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Before going into the details of the procedure on how to have transparent phone wallpaper, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, generally the main intent of users interested in this topic is to set how Home screen wallpaper of your smartphone the camera video stream, constantly active.

In this way, you can always see what's behind the mobile device, using the rear photo sensors. This can be interesting in certain contexts, for example to create creative photos in which the smartphone fits into the context.

However, you understand that it may not be exactly the best idea after a few minutes of fun use, as not always what frames the smartphone camera can be interesting.

In addition, there are issues of privacy and the duration of the battery. As for the first aspect, they generally are third-party applications who take care of making the smartphone background "transparent" and - needless to say - give constantly accessing the sensors photo of the device to applications that maybe come from not very famous developers is not the best of ideas. As for the battery, another fairly obvious speech: having the camera active for several minutes in a row quickly drains the autonomy of the smartphone.

In short, I advise you to adopt solutions of this type only if you consider it strictly necessary and only on short-term occasions. As an alternative, if you want to protect privacy and battery but at the same time do not miss the opportunity to surprise your friends, you could create a photo of what is behind your smartphone and use it as the background of the Home screen or, again , look for a photo of the internal components of the device and use it as a "transparent background" of the device.

For all the details on the solutions just mentioned, keep reading - find everything below.

How to have transparent phone wallpaper

After analyzing the situation in general, I would say that it is time to take action, illustrating yourself how to set a transparent wallpaper on your smartphone.


The operating system for mobile devices that notoriously allows you to be customized more, even in aesthetic terms, is Android. It is therefore not surprising that the OS of the green robot offers several possibilities to implement this idea.

Photo of the context

If you simply want to take original photos on your smartphone, perhaps inserting it in the center of an interesting context, pretending that it is "transparent", the quickest and most effective method is the one that consists in take a photo in the right position and set it as wallpaper.

Let me explain: if you want to create creative images that seem to make the part "behind" the icons on the Home screen "invisible", so that the subject of the photo can also be seen in the background, it's all very simple.

In fact, you just need to take the device, open the application Camera (the appropriate icon is usually found on the main screen of the device), take the picture to what you want to see in the background, click on the box Roll, usually present at the bottom, tap on the icon Other and select the option Set as wallpaper, confirming your choice.

Obviously on the market there are myriads of different models for the Android world, so the procedure may vary slightly depending on the smartphone at your disposal. However, you shouldn't have any particular problems reaching your goal by following the directions I have given you.

You can also refer to my tutorial on how to change your mobile wallpaper to dispel any doubts about it.

Either way, once you've done this, you can take a photo from the outside (or have someone else take it) using another camera (also that of another mobile device).

Obviously, you will have to position the device correctly, in order to make it appear "transparent". Perfect, now you have the original photo you wanted to make, without going through any kind of external tool.

Transparent background updated in real time

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more "advanced", that is, that allows you to always keep the video stream active camera on the Home screen, you have to rely on third-party applications. As I have already explained in the preliminary chapter, it may not be exactly a good idea for the privacy and the duration of the battery. However, if you want to at least see how it works, I am going to explain how to do it.

In this context, an application that may interest you is Transparent Live Wallpaper (Camera on Wallpaper) di Audrius końcu, how much in the free of ads and classic pop-ups usually found in applications of this type. In any case, I remind you to always pay attention to these third-party apps, also given the privacy issue (check reviews and comments online before downloading one).

In any case, to download and install the app I just suggested, just open the Play Store, search “transparent live wallpaper camera on wallpaper”, To tap on 'icona dell'app (there is a TV with a green frame) and press the button Install. If there are no Google services on your device, you can find the application on an alternative store.

Once you have downloaded the application, open it, grant it theautorizzazione to access the camera and proceed to setting the transparent background, scrolling the page and pressing on the option Set as wallpaper.

At this point, you will be prompted to set the wallpaper as Home screen and lock screen: you just have to confirm your choice and that's it. Going back to the Home screen and moving around, you will see that it is background it will show what is framed by yours camera.

Otherwise, several options are available within the application. For example, by default it is possible change the camera used, switching to that front, set the white balance and activate the flash. In short, you can find a bit of everything you need.

Obviously, I want to reiterate that keeping a third-party app installed only for this purpose may not be the best idea, but clearly the choice is yours and now you also know how to do this on Android.

Also, take into account that, for security reasons, in some cases the operating system may prevent the app from using the camera, for example, al restart your smartphone.

Photos of the internal components

Un alternative approach that I would like to advise you and that it is original is to carry out a research related to pictures showing the internal components of your smartphone and use one of these as background. By doing so, you can "pretend" that you can see inside the device.

In this case, I have no particular information on where to find the images, as obviously each model is a story in itself. However, I recommend that you google it "[Model name] teardown" (for example, “Samsung Galaxy S21 teardown”), then taking a look at the available material.

If you have doubts about how to do this, you can follow my tutorial on how to download images from Google. After that, you just need to set the image related to the components as background, following the classic procedure.


How do you say? You are an owner of iPhone and would like to set one transparent background? I'll explain immediately what the possibilities are at your disposal.

In this case, you must know that, given the "limitations", also concerning the privacy, imposed by Apple's operating system, it is practically impossible to find third-party applications that keep the video stream of the camera always active in the background.

For this reason, I advise you to apply one of the other two approaches which I have already illustrated in the chapter dedicated to Android: set a photo as wallpaper, in order to create a creative context, or use as a wallpaper an image downloaded from the web related to the internal components of the smartphone.

Photo of the context

In the first case, just open the app Camera, take the photo in the right way, press on thefilm roll icon (present at the bottom left), tap the button sharing (the square with the arrow inside) and select the option Use as a background from the proposed menu, moving and resizing the image as you should and then pressing the button Tax.

Photos of the internal components

As regards, however, the images of internal components, I suggest you google "IPhone [model] teardown" (for example, “iPhone SE teardown”).

Subsequently, once the image download (you have to hold down on it and tap on the option Add to Photos), to apply it as a background you just need to go to the path Settings> Wallpaper> Choose a new wallpaper> All photos I will select l 'image that you just downloaded. More info here.

Perfect, now you know a little about all the possibilities available for make the background "transparent" of your smartphone. Of course, you can indulge in myriad other ways now that you know how to do this.

How to have transparent phone wallpaper

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