How FREE NOW works

How to sign up for FREE NOW

access the FREE NOW service you must first download the free application, available for Android and iOS devices, and then create a free account, useful for booking and paying for a ride without using cash.

After downloading the FREE NOW app on your device, therefore, start it by pressing on its icon (the writing "FREE NOW" on a red background) and tap the button Connect, to access the service by connecting your Facebook account, otherwise press the button Register to register by email. 

Then enter your personal data in the fields Your name, Last name, Mobile number, Email e Password, move the lever next to the item FREE NOW news da OFF a ON if you wish to receive the news of the service (by activating it you are entitled to a discount voucher of 5 euros) and presses on the voice Memorize present at the top right. Within seconds you will receive a welcome email and an SMS containing a activation link: press it to verify your phone number and confirm your identity.

Now, go back to FREE NOW and the screen Method of payment, choose a valid payment method by selecting one of the available items among Credit card e PayPal: in the first case, enter your card details in the fields Card holder e Credit card number, indicate the deadline in the field MM / YY, enter the security code in the field CSV/CVV e fai tap sul pulsating Memorize the card; if you have chosen PayPal, enter your account details in the fields Email address e Password and presses the button Log in. If you don't have a PayPal account and want more information, you can read my Paypal guide: sign up, make and receive payments. I also point out that if you have an Apple device, you can also use it as a payment method Apple Pay (more info here).

Alternatively, tap on the item After to postpone the procedure, but you must know that by not entering a valid payment method you will not be able to pay for your rides via the app and you will not be able to access some features of the application, such as adding a discount coupon. Once the registration is complete, a welcome message will appear on the screen: press the button Go! and you will access FREE NOW. If prompted, click on the button Accept to accept the conditions of use of the service.

How to book a taxi

book a ride on FREE NOW, launch the service app and, on its main screen, make sure that thestarting address proposed is the right one. If not, click on the icon triangle to update your position, otherwise tap onstarting address and proceed with manual entry: then type the address in the field Enter your starting address or choose one of the places proposed by the service by tapping on the options Location e Airports.

Now, enter the address you want to reach in the field Destination and presses on suggestion most relevant among those appearing below. Next, browse the types of taxis available, using the menu that appears below (you can choose between Taxi, XL Taxi, Ecological taxi e Taxi for wheelchair users) and press on the one you are interested in, in order to view all the details: estimated waiting time, expected arrival time, etc. Also, still on the same screen, you can find buttons to send a message to the taxi driver, save it as regular taxi driver o taxi with 5 stars.

Once you have selected the taxi you are interested in, choose how to pay for it by clicking on the button payment method currently set as default (under the buttons for choosing the taxi) and, if you wish, indicate the percentage you want to leave it as tip (10%, 15% o 20%). If you want to set up additional payment methods, you can access the FREE NOW settings (by pressing on yours profile picture top right and then on the item Payment via App).

Finally, click on the button Order taxi now, to call the race immediately, or on the button After, if you want to book a ride for a specific date and time.

During the wait, you will be informed both when the taxi driver leaves to reach you and when he will arrive at the address indicated during the booking process. Furthermore, on the FREE NOW map you can follow the booked taxi route live and get in touch by telephone with the taxi driver for important communications by pressing the icon of the handset.

At the end of the ride, the taxi driver will send the amount due which you will automatically see on your smartphone. You can decide to leave one tip to the taxi driver by pressing on one of the options available between 10%, 15% e 20%, then check the payment method displayed below and slide your finger over the item Swipe to pay to complete the payment: the item Successful payment will confirm the success of the transaction.

Once the payment is complete, you can leave a review about the vehicle and the taxi driver. Pigia then on stars present next to the item Vehicle to review the taxi (from a minimum of 1 star to a maximum of 5 stars), then you can leave a comment by typing it in the field Comment to the taxi driver and you can decide to add it to the list of regular taxi drivers, by moving the lever next to the item Add regular taxi drivers da OFF a ON. Semplice, see?

You need to know that if you have suddenly changed your mind and no longer need the taxi, you can cancel the ride. To do this, click on the item Cancel and select the reason for the cancellation by choosing from Taxi driver too far, The taxi driver does not approach e Cancel for another reason (describing the reason). The canceled ride has no cost, however you must bear in mind that the booking of a taxi is binding and that incorrect use of the service can cause an account block.

Gestire l’account FREE NOW

Through your own account FREE NOW it is possible to modify personal data, add a profile photo and manage payment methods, but also view the list of trips made, the list of regular taxi drivers and calculate the fare for a trip in advance.

To start managing your account, start the app and press the icon oflittle man present at the top right (or on your profile picture, if you have already customized your account) and choose one of the available options.

  • Loyalty program - to view the list of active promotional campaigns, in order to obtain bonus credits to use in the app.
  • Cartafreccia - to synchronize the app with Trenitalia's CartaFRECCIA. Your points will be added automatically.
  • Payment via app: to manage and delete the payment methods entered during registration and add new ones. You can choose whether to store the password, so that it is not asked for every payment, and add your billing information. Also, on devices with fingerprint or face unlock, you can enable this feature.
  • Consiglia FREE NOW: the section that allows you to invite friends to use FREE NOW. For each acquaintance who registers for the service, 5 euros are received. I'll tell you more about it shortly.
  • Discount: to add new vouchers to your FREE NOW balance. Also about this, I'll talk to you better shortly.

Also, by tapping on the voice Corsica it is possible to view the list of trips booked, completed and canceled, while pressing on the option Regular taxi drivers the taxi drivers you have added to your favorites list are visible.

In conclusion, if you want to add a profile photo to your account or want to change your data, press the icon of gear wheel present at the top right and tap the button + to add a photo, otherwise press on the data you want to change, apply the changes and press on the item Memorize to save.

Coupons and promotions

FREE NOW allows you to receive a good from 5 euro, for a maximum of 500 euros in total, inviting friends to subscribe to the service. In addition, from time to time, other promotions are offered to obtain vouchers to be used for booking taxis through the app.

To get the referal code through which to invite your friends to FREE NOW, click onicona dell'omino or yours profile picture, top right, and select the item first Consiglia FREE NOW and then that Invite friends from the menu that opens, in order to send an invitation message via email, social network or messaging app (you can choose any of the apps installed on your device). To view the other active promotions, instead, go to the FREE NOW settings menu and press on the item Loyalty program.

To add the voucher you received to your account, tap again on thelittle man present at the top right (or on yours photo, if you have customized the profile), then presses on the item Discount and press pulsating Enter the promotional code. Then type the code of the voucher in your possession in the field Promo code and tap on the item Save. The voucher amount will automatically be added to your account.

You need to know that you can only use one voucher per ride and that if you set the option Pay via app, the vouchers registered in your profile are automatically used as the first payment method.

How FREE NOW works

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