How to have your account verified on TikTok

Preliminary information

How to have your account verified on TikTok

Before explaining to you how to have your account verified on TikTok, let me provide some useful preliminary information on this. In fact, you must know that, as anticipated previously, at the moment it is not possible to send to the team of TikTok the request to obtain verification of your profile.

La blue checkin fact, it is automatically attributed to all public figures, companies and / or other subjects of relevance and public interest. Also with regard to the influencer and creator, such as the youtuber or Instagram influencer that land on TikTok, there are the same methods of attribution.

Basically, therefore, it is possible to receive the badge with the blue check only from the moment in which it is automatically assigned by TikTok, following checks that are carried out on highly popular profiles by the social network team.

Having clarified this, the only solution you can put in place, to speed up the process of receiving the blue check, is to implement some simple strategies by which become famous on TikTok, hoping to receive the coveted blue badge. In this regard, follow the instructions and advice that I will provide you in the next chapters, in order to be able to do this.

How to become popular on TikTok

TikTok is a rapidly growing social network and becoming famous is not so impossible, as by putting in place some particular strategies and making the most of all the contents of the platform, it is possible to quickly reach a very large audience. So let's see together how to best use TikTok in order to get a considerable number of followers in a short time.

Create quality content

How to have your account verified on TikTok

The first piece of advice I want to give you, to help you become famous on TikTok, is to start thinking about the strategy to be implemented with regard to the creation of contents, which must be absolute quality and they will also have to stand out from an aesthetic point of view.

You must in fact know that TikTok is a video sharing platform in which, usually, very short videos are published and, more often than not, even funny ones. In particular, the types of videos that are popular are lip sync videos, voiceovers, or dances, or those in which the choreography of a dance invented by a user of the community is interpreted.

These are just some of the examples: what characterizes TikTok is that the videos posted are always original, funny and short-lived (60 seconds maximum). In addition, they stand out for their montage made up of a series of sequences edited one after the other, in a frenetic way.

Even if, usually, these are the most viewed and appreciated types of videos, up TikTok content that differs from the usual schemes can also become popular, as the important thing is that they respect what is the format of the platform, characterized precisely by rapid sequences, but also by superimposed writings, as well as by a musical background .

That said, in order to create high quality content, you must first and foremost identify the audience you want to reach and, consequently, think about the type of video you want to make, depending on your business.

Basically, what you have to aspire to is entertain the public with what you know or with what you can do, making videos in line with those that are published on the platform, or distinguishing yourself from others, in order to be more creative.

Don't forget that you can see the videos posted on TikTok, to find the right inspiration and, if necessary, take inspiration. In fact, all you have to do is launch the TikTok for Android or iOS / iPadOS, log into your account and scroll down from the screen Home (the symbol of the house), in order to see all the videos in the section For you, which contains the most popular contents based on those that the algorithm of TikTok believes it is your interests.

Participate in the challenges

How to have your account verified on TikTok

In addition to the advice I gave you in the previous chapter, relating to identifying your personal strategy for publishing high quality videos, I want to give you a suggestion on how to find theright inspiration for creating videos and, at the same time, exploiting the trends di TikTok to become famous.

You must in fact know that TikTok is a social network that relies heavily on its community, through the challenges that are carried out every day. Taking part in the challenges is, therefore, the best way to never run out of ideas when it comes to publishing videos, as well as the simplest solution to reach social network users.

Wondering how to see the challenges of the day and would like to know what are the popular hashtags? Very simple: start the TikTok app, log in to your account and press the button Discover (the'icon of the lens of ingrandimento) located at the bottom, in order to display the screen related to challenges and the hashtags of trends.

The former are displayed in the top slider, while the complete list of popular hashtags is visible by scrolling down. In both cases, you can see the most popular videos for the selected challenge or trend by clicking on it.

In this regard, if you want to make a video based on a hashtag or one challenge, press the button with the video camera symbol, in order to open the editor of TikTok and create your content through the tools made available by the social network. Speaking of which, if you need a hand on this topic, read my tutorial on how to make videos on TikTok.

Engage the public

How to have your account verified on TikTok

Among the best solutions you can put in place to quickly achieve popularity on TikTok there is engaging the public and interacting with it.

In this regard, if through the section For you you found a video that interests you, put "like" by pressing onheart icon, and comment, writing your message in the visible section by tapping on cartoon symbol. If, on the other hand, you want to follow the user who made the video, click on his profile picture and then tap the button Follow.

Another solution you can put in place to engage the audience is to invent dances or trends, then inviting other users to participate. To do this, I suggest you use the TikTok's most popular songs.

To see what are the most used music tracks by the social network community, start the app TikTok, log in to your account, press on pulsating (+), to open the media editor of TikTok, then tap on the item Sounds located at the top, in order to view the section dedicated to the multimedia library of the social network.

Some of the most used songs are visible in the slider at the top, but you can also refer to the sections of the tab playlist, such as rumors The more you listen e Popular. After identifying the song to use, tap on it to listen to its preview. To use it, instead, press on red check mark.

At this point you just have to make the video by pressing the red round button of registration and using the other tools of the editor TikTok, such as transitions.

If you have independently identified a sound that you are interested in using, while watching the videos of TikTok, you can use it as background music for the videos you make. In this case, to succeed, press ondisk icon located in the lower right corner of the video and then tap the button Use sound, to add the song to the TikTok Media Editor.

Use hashtags

How to have your account verified on TikTok

- hashtag they are very important on TikTok as they are labels, preceded by the # symbol, which describe the published contents and catalog them within the platform, in order to facilitate their identification.

However, hashtags must be relevant to the published content and, moreover, it is better to use the most popular ones, in order to reach a greater number of users faster. For this reason it is important to have previously identified those who are popular hastag which, as explained in the previous chapter, can be identified through the section Discover di TikTok.

This type of label must be published directly in the caption of the video made; as a result, after recording the video via the TikTok, accessible by pressing on pulsating (+) in the screen Home, fai tap sul pulsating NEXT, in order to view the section Public.

At this point, write the caption of the video in the text field Describe your video, then tap the # buttonHashtag and start writing the hashtag you want to add. In this way, you will be shown the list of related hashtags and you can use those that have a higher number of views.

Finally, I would like to point out that among the most popular generic hashtags there are #Loss e #ForYou, which users add to their videos, to make sure they are shown in the section For you.

How to have your account verified on TikTok

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