How Twitch Prime works

What is Twitch Prime

Let's start with the basics, namely from what is Twitch Prime. Well, Twitch Prime is none other than theaccount premium di Twitch, through which it is possible to access numerous advantages compared to the free plan of the service. Here are a few.

  • Sign up for a free affiliate or partner Twitch channel per month and receive privileges dedicated to subscribers only (such as emoticons, badges, viewing the direct past of channels that normally do not allow it and more).
  • Access some game content selected by Twitch and receive free games.
  • Receive rewards, as additional copies of game content to share with the community (via the Twitch Gift Box, which streamers can activate on their channel).
  • Save your live streams for a time of 60 days (instead of the 14 foreseen by the standard plan).
  • Change the chat color.
  • Receive emoticons exclusive.
  • Get the Prime Chat badge which consists of a crown icon next to your name when speaking in chat.

To get Twitch Prime you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime, the Amazon subscription (Twitch is in fact a service owned by Amazon) and for 36 euros per year o 3,99 euro monthly with a 30-day free trial it allows you to take advantage of free deliveries in one day on many products and take advantage of many other benefits. College students can also get a free 90-day trial of the service and pay half the price.

You can find all the details about it in my tutorial on how Amazon Prime works. If, on the other hand, you need some clarification about the basic operation of Twitch, I refer you to my guide dedicated to the operation of the service.

How Twitch Prime works

Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter and to discover, in detail, how Twitch Prime works. In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you what are the necessary requirements to activate the subscription and how to use all the functions it offers.

How to get Twitch Prime

As already mentioned above, for you have Twitch Prime you need a Amazon account and Amazon Prime subscription. First of all, access the official Amazon page, move the mouse cursor over the item Hello. Log in Accounts and lists (top right) and log into your account.

If you don't have an Amazon account yet, press the button instead Create your Amazon account, enter in the appropriate fields Your name, Email address e Password (twice) and press the button Create your Amazon account. If you run into problems or want more details, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to registering on Amazon.

Once logged in you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. For completeness of information, I would like to point out that the subscription includes, in addition to Twitch Prime, also Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Amazon Photos, Prime Now, unlimited deliveries in one day, the discount to Amazon Music Unlimited that allows you to save two months of subscription by spending an annual amount of 99 euros and more.

To subscribe, therefore, click on the item Sign up for Prime, at the top right, and in the new page on which you are redirected, click on the button Sign up and use it for free for 30 days. You must know, in fact, that the subscription includes a free trial of one month and that for the first 30 days you will not be charged any costs (if you are a university student, you can also get a 90-day trial and a strong discount on the subscription) .

To complete the procedure, enter your credit card details and fill in the required fields with your personal data. After that, press on the buttons Use this address and subsequently on Sign up now, 30 days free. The free trial of your Amazon Prime membership is now active. I remind you that, in case of second thoughts, you can deactivate Amazon Prime at any time and at no cost.

How Twitch Prime works with Amazon Prime

As I mentioned earlier, your Amazon Prime account allows you to get all the benefits of the Prime version of Twitch. Are you wondering how, in practice, to get them and start watching live, chatting and following your favorite streamers? I'll explain it to you right away!

The operation to be carried out is only one, and it is extremely simple: connect theAmazon account on which the subscription is active Premium toTwitch account. If you don't have a Twitch account yet, don't worry, you can create it quickly with the procedure you will find in the next lines.

To link the two accounts, first, go to the Twitch Prime main page and press the button Log in, top right. In the new screen that has opened, the service should automatically recognize your country of origin: to confirm the information, click on the button Continue. At this point, in the new page that has opened, select yours from the list Amazon accountI inserted the Password and press pulsating Log in.

Now, press on the blue button Activate Twitch Prime and wait a few seconds. From the menu on the left, below the first item, press on the writing Collega account Twitch, then press the button Link accounts. After doing so, you will be redirected to a new page from which you can create your Twitch account or log in to your account (if you already have one).

If you don't have an account, click on the item SUBSCRIBE, insert Username, Password, Birthday e Email address, award-winning SUBSCRIBE and, in the new page opened, click on the button Confirmation, to associate the Amazon account and the new Twitch account.

Now check yours email box: inside you will find a Twitch message through which, by pressing the button Verify your account, you will be able to complete the registration. In another message, this time from Amazon, you will receive confirmation of the link between your Amazon account and your Twitch profile.

Mission accomplished! Now everything is ready to use Twitch Prime. Curious about how it works? Then read the next chapter carefully, I'll explain everything there.

How to use Twitch Prime

If this is your first time ever using Twitch, you might be a little confused. If, on the other hand, you are some sort of “free account veteran” I'm sure you will have no problem using the additional features offered by your Prime subscription.

Let's start by saying that you can use Twitch Prime via any of the popular web browsers, desktop application for computers, and apps for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

Each time you log in via a new device, after entering your credentials, you will also need to enter the verification code received by email. You will also not be able to subscribe to channels, get game content or download free games via mobile devices. The main features of the apps, in fact, consist in streaming content. On the other hand, browser and desktop application work in the same way and allow you to use all functions.

To enjoy your benefits, first go to the Twitch homepage. You will notice that if you have just gone through the process of linking with Amazon Prime, access to your Twitch account will be immediate. If not, enter your credentials.

Now, through your Twitch Prime subscription, you can subscribe to a channel Amazon partner or affiliate per month at no additional cost (normally available at a price of 4,99 euros). Doing so is very simple: select the channels, award-winning Subscribe, scroll down the new page that has opened and then click on the button Sign up at no additional cost (the one with a crown next to it).

per ottenere game content or free games, From Home page of the Twitch site, click on the icon crown at the top right, and scroll down the menu. Then press the buttons Redeem offer, Get code o Redeem.

Premendo sul pulsating Go to the rewards page on Twitch Primeinstead, you will be redirected to the official Twitch Prime page, where you can perform the same operations: just select a game for which you have an account, press the button Redeem now and link the two accounts by following the wizard.

In case of a free downloadable game (which you can always find on the Twitch page, Twitch Prime and the Twitch Desktop application), instead, press the button Redeem and, subsequently, on the voice Download and play.

At this point, you will need to download the application of Amazon Games (for Windows) by clicking on the link in the box that opened. Doing so is super simple: run the .exe file that has downloaded and wait for the installation to complete (this may take a couple of minutes). Once that's done, enter yours Amazon credentials and click on the button Log in.

Then, in the new screen that opened, press the buttons Redeem e Install present below the image of the game you want. To complete the operation, in the new window, select the file path, tick (or not) the box to create a desktop shortcut and press pulsating Proceed. Once the installation process is complete, you can start playing.

Another interesting function is the Casket of gifts. This is an option that streamers can choose to activate on their channel. In practice, Prime customers can help fill it by entering it inside additional copies of the rewards obtained through Twitch Prime. When the streamer decides, they will be able to empty the chest and randomly offer gifts to their eligible subscribers (if you are a Twitch Prime customer you are not eligible and can only donate).

To add your rewards to a chest, all you have to do is check for a window above the channel chat to see if the Gift Chest is active. Then, at the bottom of the chat, check that you have rewards to donate and, if any, press the button Donate.

To find yours emoticons as a subscriber, available only if you are using Twitch Prime, click on theyour profile picture (top right) and, from the menu, select the item Settings. Now, choose the tab Twitch Prime and set of emoticons to be used in chat among those available.

These are the main features of your new Twitch Prime account. You just have to get a little familiar with the platform and start having fun!

How to deactivate Twitch Prime

Have you tried Twitch Prime but found it's not for you? You can always decide to turn it off.

A first method that you can use, if you have activated the free trial of Amazon Prime, is cancel automatic renewal of the latter. To do this, access the official Amazon page and, if you are not connected to your account, move the cursor to the item Hi, Log in Accounts and Lists and click on the button Log in. Once done, enter your credentials (email and password) and press the button again Log in.

At this point, click on the items My Amazon Prime and subsequently on Don't Continue - Waive Prime Benefits. Finally, on the new page that opens, press the button Cancel subscription. Now, from the day after the renewal, you will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime.

A second solution, however, is to cancel theannual subscription to Amazon Prime which, automatically, will also delete Twitch Prime. To do this, go to the Amazon site and, if necessary, log in following the procedure I indicated above. Then, again through the voice Hello, Accounts and lists, select the item from the menu My Amazon Prime. At this point, in the column Manage Subscription, click on the link Update, delete and more. From the new page that opened, click the buttons End Registration and subsequently on End Benefits.

If you want more information to complete the procedure, I leave you to my specific guide on how to disable Twitch Prime.

How Twitch Prime works

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