Free financial management, money, budget and personal investment programs

    The programs of personal financial management, free, they are not so many and perhaps, in the city, they are not too used.
    Having already seen the best management software, free, useful for keeping personal and family accounting on a PC or even online, on the internet, in this article we extend the discussion by presenting some free and free programs aimed at managing the money and finances of a single or family.

    To understand the type of programs we are talking about, let's make a quick quote of the best financial management software in the world which is also the most popular but it is absolutely not free.
    Quicken è one of the best software for sol managementof, and certainly the most popular and sold.
    Not only does it allow you to easily manage money, but it also has several useful functions for creating reminders, managing the budget of portfolio investments and stocks on the stock exchange. Quicken, even if it has an extremely simple to use interface, is aimed above all at financial and professional investors and brokers and allows you to monitor stock prices online and keep track of your investments. Quicken's purchase price ranges from $ 39,99 to $ 99,99 works on Windows and Mac only.
    Fortunately there are many software free which work on various platforms and are great alternatives to use instead of Quicken.

    1) GnuCash is the closest program to Quicken for financial management.
    Not only can it be used as a personal finance manager, it also works well as a business accounting software.
    The interface is simple to use, very functional and fully respects the accounting principles. The most notable features of GnuCash are the support for double entry, operations planning, online verification the status of your stock investments and automatically synchronized and support for importing and exporting Quicken files (OFX / QFX). GnuCash is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac and it is too in english with documentation and manuals all in english.

    2) With controlling the expenses and money of Money Manager Ex, a program very similar to GnuCash, you can manage your financial situation and even your personal investment accounts, with speed and little effort. MMEx, has as a useful feature, the large detail screen of the operations that allows you to view all the money movements at a glance. Money Manager Ex can be run on Windows Mac and Linux, in English.

    3) Grisbi it is definitely the program simpler and more intuitive, featuring a clean interface that makes organizing finances a breeze. All options are organized in tabs which can be accessed quickly. The default currency used in Grisbi is the euro, but you can easily enter other currencies as well. By entering the right exchange rate it is also possible to convert coins automatically. You can manage multiple accounts together, different categories of income and expenditure of money and balance sheet items. The greatest merit of Grisbi is its ability to generate relationships between the various items and to present data in numerous ways with very detailed graphic reports which can be exported in CSV or HTML format. Grisbi is available, for free, for Windows, Linux and Mac and is also in your language.

    4) Home Bank is a small and light software to manage money and money of your finances. Very simple in design and does not have the same options and resources as the previous ones, however it is highly recommended for those who have no experience in this kind of programs or who prefer a more agile and faster program with only basic functions.
    Home Bank is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac, it is also free software.

    5) JGnash it is a software based on Java and, therefore, it can be used in almost all platforms that support Java, ie practically all systems. When starting jGnash for the first time, you may be puzzled to find a blank screen, with very few instructions on how to get started, however it is packed with features that you can explore with a little patience. In addition to managing your finances, jGnash allows also to monitor the bank account and investment transactions. If you are a little expert in java programming, you can also create javascript and manage them in jGnash by customizing the program and implementing new functions.

    6) Acemoney Lite is the free version of the paid program Ace Money and offers all the basic functions of a very extensive program for financial management, budget management, investment performance tracking, account payments, debt and mortgage monitoring and other things.

    7) Without using programs you can register and manage personal expenses on Gmail thanks to a Google Docs module as explained in another article.

    Free space in the comments to report other free programs for personal financial management.

    Free financial management, money, budget and personal investment programs

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