How to call anonymously

How to call anonymously from your smartphone

If you are going to use yours smartphone to call anonymously, you can choose between two different solutions: use a manual procedure to be performed whenever you decide to make an anonymous call, or go to your device settings to ensure that all outgoing calls are anonymous to those who receive them. For now, become familiar with both procedures and then choose the one that, in your opinion, is right for you.

Manual procedure

If you want to make a one-off joke this is, most likely, the solution for you. To call anonymously manually, all you have to do is start the dialer of your smartphone (the icon of the handset) and type on the keypad you see on the screen the mobile number of the contact you want to call anonymously, preceded by the code # 31 # (Eg. # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call the number 1234567890). The procedure is valid on all smartphone models and operating systems, It even works on classic mobile phones.

You are holding a smartphone Android but can't see the dialer? Don't worry, on some terminals the dialer is not represented with the "classic" numeric keypad, but with a handset icon or, even, it could be indicated with the voice Dial o Keyboard. After dialing your friend's number, all you have to do is start the call by pressing ongreen handset icon And that's it! The contact you called should not see your number, but the words "Private Number" or "Unknown".

The conditional is a must because if your contact uses Whooming or any other service to trace private numbers, he could easily "pick up" the number from which you made the call. If, on the other hand, your number uses TrueCaller or any other service to block anonymous calls, your call attempts may be in vain, as this kind of service blocks calls from unknown numbers.

Please note: you can make anonymous calls to all mobile numbers and all landline numbers without paying additional costs or supplements. What you are making, in fact, is "counted" as a standard call.

Automatic procedure

If you want to make a series of "burst" phone pranks and you need to avoid wasting time by typing "by hand" from time to time the numbers to call preceded by the code # 31 #, I suggest you follow this second procedure thanks to which can call anonymously automatically.


To set automatic anonymous calls to one Android smartphone, open the dialer, tap on the symbol (...) placed at the top right and, in the box that opens, presses on the item Settings. In the screen that appears, tap on the items Calls> Other settings, fai tap sull'opzione Caller ID and select the option Hide number.

On some Android smartphone the names of some items to be selected may change slightly. Therefore, if you have encountered difficulties with the procedure indicated in the previous paragraph, try to follow the steps that I am going to show you below: open the dialer, tap on the symbol (...) and presses on the voice Call settings. Then go up More> Other settings, fai tap sull'opzione Caller ID and affix the checkmark on the item Hide number.

If you want to go back and show everyone your mobile number just follow the "reverse" procedure: open the dialer, do tap su Settings> Calls> Other settings, pigia sull'opzione Caller ID and, in the box that appears, put the scheck mark on the item Default network.

If you have an Android smartphone, you can make anonymous calls automatically even using Anonymous Call: a free app downloadable directly from the Google Play Store that allows you to activate and deactivate anonymous outgoing calls by "switching" on ON / OFF the switch that is included inside.

One of the features that I appreciate most of Anonym Call, concerns the fact that the app signals in the system tray whether the anonymous call function is activated or not. This way you can avoid making anonymous calls when it is not necessary. By purchasing the Pro version of the app, the price of which is € 0,99, you can remove advertising from the app and, above all, you can use a handy widget to add to the home screen of your Android smartphone.

Please note: To use this app you need to grant permission to access your contacts and call log.


Su iPhoneinstead, to set up automatic anonymous calls, start the app Settings (the gray icon with gears located on the home screen), tap on the item Telephone > Show caller ID and move up OFF the switch lever that you find next to the item Show caller ID. Did you see how simple it was? To show your number to your contacts again, you have to move up instead ON the switch lever that you find next to the item Show caller ID.

Now make a call with your Android smartphone or iPhone and, unless your contact is using a service to trace private numbers, your anonymous call should go through and the called contact will display "Unknown" or “Private number”, instead of your number.

10 Windows Mobile

If you have a smartphone available 10 Windows MobileInstead, you can set up automatic anonymous calls by starting a rather simple procedure to implement. Access the menu Settings of your smartphone, select the items SystemTelephone from the latter and, in the screen that opens, set the drop-down menu Show my number to su Nobody.

In case of second thoughts, you can retrace your steps and reactivate the display of your number in outgoing calls by returning to the menu Settings> System> Phone Windows 10 Mobile and setting to All the drop-down menu Show my number.

How to call anonymously from your landline

If you decide to call anonymously from landline phone, you have only one "way" to go: manually dial the number to call by entering a code consisting of symbols and numbers. This procedure is practically identical to the one I indicated in the paragraph dedicated to the "manual procedure" to be implemented to make anonymous calls from your smartphone. The only difference is the code itself to use.

To call anonymously from your landline you have to put the code before the number to call * 67 #. Therefore, if you need to call the number "1234567890", you must dial the number on the numeric keypad * 67 # 1234567890 and initiate the call and the called contact will display the words "Unknown" or "Private number", instead of the phone number from which you called. Did you see how simple it was?

Code * 67 # it only works with some main fixed telephone operators: specifically, it is valid with Fastweb, Infostrada / Wind and TIM. If you have a Vodafone landline, however, the code to be prefixed is # 31 # which must clearly be followed by the number you wish to call anonymously.

Please note: you can make anonymous calls to all mobile network numbers and all landline numbers without paying additional costs or supplements.

How to call anonymously

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