How Instagram Reels works

What is Instagram Reels

How Instagram Reels works

Before explaining to you how Instagram Reels works, I have to give you some preliminary information regarding this Instagram feature, which you obviously don't know well.

Accessible through a special section of the editor of Stories, the Reels are short vertical videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds, which can be composed of several sequences. The peculiarity of these videos is undoubtedly the possibility of applying filters, writings and music in real time, thanks to a more professional video editing tool, reminiscent of the TikTok app (from which Reels of Instagram takes strong inspiration) .

Also, unlike the Stories, the Reels of Instagram can be published in the appropriate section of the social network visible on your profile, but also shared in the Feed (section that before the introduction of these contents was dedicated exclusively to posts) and in the Stories.

Having said that, if you are interested in learning more about the subject and find out in detail how to do Instagram Reels through the official app of Instagram to Android (downloadable for free from the Play Store or from alternative stores) e iOS (downloadable for free from the App Store), keep reading: you will find everything explained below. The function must not be activated in any way, as it is automatically provided by Instagram on the server side.

How Instagram Reels works

How Instagram Reels works

Having made the necessary premises relating to the main characteristics of Instagram Reels let's see in detail how to use this feature for creating and editing videos on the social network.

To get started, start the Instagram on your smartphone, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of the device. Then, if necessary, log into your account.

Now, press oncamera icon located in the upper left corner of the screen Home of Instagram (thehouse icon) and tap on the item Real located at the bottom.

At this point, press onmusic note icon, so you can choose the piece of music to use as the background and select the part you want to use for the movie. To confirm your choice, press the button end located at the top.

Once this is done, click on multimedia playback symbol, to change the recording speed of the clip, in order to slow it down or speed it up. Also, if you want to apply effects to the movie, click on theemoticon icon and choose the filter you prefer among those available. Finally, tap onstopwatch icon to set the duration of the clip (minimum according 1 and maximum 30 seconds).

After customizing all the settings, press on clapper board symbol located in the center, to start recording video. To stop recording, tap the record button.

The other tools you can use for creating videos are thecamera icon, which allows you to switch between the front and rear cameras, and thetwo squares icon (called Align), which instead allows you to see the last second of the video just recorded transparently, so that you can resume the recording exactly from the point where it was interrupted.

How Instagram Reels works

If instead of recording a video on the spot you want to merge multiple existing videos, press themedia gallery icon located in the lower left corner of the screen and choose the content to post.

In case you made some mistakes, you can go back and delete the last recorded clip: to do this, press theleft arrow icon, in order to view the most recently recorded video and delete it, by tapping on thetrash can icon.

In this screen you can also see the other clips previously recorded by pressing on red bar located at the top. At the time of writing, however, it is only possible to delete the last recorded video. In case of errors at the beginning of the video, therefore, you will have to redo everything from scratch (pressing theX icon located in the upper left corner of the editor of Reels and then confirming the deletion of the movie, using the button Delete).

If, on the other hand, you are satisfied with the video created, click onright arrow icon, so you can preview the final result. Finally, from this same section you can add stickers and superimposed writings to the video (using, respectively, thesquare emoticon icon and the symbol Aa).

How to post videos on Instagram Reels

How Instagram Reels works

After creating a video on Instagram Reels, you wonder how to publish it also in posts and stories? If so, you will be happy to know that this is very easy to do.

After viewing the preview of the movie, all you have to do is press on theright arrow icon, in order to access the tab named Share, through which you can customize the options related to sharing the movie.

For example, you can use the text field Write a caption to customize the video description; you can move the lever placed in correspondence with the wording Also share in the Feed su ON, to have the video shared in the section Reels and / or in Feed of the social network; You can also customize the video cover by choosing a custom frame or adding an image from the camera roll.

If, on the other hand, you want to publish the movie at a later time, click on the button Save as draft. The video will be saved as a draft and will be visible only to you on your profile, in correspondence with the section Reels (the symbol of the clapperboard): section in which all the Reels already published are also visible.

The video located in the drafts can be edited at any time: to do so, click on it and then on the button Modification, so you can use all the tools again Instagram Reels of which I told you in the previous chapter (accessible by pressing on thecamera icon located in the upper left corner).

Have you finished all the necessary changes and are you finally willing to post your Reels on Instagram? To do this, all you have to do is press the button Share. To publish the contents in question also in the Stories, tap on the wording of the same name located at the top and press the button Share placed in correspondence with the wording The tua storia. Facile, see?

How to do Reel Remixes

How Instagram Reels works

After posting a video in the Real di Instagram you can enable the feature Remix, through which you can allow other users of the social network to create a new one Real based on the one you created.

Therefore, to do this, all you have to do is locate the video you have published and first press on theicon (...) and then on item Abilitates the change, so it allows the creation of a Remix of the video. This possibility, however, can be disabled at any time by pressing the button Disable editing. Once this is done, those who see your video will be able to create a Remix by clicking onicon (...) and then button Create a Remix.

In this regard, if you identify, in the section Explore of Instagram, a Real of your interest, you can also make one Remix, in the event that, precisely, this functionality has been previously enabled by the owner of the video in question.

In this specific case, in fact, to make a Remix, press on'icon (...) in correspondence with the video you have identified and then tap the button Create a Remix. Doing so will open the tool Instagram related to the creation of the Reel that you can talk about in the previous chapter of this guide of mine. Once this is done, the screen will be virtually split into two parts, to accommodate the original video, alongside the one you are going to create. Therefore, use the tools for creating the Reel and follow the instructions I have given you, to publish the Remix of Real.

How Instagram Reels works

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