remittance (eg garage or street), Usual vehicle use (e.g. home - work or business), Number of vehicles in the family e Vehicle value. Eventually, also check the boxes relating to the presence of gas system installed later, tow hook and / or trailer on the vehicle.

Then indicate if this is the first time you have insured the vehicle, check the boxes related to terms of use, All 'pre-contractual information and brokerage assignment and at declarations of having read the information on data processing and press pulsating Continue, to move forward.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

At this point, you need to enter i insurance data: use, therefore, the new form that is proposed to you to indicate Current policy expiration date, New policy start date, Maximal, Type of insurance (Art. Good / bad) from Company of origin. Then specify if you have ever used the Bersani decree in the past and if you have, between active guarantees, Sociopolitical events and / or Kasko.

In the next section, relating torisk certificate, provide CU of origin, CU next (the class of merit CU that could be assigned to you by your current company for the next insurance annuity), Accidents in the past five years (and possibly, if with main responsibility) and indicates if the vehicle has always been insured for the past 5 years; then click on the button Continue.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

Now you need to provide the personal data of the contractor. To begin with, he points if the policyholder is also the owner of the vehicle, if the policyholder is also the usual driver of the vehicle to be insured and its gender of belonging, using the appropriate boxes at the top of the page.

Then continue by entering all the required data: Your name, Last name, Birthday, Birth place, Nationality, Marital status, Type of family, Cohabitating children, Tax Code, Address, Mobile phone, Email, Educational qualification e Profession.

Fatto ciò, click on your button Continue, to access the prospectus in which to insert i owner data. It indicates, therefore, if the owner is also the regular driver of the vehicle to be insured and enter all the required information: Your name, Last name, Gender, Birthday, Birth place, Nationality, Marital status, Type of family, if there are Cohabitating children etc.

Once you have also filled out this form, you must provide the data of the usual driver of the vehicle (if different from the owner): Your name, Last name, Gender, Birthday, Birth place, Nationality, Marital status, Address, Mobile phone, Educational qualification, Profession, First license issue date e Type of driving license possessed.

Once this is done, click on the button Continue, indicates se anyone can drive the vehicle to be insured, theage of the youngest driver in the owner / driver's family and if, in addition to members of the owner's or driver's family, someone else will drive the vehicle. Then click the button again Continue.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

Now all you have to do is check the summary of the data entered: if everything is OK, click on the button Continue and you will see, within a few seconds, the best quotes for your vehicle; otherwise, click on the item Change data related to the information you want to change and use the fields on the screen to make the desired changes.

Once you have viewed the quotes for your vehicle, you will be offered only the results related to the RC mandatory: to add other guarantees, use the menu located on the left, through which you can add Basic assistance, Protected bonus, Fire theft (with possibly Cristalli, Atmospheric events ed Sociopolitical events), Driver injury, Kasko, Mini casco e Legal protection.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

Once you have selected the desired guarantees, to view the updated list of estimates, click on the button Add and update. Then choose, via the drop-down menu In order of (top right), whether to display results based on price o quality.

To view the details of an insurance, click on yours name. This will open a page, in which you will also find the button to perform thePurchase online, in the case of affiliated companies, or in cases where this is not available, the number to call.

I also point out that you will receive via e-mail the best quotes for your vehicle (with relative instructions to follow for purchasing the policy) and you can thus choose the insurance that best suits you.

For more information

How Altroconsumo Connect works

In some cases, the purchase of an online policy can be frightening: this is why Altroconsumo Connect offers users a personalized telephone assistance service, through which you can receive support for the purchase of the policy, just as you would receive it in the agency.

Giorgio, Filippo and the other Altroconsumo Connect collaborators can be reached at the number 02.6961567 Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays and the days before holidays from 09.00 to 13.00.

It should be emphasized that Altroconsumo Connect's support does not end with the sale of the product: the service provides assistance even if the management or settlement of the claim by the company is not considered satisfactory. For more information, visit the Altroconsumo Connect website.

Article created in collaboration with Altroconsumo Connect srl.

How Altroconsumo Connect works

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