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How to sign up for Kindle Unlimited

To understand in detail how Kindle Unlimited works, you must first sign up for the service.

Then connect to its official website by clicking on this link and, as soon as the web page opens, click on the button Sign up Now, 30 days free, pay later.

By clicking on the button in question you will also accept the terms of use of the service: Kindle Unlimited is a service in subscription which provides for the subscription of a 30-day free trial version.

At the end of the same, the subscription will be renewed automatically at the price of 9,99 euros per month. The automatic subscription can be canceled at any time and, in the course of this tutorial, I will explain how to do it, in case you want to deactivate it.

Once you have clicked on the button in question you will need to log in with your Amazon account data. Then enter yours in the appropriate text fields email address and yours Password and then press the button Log in.

At this point you will see a message appear from Amazon confirming that you have signed up for the trial version of the Kindle Unlimited service. In this way you will be able to start using the service in question and have a wide range of books available to read completely. free.

How Kindle Unlimited Works (Web)

On the page that you will see on the screen you can begin to take a look at the virtual catalog to look for books to read that are of interest to you.

The Kindle Unlimited home page consists of several main sections including the section new in Unlimited, the category In vogue today e the list of the most popular ebooks in Kindle Unlimited.

Each of these categories shown can be explored by clicking on the button Visualiza altro, which will allow you to see the complete list of novels in the category.

From the chi Kindle Unlimited home page, you can also click directly on the wording Browse the catalog. In this way you will be able to view the complete list of all the books present in this Amazon service and filter your search by macro category, such as by literary genre. If you click on the link in question you will in fact see a further section on the screen with a very long list of books.

All the novels in this section are available for free reading in digital format as they are present in the catalog of the Kindle Unlimited service. You can then search using the filters located in the left column in correspondence with the wording Show results in.

In fact, you can filter your search to view the news of the last 30 days, of the last 90 days o of the next 90 days.

Alternatively, under the heading Kindle Unlimited there are a series of sub-categories that refer to different literary genres. For example, if you are looking for a science fiction book to read, click on the item Science fiction, horror and fantasy.

Once you have found the book of your interest you can download it for free and start reading it in digital format.

Then click on the name of the book in question and then, making sure that the item has been automatically selected Kindle format at the list of formats and editions, click the button Read for free. You will then see a confirmation message appear; the book will have been selected and borrowed for reading.

If you have connected an Android or iOS device to your Amazon account and have downloaded the Amazon Kindle application, the book will be automatically sent to your device as soon as it connects to Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, if you want to read the book you booked via computer, you will need to click on the item Read now with the Kindle cloud reader.

You will then be redirected to the official website of the Kindle cloud reader where you will be asked to log in with the access data relating to the Amazon account. Once this preliminary procedure has been carried out, you can start reading the book you have booked directly from the browser you use to surf the Internet.

If you want to use the Kindle Cloud Reader to read a book from your browser, you can also do it in offline mode.

Once you see the book you borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, click the button library which you can find at the top left.

You will see a warning on the screen that will ask you if you want to activate the configuring Kindle cloud Reader for offline reading. In case you want to do it, click on the button Activate offline. You will be prompted to download the Kindle Cloud Reader extension for your browser (it is available for Google Chrome).

Once you have downloaded the extension, the tool Kindle cloud Reader it will start automatically.

At this point you will have to right-click on the cover of a book and download it by pressing the button Download and add ebooks. In this way the book you have borrowed will also be available in offline mode and this will allow you to continue reading even without an Internet connection.

The book you downloaded will be viewable by clicking on the section Downloads which you will see on the main page of the Kindle cloud Reader extension.

How Kindle Unlimited Works (Android / iOS)

If you want to use the Kindle Unlimited service from Android or iOS mobile devices, what I recommend is to sign up for the service from Amazon's web version for added convenience.

Once you have signed up for the trial version of this service aimed at reading lovers, you can choose to download the application free Amazon Kindle to read all the books you have borrowed on your mobile device.

To do this, simply go to the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store, in order to access the virtual store of your device and through the search engine, locate and download the Amazon Kindle application.

If you are working from an Android device, once you have identified the application through the Play Store, just tap the button Install and then on the button Accept to download the Amazon Kindle application.

If, on the other hand, you are the owner of an iPhone or an iPad and you want to download the application, you will have to press the button Get and then on the button Install. To proceed with the installation and download, also type your iCloud account password or press your finger on the Touch ID if required for confirmation.

In both cases, once you have downloaded the Amazon Kindle application on your device you will have to start it by tapping the button apri. The application icon will also have been added to the main screen of your device and you can then start it quickly by tapping on it.

Once you have launched the Amazon Kindle application you will need to log in with your previously registered Amazon account details. At this point, once logged in, you will be able to find all the books you have borrowed in sync in the Amazon Kindle application of your Android or iOS mobile device.

In the library You will then be able to see the covers of the books you have obtained for free thanks to the Kindle Unlimited service.

To start reading, just tap on the cover of the book and wait for it to load. Then jump to the tutorial by clicking on NEXT twice in a row and then on end.

Now you can start dedicating yourself to reading the book of your choice on your favorite mobile device. Through the Amazon Kindle application it will also be possible to read offline mode, from the moment in which books will be automatically downloaded to the device memory as soon as you tap on its cover.

If you want to find other books to read completely free thanks to the Kindle service at the limit of you just tap on the item Discover present in the Amazon Kindle application. You will thus be able to find all the sections of Kindle at the limit that I told you about previously in the Web version of the service.

How to turn off automatic renewal of Kindle Unlimited

In case you have changed your mind and want to deactivate the service, before the automatic renewal, know that you can do it freely.

You can do this directly from the Amazon home page if you are logged in with your account. To do this, move the mouse over your user at the top and then click on the wording My Kindle Unlimited. You will then find yourself in the section relating to Kindle Unlimited, through which you can view the list of books borrowed.

On this screen, you can also manage your Amazon billing information, change payment methods and possibly disable automatic renewal for Kindle Unlimited.

In particular, to carry out this last operation, click on the link Unsubscribe from Kindle Unlimited, corresponding to the item Manage subscription. Once you click on the button in question you will have to confirm your desire to deactivate your subscription to Kindle Unlimited by clicking on the End subscription button.

The service will continue to be active for free until the end of the trial version. At the end of the same, all the books you have reserved will be returned but your card will not be charged.

Alternative a Kindle Unlimited: Amazon Prime Reading

If after the initial trial period you have decided to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription and / or feel that the price of the service is too high, you can consider Amazon Prime Reading.

If I had never heard of it, Amazon Prime Reading is a service reserved for Amazon Prime customers that allows free access (net of the Prime subscription) to a selection consisting of hundreds of ebooks and comics in electronic format: a sort of Kindle Unlimited "lightened", in short.

The contents available on the platform are accessible from the devices of the family Kindle, from the Kindle apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and the online version of Kindle. If you are a Prime customer, take a look and I assure you that you will not regret it!

How Kindle Unlimited Works

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