How to get heads in Minecraft

How to get Minecraft heads

How to get heads in Minecraft

Before I actually explain to you how to get heads in minecraft, there is some information you need to be aware of.

First, in case you were wondering, the method I'm about to show you is fully functional for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which is the version of the game only available on PC. As for the Bedrock Edition, which is the version of Minecraft available on consoles, mobile devices and Windows 10 and later, unfortunately I must warn you that it is not possible to get the heads of other players or of yourself, as it is a feature that has become exclusive to the Java Edition. The other heads, on the other hand, are available (in any case, in each chapter I will show you precisely the versions of Minecraft compatible with the illustrated procedure).

You should also know that you can only get the heads of users who have purchased the original game of Minecraft. This means that if you're trying to get the head of a player using Minecraft with an alternative or non-original launcher, you won't be able to.

Finally, as you may have guessed after what I told you a moment ago, in order for a player's skin to load within your game, you must have a Internet connection active: without that, the heads will not show the skin of the player in question, but the typical basic one of Steve or Alex. Is everything clear so far? Well, then I'd say we can proceed.

How to get mob heads in Minecraft

How to get heads in Minecraft

get mob heads in minecraft there are two methods, depending on what you need. It is possible, in fact, to obtain them both in mode Survival that using i tricks.

In the Survival mode, the heads of the mobs obtainable are 5 and are the following for both the Java Edition that for the Bedrock Edition.

  • Skeleton Skull - obtainable by making a Skeleton die with the explosion of a loaded Creeper.
  • Head of creeper - obtainable by making a Creeper die with the explosion of a loaded Creeper.
  • Zombie head - obtainable by making a Zombie die with the explosion of a loaded Creeper.
  • Wither skeleton skull - obtainable by causing a Wither Skeleton to die with the explosion of a Charged Creeper. There is also a small chance to get it by directly killing a Wither Skeleton.
  • Dragon head - randomly generated on the End Ships (exclusive feature for the Java Edition).

An alternative method to get the heads I just showed you, as I mentioned earlier, is to use the cheat. To be able to do this, however, make sure you are in a Minecraft world where you can use them. If you don't know how to check it, I invite you to consult my guide where I show you how to activate the cheats on Minecraft.

Once this is done, the heads are available directly within the inventory of the Creative mode. Precisely, with regard to the Java Edition, the heads are in the category decorationswhile for the Bedrock Edition you need to look for them in the tab Search with their name.

How to get heads in Minecraft

Heads can also be obtained through gods commands (exclusively for the Java Edition). To do this, you need to open the chat pressing the key T on your keyboard and type the following command: / give @p ID. The field ID must be replaced with the head code, which varies depending on the mob you choose.

You can view the IDs of all the mob heads obtainable below.

  • Skeleton Skull — minecraft:skeleton_skull
  • Head of creeper — minecraft:creeper_head
  • Zombie head — minecraft:zombie_head
  • Wither skeleton skull — minecraft:wither_skeleton_skull
  • Dragon head — minecraft:dragon_head

Another interesting feature, always exclusive to the Java Edition, is the ability to use the heads of other players who own the skins of the mob missing among the heads currently available in Minecraft, such as Spiders, Slimes or Endermans. In fact, special accounts were created that kept the skins of various mobs present in the game, so that you can always rely on them if you needed additional mob heads.

To get them, as I mentioned in the previous chapter, you need to have one Internet connection active. Once you have this, the command to type in the chat is as follows: / give @p minecraft: player_head {SkullOwner: “PLAYER NAME”}. The field PLAYER NAME must be replaced with the user's name who owns the skin of the mob you are interested in. You can see the full list of mobs available on the official Minecraft wiki.

How to get player heads in Minecraft

How to get heads in Minecraft

In the Java Edition of Minecraft is possible get the heads of other players through a simple command, for which in any world that has the tricks activated. Furthermore, you can safely use this method even in mode Single PlayerAll you need is an active internet connection while you are in the game.

The command is the same as the one I showed you in the previous chapter, which is the following: / give @p minecraft: player_head {SkullOwner: “PLAYER NAME”}. Again, the field PLAYER NAME must be replaced with the user's name of which you want to get the head.

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, make sure the player in question owns one original copy of Minecraft, otherwise the game will not detect its skin. Also, be careful to spell the name of the user in question correctly, especially with regard to any capital letters or special characters.

How to get youtubers' heads in Minecraft

How to get heads in Minecraft

You will surely have guessed, by reading this tutorial, that it is also possible get youtubers heads. The process is analogous to what I explained to you in the previous chapter, so all you have to do is discover the name of youtubers that interest you. Obviously, even in this case it is possible to have youtuber heads only in the Java Edition.

The methods of knowing the name of youtubers in Minecraft vary from situation to situation, as there may be some who have never shown their name within the game. In any case, I advise you to pay particular attention to the videos of the youtubers whose Minecraft heads interest you, since you could run into a movie in which they talk about it or where they show their name on Minecraft.

Another thing I recommend you do, always in the youtuber videos, is to look for someone who has collaborated within Minecraft with the youtuber you are interested in. If they have played multiplayer together during a video, simply search for the youtuber you are interested in in the video.

The last resort you can use is to ask friends or on social media if they know the name of the youtuber you are looking for in Minecraft. A great place where you can ask these kinds of questions is Reddit, a kind of "mega-forum" on the most disparate topics, chock full of users who help each other with any kind of issue.

How to have your own heads in Minecraft

How to get heads in Minecraft

If you want to know like having your own head in Minecraft, I reassure you by telling you that also in this case the procedure is identical to the previous chapters (so this too is exclusive to the Java version). All you have to do is enter yours name within the command to give you head.

Then open the game chat pressing the key T and type the following command: / give @p minecraft: player_head {SkullOwner: “PLAYER NAME”}. At this point, just replace the part PLAYER NAME with the your account name your Minecraft.

Obviously, the premises I made earlier in this guide also apply to you: if you don't have one Internet connection or original minecraft account, you will not be able to get the head with your skin.

How to make heads in Minecraft

How to get heads in Minecraft

You're looking for more unique heads to add to your Minecraft world in the Java Edition? Then you might think about resorting to using custom heads. There are, in fact, various sites that contain hundreds of heads to choose from.

Before explaining the procedure, however, you need to know that you need a Command block, as normal commands will not work in this case. If you don't know how to get it, then I invite you to consult my guide where I explain how to get the Command Block on Minecraft.

Also, to get customized heads you need to search for them online, so I invite you to pay attention to the sites you visit in advance, as you could stumble upon web pages containing malware. If you want to know more to protect yourself from dangerous sites, I invite you to read my guide where I show you how to understand if a site is safe.

Once you have taken the necessary preliminary steps, search on Google custom head minecraft, take a look at the sites that appear and choose the one containing the tests that most please you.

After choosing the head you want to insert into your world, copy the code that is provided to you by the site, then go back into Minecraft and place a Command block on the ground and right click on it to open the consul. Once this is done, press the key combination CTRL + V (Or cmd + v if you are using a Mac) and then click on the button Done.

The last remaining step is to activate the Command Block. To do this, place a Button on the block and right click on it to activate it. If you've done all the steps correctly, you should find the forehead that you have chosen from your inventory. That's all! Easy, right?

Since the process is very simple, it is very convenient to use the custom heads to decorate your home or to add some details. The sites of this kind, in fact, are full of different and original heads, so it is possible to find anything inside!

How to get heads in Minecraft

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